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  1. I agree, this'd be a very nice feature to have!
  2. Hello, Thank you for your quick information! I used Affinity Photo for a particular task where this feature was needed as a workaround – it works correctly there.
  3. Hello, I can confirm the above bug is still present in Affinity Designer version 1.6.104.
  4. Hi Chris, Thank you for your answer, and patience. I'm just uploading the file (the corrected version, in that the above bug happened earlier) on the link provided – it'll soon be available. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for making debugging easier.
  5. Hello Chris, Thank you for your answer! The truth is, I've overwritten the file after I manually reapplied all the proper paragraph- and character styles again. So that I can't provide the 'broken' file, but can send you the 'corrected' one, in that it happened. If it helps you debugging the problem, then please provide me the link to upload. I do use symbols, and experience various bug-like issues with them. Some days ago I opened another thread on a specific one, but I often face they aren't working as they're documented. Otherwise, I really enjoy using Affinity Designer.
  6. Hello, To be more precise, paragraph and character styles seemed to move to the previous layer nodes, so that instead of 'one level down', they got reapplied 'one level up' in layers hierarchy.
  7. Hello, Today a very strange, yet serious bug happened, and my work has basically been destroyed. It seems, that somehow applied paragraph, and character styles automatically 'jumped one step' in layers panel – each got applied to the next layer node in the layer hierarchy. So that let's say that 'Paragraph style 1' was applied to 'Layer 1', and somehow it jumped to 'Layer 2', the next layer behind. Similarly, the paragraph style that was applied to 'Layer 2', jumped to 'Layer 3', and so on. As I was working on a detail, zoomed-in considerably, I don't what caused the issue – but I guess it has to do something with symbols, which unfortunately work very buggy in general. Has anybody faced something similar? I've attached a screenshot about the messed-up work.
  8. Thank you for your answer, then I'll look forward to the solution. I don't know if it helps, but I'm using version, Microsoft Store edition.
  9. Hello, Suspending symbols' sync, using the Sync toggle button doesn't work with 'align' transforms in Affinity Designer. This means, despite suspending sync, when you align an item within a symbol, it gets synced. It doesn't apply to basic transforms like move, which work correctly. Thank you in advance!

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