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  1. I am show you about Blender 3.6.1. There lot change. Your blender previous version. Would you like make Screen Record and I will follow your mouse move and point? I have difficult understand text only.
  2. Old Bruce see picture. Blender 3.6.1 https://imgur.com/l07kTPv Affinity Designer https://imgur.com/WOEUTw3
  3. V-RY. no no not that one. I have open multiply document in Affinity. Ignore preevious document. Focus is new open document.
  4. Textedit.app cause save RICH TEXT. More best "Visual Studio Code.app is very strong real TXT
  5. They speak voice too much and change flash Blender and flash person face speak voice and too much and make me confused and I never understand they speak voice too much. I am full deaf and low vision.
  6. Properties check box turn on "FreeStyle SVG Export" then F12 render automatic save .svg itself. https://imgur.com/Gsi7AYV and https://imgur.com/6tG7SoP I don't use "File > Export" only "F12"
  7. I hate that. Developers need to fix feature without too much work Blender 3.6.1 render to .svg then .svg to other app then save .svg then .svg open Affinity Designer. Too much
  8. Where is " Inkscape & Pixelmator Pro "???? You said "Automatic" on Affinity Designer????? I am show you picture again. https://imgur.com/SoRmXrR 0001.svg
  9. Now you know. I told you already. Everyone have problem text rename .SVG I suggest Developers to fix feature when .SVG open appear alert said. SVG change? 'ascii' to 'UTF-8' Do you want save .svg? (Save) (Cancel) When you click (save) automatic appear Affinity Designer appear.
  10. You can download Visual Studio Code.app because DreamWeaver.app -VS- Visual Studio Code.app Visual Studio Code.app is 100% free forever. Download Visual Studio Code - Mac, Linux, Windows I do use many times there is highest quality. You can open .svg to Visual Studio Code.app is much better than TextEdit.app
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