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  1. Oh, oh. The decimal precision display does not apply to the Stroke Width where I need it most! (I have posted this in bugs.)
  2. On iPad the new options for decimal places are not reflected in the Width display of the Stroke panel, nor in the Width adjustment panel (but do appear in the Stroke icon).
  3. Is it possible to delete a post before anyone has responded?
  4. How about letting us double-click on an item in the Adjustment list to directly open the dialog for adjusting? (Versus having to click to open the preset panel, then having to move to and click on the "(default)" button.)
  5. Thanks! The adjustment I use the most, Levels, is Command-L, how simple. I'll look to see if I can shortcut Exposure and Brightness/Contrast as well.
  6. When you select a parameter in the Adjustment panel it doesn't directly open the dialog for adjusting. Instead you're presented with various presets one of which you then have click on to open the dialog. Is there a way to immediately open the dialog without this extra step? (I'm looking at something like 10,000 needless mouse clicks during my slides-to-digital editing!)
  7. This is the first project using a process I'm developing for colored engraving, on a Nomad CNC machine, of faux ivory substrates, for inlay into jewelry boxes. The process needs more improvement but I was happy enough with the results to begin a second piece. It begins with the creation of the artwork in Designer. The actual oval is smaller than show, at least on my screen, about 130 mm wide. The lines to be engraved are 0.15 mm apart. Here is the graphic depiction of the lines to be engraved by the machine. The red color represents one pass out of a total of seven necessary to keep the colors separate. The final product inset into the box. The box itself, a gift to my niece. She wanted a "tree" and "daisies" although I gave her Tidytips instead.
  8. Thanks. I will have to go that route. My initial test with the multi-point lines was positive but I can't repeat it. I'm thinking it has something to do with the frequency of the Mesh nodes compared to the frequency of the line nodes. I need to export to SVG anyway for use in the CNC mill so I'll just leave the Mesh unconverted. The result of this method isn't exact, in my analysis, but likely close enough. Now for some testing on the machine. Thanks again. Edit: The exported SVG of the unconverted Mesh is very close, maybe exact, to the appearance of the Mesh before Converting to Curves. This would seem a good hint as to how to remedy the issue.
  9. Thanks, disappointed to hear. I'm not sure if this file is the exact same as pictured above, I've gone through a few iterations. I tried it on desktop as well, maybe should have posted there. waterTst.afdesign One work around I can think of is to introduce nodes in the lines before applying the Warp. There appears to be no way to do that in AD except point-by-point. Maybe I'll try recreating the grid by duplicating a single line with the multiple points already extant. Edit: When I remade my grid based on a line with multiple midpoints then applied the Mesh I got satisfactory results. Thanks for helping me realize I needed a work-around versus something I was doing wrong.
  10. After further testing I infer this has to do with AD deciding it can accommodate some of the induced curves by adjusting handles on existing points versus inserting new points. When the mesh is converted to curves the new points are respected but the adjusted handles are not. Could a moderator please move this over to bugs.
  11. Here's the mesh I'm using on a bunch of parallel lines, attempting to simulate water for an engraving project: When I exit Point mode I get this, looking good for my first trial anyway: But when I Convert to Curves, I get this: Ooooh, ick! What's going on? Strangely, if I Export the object, with the unconverted mesh intact, as an SVG, the results are closer to the desired result but not quite as desired.
  12. It's useless to me because I don't use it, simple as that. If I need it there is another place to find it. I'm stumped as to why this would be associated with point manipulations, at least in such a way that one would constantly need to access it. This is on iPad, mind you, where I would much prefer the added screen space. Why do you think it appears there, in this redundant manner, when it is accessible with the Pen or Pencil Tool? In what way is this a valuable asset for other modes of use?
  13. Whenever I activate the Node tool a Line size slider appears on the left of the screen uselessly taking up real estate. How do I get rid of this?
  14. I absolutely concur, I need more decimal places in the display for line size and object position especially. Ideally this precision will be adjustable in preferences as done in the desktop version. I understand the real estate challenge of implementing it on iPad but I'm sure the clever folks at Serif can solve that. For example, use rectangles instead of space wasting circles. Currently I often have to re-enter a size for a given object just to verify that it's as expected in order to fit a new element. All my current work, for CNC use, needs 0.01 mm accuracy.
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