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  1. @loukash - Thanks for those links - it looks like Crop is a hot button and there is awareness of it. For trim, in Photoshop, there is a menu item where when selected it trims the canvas to fit your image (it uses the top left pixel color, or bottom right color as a basis). For me, this is super handy in managing images for the web where you trim, compress and save it off. You can do it all without touching the mouse. I may be an old dog and need to dive deeper into the use of artboards, but they seem like an additional canvas to define when you just want to quickly optimize an image.
  2. @jaedee - Thanks for that, I've never thought to move/transform a selection, other than with a nudge. That gets close, it's definitely not as elegant or seamless, but does get the job done in a few extra steps. There are a few of these seemingly minor things that Affinity products have which prevent me from fully making a switch. Great products though. Ex. the lack of a trim feature comes to mind, (I'm sure there is a 5 step workaround), and being able to crop a canvas on Aff.Designer. Grrr. Thanks.
  3. Hi - This is a simple usability enhancement that the lack of it drives me bonkers in Affinity products... In most other design products when you are creating a selection (marching ants) or drawing an object (circle, square, etc), you can reposition the selection/object by holding down the space bar and moving your mouse. It is almost as fundamental as copy/paste. The mac supports this in screen capture: 1) Press Cmd+Shift+4 to enter screenshot mode.... 2) Now drag a selection 3) Now hold down shift and watch it more. This interaction is really important when trying to s
  4. Yes. That would be great. It's not a major game changer, but it just seems like it was over-looked at some point.
  5. Problem: Like many on this board, I am a gradient aficionado. Maybe I'm just a man in transition, but many design sites dedicated to gradients only provide hex values for you to copy and paste. This proves to be a bit of a quagmire and requires some gymnastics with Affinity designer. You now need to do a screen capture, shrink it down and try to sample an edge. I don't have AF-Photo, so this may be an issue there too. Request: It would be splendid if the color picker off the gradient menu and gradient map included an input to display and paste in a hex value. Below is the current men
  6. Hello - This has been mentioned on a number of posts. I would like to formally and informally request the great AD developers to consider connectors, magnetic lines, whatever you want to call it. As you know, the purpose of these lines is to support making flow diagrams and make moving objects with lines easier. Similar to visio, omni-graffle, and creately.com/ This would be a giant quiver in the AD toolbox for UX designers. If it could be made flexible enough to apply to other objects besides lines, it could conceivably support the idea of "bones" ... which could be great for ani
  7. ... Nevermind. I discovered the Export Options are not global options but you have to define per slice. Grrrr.... Makes sense though.
  8. Hi can someone explain how to export slices to SVG? Here is what I am trying: I have a bunch of slices > I go to Export Options panel and select SVG (for web) > Then I select all my slices (checkboxes) and press the button called "Export Selected" ... it then generates a bunch of .png files. What am I missing? Thanks for your help. I'm using AD 1.4.2.
  9. This bug has been there since the Beta version. It is odd and confusing. I'd love to see this finally get fixed. It annoyed me enough today to come here and enter a ticket for it myself. Thanks for already taking care of it and I look forward to seeing this fixed in the next release. AD rocks!
  10. I love AD, but find cropping and dealing with the canvas size terribly frustrating in it. For the most part, everything in AD is very fluid.... but to crop the canvas, I haven't been able to figure it out. I believe the only way to do it is to open the Document Setup window and type numbers in boxes and repeat until you get the crop just right. If there is another way to do it besides using the Export Persona, I would love not to have to do all my cropping in PhotoShop and then import into AD just to size the canvas right. Is there a way to crop the canvas using a tool? Trim functional
  11. Fabulous application... For some reason when I resize an image it constrains the proportions without me holding down Shift. I have to hold shift to not-constrain proportions. However when I drag a rectangle out, I have to hold down shift to constrain proportions (keep it a square). I have not gone all through the application, but sometimes you have to hold shift and others not making the app feel finicky. It'd be great if your developers/designers could agree to do it one way and stick with it. My preference would be to always require the shift modifier to constrain proportions.
  12. ... just to pile on to this, since AD programmers tend to make things more awesome than what we expect... Enhancement: You could also throw in the ability for line segments (with/without arrowheads) able to be attached to other objects... a la Visio/Power Point for use in making diagrams / wireframes / flows etc. Last I checked AI, FW, etc. did not have this.
  13. AD: Group then Rasterize = PS: Flatten selection/CMD+E
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