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  1. I agree it should be an option to choose if you want it how it currently is or to prevent auto zoom past 100% I dont think its fair to take your workflow and apply that theory of thinking to others, what may not be cumbersome to you in YOUR workflow may very well be a huge inconvenience to someone else as you don't know what they are using the program for, someone processing images all day that has to zoom out 3 time per image yes it could become cumbersome for them to press a keyboard shortcut 1000 of times a day.
  2. We are referring to the auto zoom applied to images when they are opened/cropped/resized, no saying you shouldnt be able to go above 100% if you want to. if you have an image say 2000px wide and its zoomed to fit an you resize the document to say 600px wide you dont even see a size change on your screen you simply see the quality of the image become pixalated because you are now zoomed to 300ish percent, its just a visual que that could operate better no one is trying to stop you from "Licking your zoom" :P
  3. Put me on the list of wanting this small but very frustrating thing, The worst is when you crop or open something that is very close to full screen and you just think you did something wrong for a second, then you realize ohh crap the zoom.
  4. As a web developer I am loving Afinity Photo and the ability to open AI files and export SVGs inside of it is a HUGE draw and I think you could really take the web dev market away from the competitors. However the ability to measure distances easily is key to the workflow of a developer and a lot of times I feel focus is put on the creation of files and not the inspection of existing files. There are a lot of people out there that use a graphics program simply to inspect, measure and export assets from existing designs. that said the best option I have come up with to measure distances is to create a Rectangle and use it like a measuring tape, which is ok however I can't find a way to display the size of the rectangle without resizing it? am I missing some type of info view? also it would be nice if this was a separate tool you could hit a shortcut and pull out as needed instead of finding your layer inside your document each time, Ideally something you could drag and re position while being created(I know you are working on that) and that would snap to layer boundaries . Remember not all of your users are editing photos with your software.
  5. Agreed! this feature is making the switch tough for me. Cant wait for this feature
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