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  1. did not fix still on February 26, 2021 I check setting. I take screenshot.
  2. Oh I see I got it now 2 different word iPad said Rasterise Mac said Rasterize S or Z
  3. I watch youtube they do use computer on Affinity Designer without iPad. I am try find Rasterize nothtere on Affinity Designer iPad.
  4. Yes Closed Caption same time Apple Pencil move too much move and move with hand move too much all deaf people can't catch and confused. Better on Affinity Designer HELP Move Tool show picture is much help.For example. Let me work on video to send you link to show what you can see. take me few hours or next day one moments.
  5. Would they add feature to help them to understand how to draw Apple Pencil on screen. I was figure so hard many months until I found and I put draw today. I am full deaf and I have difficult understand they speak voice on youtube. Just to put feature picture on HELP Affinity Designer for iPad
  6. @Alfred Yes and I can't find online Affinity Designer Help for iPad Pro to show picture and more details that what I send my draw example.
  7. Hi. I just draw and show there everything correct? or my wrong? about Affinity Designer for iPad Pro Generation 3 and I show you my draw about cursor (Move Tool) Use Apple Pencil Generation 2
  8. Sure no problem. Add feature support scroll up and down too @Sean P
  9. I just search hard until I found there is very tiny appear message on top (Block notification) I click make accept notification. I have low vision myself. Now it work enable notification finally! Let's close the ticket
  10. @walt.farrell yes this Edge for Mac. Thank you for change move to right one because I can't find right forum list I don't know word. I knowledge limit word myself. I follow your direct Edge on Mac supports notification Edge settings on upper and right. Search Notification appear few list highlight yes. I just notice I did not know why "BLOCK" on Affinity browser. I just did remove BLOCK away. I will try again
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