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  1. Hi everyone! I'm Antonio Tejada, a lifelong Mac user with specific interest in UX (usability, in particular interaction design) and localization, with a background in Mac technical support, and a hobby photographer. Having supported many clients in the graphic arts, I've seen the rise and fall of Quark, FreeHand's sad demise at the altar of Adobe, the various failed attempts at Photoshop competition (xRes, anyone?), etc. There's long been a need for viable competition for Photoshop and Illustrator in the pro market, and I think this might be it! As for me, other than user interface mockups, I'm not much of a graphic artist. :P If you guys ever have questions about Mac UI design or localization issues, feel free to drop me a line! Best of luck with the Affinity apps! Cheers, Antonio
  2. (Note that my background is in UX, and as a very long-time Mac user.) I have to agree with others that holding Option to drag from the center has been the convention on the Mac since time immemorial. One of the biggest strengths of the Mac platform is consistency between apps, not just within them, and I really think it would behoove Affinity to follow this convention. Don't bother making it a setting -- just change it to Option so Affinity is consistent with the platform convention at all times. That said, I just took a look at Affinity Photo and I am highly impressed. I really hope that this product is able to grow into a worthy replacement for That Professional Photo Editing Tool Everyone Uses But Hates The Vendor Of. Best of luck!!
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