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  1. I have a similar situation of needing to redownload both photo and designer. I've used both since their birth but my 10 year old MacBook crashed and I'm trying to redownload on my new MacBook Pro. I can't seem to get to the download and product key page. Can you give direction please? Thanks!
  2. Trying to export to psd file and maintain separate layers that can be edited n PhotoShop. I've tried all I can see but no success. Also, where is the preference settings found for exporting???? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I want to be sure I get this right as my client keeps sending files back to me saying they are "blurry" and the wrong size when they open the jpg and pdf file. Again, when creating the original file it is 300x250px at 72dpi (for web) or 300dpi (print). When exported the size modification and blurriness is to be expected? Do I tell them not to fret because the jpg file will displays clearly and correctly on the website? Thanks! This is making me craaaaaazy! I even took a screen shot of the original and saved as a jpg to be sure it's clear.... but of course the size has doubled.... : > )
  4. By-the-way....The final size of the file must be 4.17 x 3.47. Thanks!
  5. Here's the attached file. Again, 300x250 px at 72dpi to export to jpeg and pdf... losing image quality.I'm not sending to printer but to publisher via DropBox for web viewing. <Large file removed>
  6. I've created a 300x250 pix, 72dpi image in Affinity but when exporting it to a jpeg and pdf file to send to the publisher everything is very blurred and fuzzy. I've tried placing the Affinity image into PhotoShop but same results... blurred. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Is there a way to merge multiple layers into one layer? Thanks
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