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  1. To see if the picture looks like crap or if I just have it zoomed in to close. (Some times I get lucky and actually take a decent picture lol) That worked. Thank you.
  2. See the first tab? It reads (15.8). Now see the one I'm working on - Candy Bling? I can't see the zoom % because I have several images open and it needs to be saved. How do I tell the zoom % when the image has a looooooong name and there are many tabs open? Thank you. (If you think that's a lot of tabs - take note that I'm running 2 browsers - each has at least 50 tabs open. Take note of the amount of Code editors and Game Building Engines on my bar - I'm a mess!)
  3. I've been attempting to learn to use AP to replace PS, and just realized I have No Idea how to Use AP for anything other than what I used PS for - and frankly that wasn't much. HELP I have an image of a piece of jewelry in the middle of candy. How do I put everything except the piece of jewelry out of focus? It seems like it can't be that hard, but I've been at this for an hour and I can't seem to figure it out. Sadly, I'm using my phone, so it's not a great picture to begin with. (I gave up big fancy cameras when I realized my phone is more talented than I am.) Thank you Win10 Laptop
  4. Once again - I am determined to rid my life of Adobe products. I am soooo close! How do I crop the screenshot, then resize the canvas without resizing the image cut from the screenshot in Affinity Photo? I Made A Video using photoshop to better explain what I'm trying to do. I was able to crop to the size I wanted in AP, but I can't resize the canvas after without resizing the image also - making me think I'm cropping it incorrectly for what I want to do. Please note: gif responses go to fast for me to follow and there is no way to pause them, but a video response or just a written response is great! Thank you.
  5. I feel you - I write code for 6 hours a day, some times more. I feel like my fingers never leave the keyboard lol
  6. Now you can laugh if you want, BUT I use all 3 products. I am constantly using the product initials instead of typing out the product name. So now that we have Affinity Publisher I would like to suggest the initial identification: We use AD for Affinity Developer. AP for Affinity Photo. I want to suggest: APub for Affinity Publisher. Maybe we could collect a few more suggestions and have a fun Poll? Thoughts?
  7. CTRL + Scroll / Shift + Scroll - That's all I need. I want the option to remove a tool I will never use that bugs me beyond annoyance.
  8. Feel like I should post an AMEN gif. That tool should be required to pull a rabbit out of it's hat! Since we are Naming things - We use AD for Affinity Developer. AP for Affinity Photo. I want to use APub for Affinity Publisher. I'm going to post that in Feedback and suggestions lol
  9. Well, Folks, I call it the Useless Tool and I would like to call it Gone! I have some serious negative feelings toward that tool.
  10. Well, that's now what I wanted to hear. That makes AP harder to work with, however Adobe wouldn't do it either, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Thank you for the info.
  11. Again - I am determined to remove Adobe from my hard drive as soon as possible - so I'm getting all my questions out of my system today. I Can't Stand the Hand View Tool. I hate it. Clearly I have very strong negative feelings toward that tool! lol As you can see I removed it from the options on the left, but EVERY TIME I open a new document that stupid hand loads as the active tool automatically and not the Move tool. PLEASE how do I get the Move Tool - the pointy one, to load as the active tool automatically every time I open a new document? Thank you.
  12. I am Doing everything in my power to switch completely over from Adobe to Photo - so Today I'm going to ask all my questions - and I'm getting this done! In Adobe there are 100's of shapes. In Photo, there are like 10. 1. Are there more Shapes that can be downloaded for Photo? 2. If 1 == true, can you point me in their direction? 3. If 1 == true && 2 == true, can you provide a good tutorial on installing said shapes? Thank you
  13. I use Designer most of the time, but from time to time I need to use Photo and it drives me batty. It's not a bad program, it's just that I don't use it as often so I don't know how to get it setup like AD. Anyway, here is my problem, in AD I can move objects to the side and I can still see them even though they are not on the canvas - and of course I don't remember how I did it in AD How can I make AP so that I can see the objects that are not on the canvas, please? Not sure I'm explaining this at all well, so as always, an image.
  14. I have never heard of MTC, but there is a lot about SS software that's misleading. However I had the cricut first and that was worse. So it's like voting for the President, you vote for the one you hate the least.
  15. Silhouette Studio Business Edition is clunky and inept - and that's the nicest thing I can say about it. Of course I have used Affinity and Ai so my opinion may be a bit bias. I only purchased the business edition because I wanted to use the SVG feature and because if you purchase it from Swing Design and it was only $50 at the time.