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  1. I've noticed that while drawing a selection with the marquee tool coming from PS I was expecting modifier keys to work, such as holding Space to move selection while drawing, holding Alt for center to bounds drawing. Also missing were cursor cues to the action, whereas the cursor never shows a plus sign if adding or minus if subtracting, x for intersection, etc. Are these features planned? On a side note, the software as is is quite impressive, the native filetype crunched an 80mb PSD file to 17 while retaining quality. I mainly do comic book coloring with PS and most features are there, save perhaps a few like processing grayscale to bitmap for the line art, but it looks like I could migrate. The UI is snappy, we like it.
  2. Command+Space is the universal sticky for zooming in adobe apps, so most professionals I know who use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator or even InDesign remap spotlight on the mac to some other combination like Command+\ as you can remap that. I'm not saying it HAS to be Command+Space, but if the keys could be reconfigured it would be a plus for people coming from anything from Corel to Illustrator. On the topic of keys, if you've ever used Softimage, there were "sticky keys" which were a way to only temporarily change your tool to whatever keyboard key shortcut you were switching to for as long as said key remained pressed. I know the concept might be difficult to grasp, but say you were working with the move tool and temporarily wanted to edit a path node, then you'd keep pressing the A key and once you did your changes the moment you released that key it would revert back to the move tool.
  3. Can we at least have the Spacebar+Command key shortcut for zoom before launch? That one I feel is the one feature slowing me down. That and that I have a ton of editable PDF files from AI that I can't open yet.
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