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  1. On further testing, I see a bit more detail on this issue. The Placed image, when subjected to a paint operation is "rasterized". This was happening automatically by "the assistant". If I disable this assistant and rasterize manually, I get the same result. If I change the document resolution to a much higher DPI, the original image quality remains after rasterization. But when I reduce the DPI back to 96, the image resolution is degraded accordingly. So I'm guessing this a limitation restricting images, except those freshly placed without having been manipulated, to the document DPI. I understand how this should be so in the Photo app but is an inconvenience in Designer, at least for me. It's ironic that I must use the 96 DPI for vector output, not because of any raster content but to make the size correct for use in creating gcode for CNC!
  2. I'm importing high resolution images into Designer for using as templates. When first imported the image looks fine. But as soon as I use the Erase tool to cull portions the resolution is automatically reduced. I suspect this new resolution is that of the document which is 96 DPI. I must use this resolution to have my exported SVG's sized properly for CNC work. But my final output is scalable vectors at far higher than 96 DPI. Is my supposition correct or is this a bug? If not deemed a bug how do I override and maintain full resolution? As a side note, this seems like aberrant behavior either way. If the image is degraded to a lower resolution at the onset of the first manipulation it seems that if moved a non-integral displacement, interpolations will occur that will further degrade the image. What not leave the information intact until output time?
  3. Yes, I wondered about this being an iOS thing too but concluded the look of the window and the prompts suggest this is endemic to Affinity.
  4. Not the same as what most of us construe as "saved". Saved, in a functional way, means you can access it on demand even if you have closed the current file in Designer. Saved also means it was in a particular state when saved, not the current state of the working file.
  5. This applies to using 'Saving as' to make a new copy from an existing file. After entering a new name and the 'Save' button is hit, the screen opens where you can select the destination. At the top center this reads "Item will be moved to "[filename]" on. . .". The button in the upper right, as well as the title just referred to, should read Save[ed] instead of Move. Otherwise you would expect the new file to actually exist if you don't click Move which is not true. I'm not sure what the conditions were but on one or two occasions this button did say Save but I can't get that to repeat.
  6. Get rid of the Stroke Width slider, along the screen's left, when in Point mode. This is taking up valuable real estate, we all know where to find it the few times (never for me) one may want to use it editing points.
  7. In the Export window, at least in the SVG format, 'Use document resolution' is ignored. My standard resolution is 96 DPI, necessary for SVG sizing of code on CNC machines. If I overwrite 300 in the DPI slider with 96, all is well. But when choosing the 'Use document resolution' toggle I get something different. This is not new to v.2, it was extant in the previous version. BTW, in the DPI slider, how about remembering the last used resolution instead of continually defaulting to 300. I must change this 30 time a day being painstakingly careful each time.
  8. The "measurement tool" is a big tease. It seems like it's most of the way toward a far more useful dimensioning ability, one that remains in place.
  9. Please add a hundredths place to the displayed value for line width on iPad. This could be optionally toggled on/off in preferences so folks not needing it view a less cluttered display. Most of my work with Designer is generating SVGs for CNC inlay work focusing on engraving. I work in millimeters and the fattest line width I typically use is 0.15 mm but often use lines down to 0.02 mm. While none of this matters to the final SVG output this precision is instrumental to layout spacing and design. edit: Please also apply this to the Transform display.
  10. Why does one have to choose? I want the trash can too! Much better than keeping the Layers palette open and constantly darting over there for deleting. My current project requires massive amounts of deletions resulting from the Divide operation. But thanks for the response. edit: I see, toggle the CC on and off, not toggle between CC and trash. Still, would be much handier in the lower left with one tap than accessing a menu.
  11. Seriously! In the iPad update you add the garbage can at the expense of being able to get the big control keys circle off screen? I use that less than 10% of the time, want it gone the other 90%.
  12. My first impression using Designer v2 was WTF, especially with regard to the the function key button. It seemed a little retrograde to put keyboard shortcuts on a touch device. But it didn't take long to adjust and the consequence is expeditious indeed, at least for those of us used to the shortcuts on the desktop! You've basically enabled fast two hand operation for pencil users; pencil in one hand, toggle thumb and fore finger with the other. Have yet to dive deeply but this ease and the cleaned up interface are worth the upgrade.
  13. Honest! I looked there but missed it. Thanks. So, how do I turn it off? (Just kidding.)
  14. Working in Designer on iPad. Is there a way to get rid of the huge "Tutorials" link on the page that displays one's files? Maybe the same for "Samples"? I treasure an uncluttered space, not sure why this must occupy the real estate it does.
  15. Your video certainly confirms what I see typically. The one intrieging suggestion is a modifier key on my iPad effecting control on my desktop. I can't begin to imagine how or why that would work. I've never ever seen an app on a device interact with one on my desktop except through intent involving a series of operations. I am currently past the design phase of my project so am not using AD of late. If I see this behaviour again I will post back here with, hopefully, more germaine information.
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