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  1. There is start over to set in show from hidden ~/Library You did not answer me to fix and add Affinity - Designer folder for Transparent need. See picture why not. There did not make feature Transparent on new. Affinity Designer 2.zip See I did change Dark Mode transparent. Remember I totally HATE too bright light mode on Transparent I told them many times.
  2. Only for Mac. You will have to inspect yourself on your own iMac or MacBook you will see crash Affinity app follow my YouTube video and they need to fix code resolve please.
  3. @Patrick Connor Yes correct and I wants to tell you know. There Affinity version 2.0.3 and up add feature "Report a Ticket" for example about Blender send report a ticket automatic appear without too many select affinity forum online. See youtube.
  4. I am full deaf and I don't speak voice. Patrick Connor understand as well what I show menu there. Follow youtube and for Mac only. Command + Shift + 5
  5. Oh well you have to do it when you found out and send confirm and they must fix it
  6. Did you got crash guide what I show you my YouTube exactly step by step yet? I know there have bad bug code and they need to fix code .
  7. Symbols make crash during wrong group. See youtube follow for Mac only. o not use Windows. Affinity Designer 2-2022-12-24-095453.ips Test Videocard.afdesign See Youtube:
  8. Affinity support forum is fail version 2 December 23, 2022 Visit Support Forum is fail! See Youtube:
  9. There Affinity Designer on iPad Pro has been fixed update recent. That why they know about ACCESSIBILITY Setting iPadOS. Let's close a ticket this here.
  10. I suggest to you feedback. I did ask them few years ago. Why not add feature there Look at I did made transparent background will not hurt my eyes dark mode document.
  11. I am tell you know I am not good english and I do sign language very well. MacOS already auto english itself because of United State of American. Affinity Designer setting LANGUAGE: Default cause "COLOR" but change English cause "COLOUR" Why not put feature code inside preferences appear password same as "visual studio code.app" and BBEdit have strong appear SUDO Affinity should have SUDO too to change transparent background custom change color and size very easy is better SETTING than through TERMINAL. iPadOS why not you put few *.png click popmenu select transparent background through SETTING add feature. I made custom color transparent background both for Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher on iPadOS and MacOS both.
  12. I show you I made color look better my eyes I have low vision. Why not add feature 2 different color plus scale number [1.000] on new document (colour tab) You notice "Colour" change correct word "Color"
  13. Oh I see I got you and I select wrong app version 1. I got right version 2 I show you other picture.
  14. Sigh I talk about both iMac and iPad Pro. Not only 1 iMac. I don't use version 1.xx I do use version 2. I see not there .png.
  15. See there too bright Transparent background I did ask them many times years and years ago. Look at right side there is dark transparent background. Need to add custom color to become dark mode please. Affinity Designer version 2.0.3 iMac plus iPad Pro too make sure add feature change color Transparent Background. for Macintosh.
  16. Close a ticket there is RESOLVE grid on my iPad I inspect everything perfect. See Youtube:
  17. Yes still crash guide update on Affinity Designer 2.0.3 exactly same. Push the Command + Control + Shift + 4 to copy to chipboard then iPad Pro (See Setting > About) then open Affinity Designer version 2.0.3 then New from Chipboard then do follow exactly Youtube show you. I do use ACCESSIBILITY Setting.
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