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  1. I say NO I say NO! I SAID NO! They must fix code to dark mode on popmenu font background! I am still stubborn to tell you again again until fix it. Keynote already have dark mode popmenu font there. You have to fix Affinity. I keep ask again, again until fix it.
  2. There link https://support.pixologic.com/Tickets/Submit/ConfirmationMessage/SXQ-152-15428/zixwe6si6k3z/0
  3. JavierBecana Yes correct. SVG is error on zBrush 2019.1.2 SVG is no error on Blender 2.79b and Blender 2.80 from Affinity Designer export. zBrush 2019.1.2 need work some more code for SVG bug.
  4. Strange I have get email about zBrush 2019.1.2 and Affinity Designer 1.7 but this here online browser doesn't appear that weird. Yes I have receive from your email JavierBecana but this browser did not appear.
  5. I am still complain too bright background of font list.
  6. All of app need to fix Push the 'TAB' key. When push the 'TAB' key make hide then quit app. Open app appear and I am tried push the 'TAB' key doesn't appear. I have to show each on View menu
  7. Macintosh iMac MacOS 10.14.5 also feature is the same on iPad Pro IOS 12. MacOS 10.15 will come soon iPad Pro IOS 13 will come soon Affinity Designer 1.7 Image Tracking this link I am use Adobe Illustrator CC for Mac click the Image Trace button but how about Affinity Designer (convert an image into a vector Like Image Trace).
  8. MacOS 10.14.5 I am wait for you to update on popmenu dark mode come with System Preferences General on Dark Mode automatic. I still stubborn to ask you again, again until fix it.
  9. Sigh I am wait for you to update fix match MacOS 10.14.5 on fonts dark mode
  10. Please do it to fix dark mode with IOS 10.14.5 without UI Preferences. Open file appear there dark mode exactly code same appear fonts. System Preferences > General is dark mode click auto Open File & Font background is dark. System Preferences > General is light mode click auto Open File & Font background is light. I have been hurt my eyes I have low vision. I am still stubborn to ask you again, again until fix it right.
  11. Hello? I am wait for your reply.
  12. Affinity Photo 1.6.5 have appear Color Format on Document menu. Affinity Photo 1.7 miss Color Format on Document menu. I am going show you screen shot link. 1.6.5 click this link 1.7 click this link Where is Color Format?
  13. I am sorry I disagree with you what you say. That is NOT UI. Open file already have dark mode is the same as popmenu font need to be dark mode. Look at Pages and Keynote Do you use your own Macintosh yourself yet? I am still stubborn to ask you again again again until they fixed to support match open file + popmenu font is in MacOS 10.14.5 that is not UI.

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