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  1. I have problem export from Affinity Designer on Mac within SVG to zBrush import SVG of text. zBrush 2018 have difficult import text on SVG. I am going show you youtube: I am figure out how to fix SVG. zBrush Pixologic ticket: https://support.pixologic.com/Tickets/Ticket/View/179130 FURTECH SANDBOX.svg FURTECH SANDBOX.afdesign
  2. Yes αℓƒяє∂ are correct! I am full deaf Now John Rostron , you got it.
  3. You think about deaf people.
  4. You did not check care no guess! I am show you picture.
  5. vimeo have no closed caption. They did good job fix link for iPad tutor but one thing problem there have no Closed Caption on VIMEO. https://vimeo.com/album/4627062
  6. Kent Davis

    Document crash more than details circle.

    Hehe true.
  7. Document crash more than details circle. You may get document and open then zoom in because iPad can cause crash easy and iMac wait too longest while zoom in. Click Circle_1_1.afdesign download and open then zoom in. Circle_1_1.afdesign
  8. Kent Davis

    Fire Styles

    Everyone answer are wrong! I am going show you youtube iMac and iPad everything POSSIBLE import style. I am going show you on my own iPad Pro support Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Thank you for your help αℓƒяє∂ Also other link
  9. Kent Davis

    Fire Styles

    Oh ok I got it thank you for your help very much now I found there and I know where on right side column from Layer and from Color top.
  10. Kent Davis

    Fire Styles

    Can you make snapshot to show me where arrow point and I will know where.
  11. Check on youtube: Because of Artboard about 350,000px I guess I am not sure know maybe they can fix bug. Open make crash. Save make crash while into iCloud from iPad Pro.
  12. Kent Davis

    Fire Styles

    Sigh did not answer how to step by step for iMac and show me how.