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  1. Super weird. I highlight a plus sign, and select superscript in typography, but the plus sign is not superscript-ed? This used to work, I'm not sure when it broke? Also another weirdness with superscript - if I change the typography to superscript with no text selected, it randomly superscripts certain characters in the middle of a word for no apparent reason. Very bizarre. I'm using 1.7.2 on Mac. Here is a screen recording: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g7kb6p12rybzzww/superscript_bug.mov?dl=0 The different superscript function in positioning/transform seems to work fine. I'm not sure why there are two? Perhaps I'm missing something and this is not a bug after all, but it is definitely not the behavior I would expect. Cheers Oli
  2. Hi, I would *really* like to have an option for Designer to default to exporting the selected area, rather than the whole document. At present every time I want to export an object or selection (which is most of the time), I have to use the dropdown menu to change it to just export the area, and I often forget. Cheers Oli
  3. This would still be great to see - if not scale to viewable area, at least having an option to automatically resize to fit the canvas would be good. Cheers Oli
  4. When placing a high resolution image in a relatively small canvas in AD, often it will be much larger than the canvas, necessitating zooming out and adjusting the size of the image. This can be time consuming when inserting many images at different scales. It would be very helpful to have an option to automatically scale the inserted image to the area currently being viewed - this would be very useful when inserting a high resolution image in a small area of the canvas (as the scale would only require minor adjustments). Thanks for a fantastic app, and hope you all enjoy a well deserved break over the holidays! Cheers Oliver.
  5. Well that's embarrassing, can't believe I didn't see that! Thanks!! Oliver.
  6. Hi, I often need to make multiple versions of the same overall design, usually consisting of an image with labels, shapes and assorted other markup. It would be very convenient if AD had a way to replace an existing image, attempting as much as possible to match the scale used in the document. Currently I need to open each image separately, match the scale manually and then delete the old image. Cheers Oliver.
  7. It is a pretty frequent case for me, when I have a figure with multiple layers (which are usually images with some transparent parts) and several labels that I need to edit. I can bring the label to the front after selecting it and then edit it, it just seems like if a label is selectable, double-clicking ought to allow for editing (unless there is some reason this behaviour is undesirable). Cheers Oliver.
  8. On that point - probably I am missing something here also - when a text box is several layers down, and I select it using alt-click, there doesn't seem to be anyway to edit the text without bringing it to the front (or at least double-clicking/double alt-clicking doesn't seem to work) - is this the intended behaviour or is there an easier way?
  9. Ah, figured there was something I was missing! Thanks @Alfred and @MEB Cheers Oliver.
  10. Hi, Possibly this already exists and I just don't know the correct key - if so my apologies. I would love to see a modifier key that allows one to cycle through selecting the objects under the cursor (so e.g. 1 click selects top layer under cursor, next click selects the next one down, etc). Would this be possible? At least for the simple things that I do this would speed up my workflow, and save some hunting in the layers panel. Cheers Oliver.
  11. Hi, It would be great to have a way to distribute objects/symbols to fill a space, with randomization (within user-settable limits) of rotation, scaling and density (and perhaps a checkbox to allow/disallow overlap between adjacent copies). Currently I need to do this for a project, and I am having to do a lot of copy-paste-rotate operations, which is a little tedious. Keep up the good work, loving the app! Cheers, Oliver.
  12. Hi, I love the new snapping features in AD1.5b, particularly the capacity to snap nodes to a curve. Would it be possible to extend this more generally, so that images and other obects can also snap to curves? This would be very useful for arranging objects precisely along a path with power duplicate. Cheers, Oliver.
  13. Fair enough, that makes sense - it does mean for medium sized assets though they can become not recognizable, because only a small part of the object is shown. Cheers, Oliver.
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