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  1. Kent Davis

    Affinity Beta update

    I has been spoke some one about popmenu font too bright mode. need to fix dark mode both Affinity Designer beta.app and Affinity Photo beta.app for Mac only. I am going show you picture.
  2. I was confused english. Now I am going put icon there and last one without icon that mean we don't know to get new feature for animation program. I give you example this below. Adobe Illustrator.app = Adobe Photoshopapp = Adobe Animate.app = ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affinity Designer.app = Affinity Photos.app = Affinity Animation.app = ? icon just add feature.
  3. I am wait too longest haven't get update on Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for Macintosh and iPad Pro. Please let us know about when did Affinity come update?
  4. I would like to check daily build on new feature Affinity Designer for Mac and Affinity Photo for Photo on BETA? Like Avastar have daily build update. Like Blender 2.80 have daily build update. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Popmenu too white on Font, also Layer Normal popmenu too white. Both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.
  5. Hi. MacOS 10.14.3 support on Dark Mode. iMac 27" 2017 5K Don't forget about dark mode on popmenu font do not make too white.
  6. You give me link and I look up too many list I can't find right one. I have low vision myself.
  7. Moved this to Feature requests where?
  8. Adobe Illustrator cc.app -VS- Affinity Designer.app Adobe Photoshop cc.app -VS- Affinity Photo.app How about Animate cc.app -VS- ?.app new one app for Mac, Windows, and iPad Pro?
  9. MacOS 10.14.2, 5K, 27", 2017 Affinity Photo export SVG to Affinity Designer open .SVG how can convert to curve?
  10. I am not sure understand long paragraph. MacOS 10.14.2 yes that is call MOJAVE. I have reason to contact (800) my-apple and I told them many times I did until they did answer for dark mode. MacOS 8.0 to MacOS 9.2.2 have Appearances... (Can do dark mode) before 1999 (years)
  11. When popmenu too white hurt my eyes both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for Mac.
  12. I not like protect cover the canvas Affinity Designer beta.app for Mac.
  13. I forget to tell you. Need to fix make transparent to be darkness I had been hurt my eyes while new document push the OK button appear white.
  14. Affinity Designer beta.app pass while file > open there have dark mode passssssssss