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  1. I am not sure understand long paragraph. MacOS 10.14.2 yes that is call MOJAVE. I have reason to contact (800) my-apple and I told them many times I did until they did answer for dark mode. MacOS 8.0 to MacOS 9.2.2 have Appearances... (Can do dark mode) before 1999 (years)
  2. When popmenu too white hurt my eyes both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for Mac.
  3. I not like protect cover the canvas Affinity Designer beta.app for Mac.
  4. I forget to tell you. Need to fix make transparent to be darkness I had been hurt my eyes while new document push the OK button appear white.
  5. Affinity Designer beta.app pass while file > open there have dark mode passssssssss
  6. Yes good. let's close.
  7. Thank you for send me Affinity Photo Beta. There is PASS when open. Affinity Designer.app will need fix too same as Affinity Photo Beta.app Congratulation you did made it correct.
  8. MacOS 10.14.2 There have dark mode on System Preferences set. Would you like update everything support for Macintosh on Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. When open appear white hurt my eyes too bright white. Need to fix match dark mode automatic.
  9. I have problem export from Affinity Designer on Mac within SVG to zBrush import SVG of text. zBrush 2018 have difficult import text on SVG. I am going show you youtube: I am figure out how to fix SVG. zBrush Pixologic ticket: https://support.pixologic.com/Tickets/Ticket/View/179130 FURTECH SANDBOX.svg FURTECH SANDBOX.afdesign
  10. Yes αℓƒяє∂ are correct! I am full deaf Now John Rostron , you got it.
  11. You think about deaf people.
  12. You did not check care no guess! I am show you picture.