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  1. As an example. I have a Designer file in the File folder/app on iPad, then open that file in AD. After making many modifications, I save the file, assuming it is being saved to Files. I then rename the file in AD and save it. The expected behavior is that I will now have another file in Files with that new name. No. Any new changes I have made to the file since renaming it have now overwritten the original file in Files where there is still just one copy with the original name. The file in Files and that in AD are linked but they have different names. This should not be. After experimentation, I realize the proper process for this is to, within AD, Duplicate the file, change the duplicate's name, then save it. (Or duplicate within Files, change the name, then open in AD.) Can do. But still I find it disturbing the same file would have different names depending on its location. If the file's name is changed in AD, then saved, the name change should be reflected in Files as well.
  2. Honest! I looked there but missed it. Thanks. So, how do I turn it off? (Just kidding.)
  3. Working in Designer on iPad. Is there a way to get rid of the huge "Tutorials" link on the page that displays one's files? Maybe the same for "Samples"? I treasure an uncluttered space, not sure why this must occupy the real estate it does.
  4. Your video certainly confirms what I see typically. The one intrieging suggestion is a modifier key on my iPad effecting control on my desktop. I can't begin to imagine how or why that would work. I've never ever seen an app on a device interact with one on my desktop except through intent involving a series of operations. I am currently past the design phase of my project so am not using AD of late. If I see this behaviour again I will post back here with, hopefully, more germaine information.
  5. Hi Dan, thanks for the response. It's been a few days since I've used AD but I don't think I was using any modified keys to elicit this behaviour. In fact, the behaviour seemed weird because I wasn't using the Option key. I wasn't able to make this happen predictably, it seemed aparently random but not infrequent. One thing I tried was noting where I grabbed the tangent handle but that didn't seem to be it. I suspect this is part of an attempt to streamline working with points and when I figure it out I'll like it. Edit: Upon just investigating, the Node Tool interface appears as before 1.9. When the issue was occuring, somtimes tangent handles, or maybe points themselves, would appear magenta. Could this mean I had triggered some ancillary mode introduced in 1.9? (I realize this also happens when a cusped tangent is manipulated to be in-line with its partner.)
  6. I've just noticed this recently, likely related to v. 1.9 but I'm not positive; maybe I accidently engaged some previously unknown "feature". Often, when I now select a tangent for a point on a curve, that tangent is cusped, not linear. Even if the tangent is linear across both handles it immediately becomes cusped, non-linear, when I move one of the handles. This is not because of any intent on my part. It used to take a deliberate action, holding down the 'option' key while dragging, to break the linearity between both handles. I also notice the point and handle being moved become purple when the two handles are linear, letting up at that point will again make them linear (fine by me). This is new to 1.9 so I suspect the issues I see are as well. I suspect there is a setting or something else I should be doing to obviate this non-desired behavior?
  7. Thanks! I was unaware of this page. I can't explain why but, after viewing the link you sent, I tried again within AD and got a proper search result.
  8. After installing AD 1.9, I went to "Help" to see how to use it. Searchng "Contour tool" yields not a single reference to it.
  9. Thanks for the help. I do not use iCloud and I had not backed up the iPad since creating these files, no on auto-update. However, almost all the files were iterations of the same project and the salient file was backed up to my desktop. So, no great harm. I may have installed an update but don't remember reinstalling. But I'm now curious about the role of the iOS 'Files" app. While researching this issue, I read that the files ("on this iPad") stored within the Files app are merely pointers to the actual files which are kept within the originating program. (This info was a few years old.) But when I would save a file from AD into Files, then remove it from AD, the files would appear to be in Files but not within AD. I guess this is misleading.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, Walt. I've only ever had one Apple ID. The App Store recognized that I possessed AD, the Get button read as Open. . . until I trashed AD. As mentioned, I hadn't emptied the trash. I actually have the interface mostly back at present, I just had to, item by item, re-populate the screen with tools and panels. But I still haven't any text in some buttons although they function when pressed. Just hope my memory holds out on what they do until the next release. Pressing Tab didn't dawn on me, duh. Full window is not a function I ever use on my big desktop but I do on iPad although not with Tab. But you're correct, I suspect that would have done the trick. It also didn't dawn on me because I was linking the missing tools/panels to the missing button text which is still extant. It still unnerves me that I can't reinstall the app if I need to without resorting to a re-purchase. Now I wonder if the App Store will try to charge me for the next incremental upgrade although I hope that may be keyed to recognizing its presence on my Mac.
  11. It's been a few months since I've opened Designer on my iPad Pro. When I did so today, all my previous files were missing. This includes those in the Files app as well as the ones resident in the program. Another poster reported a similar issue in which restarting the iPad revealed the missing files, this did not happen for me. Any ideas?
  12. Designer is now opening with no palettes, nothing but an image. Quitting, restarting the computer, nothing has helped. This was presaged the past few days with missing text in the lower right button of dialogs, generally meant to read "Save". Another random event was the rearrangement of my two column toolset into one column. I have trashed the Designer app with the intent of reinstalling Designer (have yet to empty said trash). I went to the Apple App Store to reinstall but they expect me to re-purchase. I attempted to enter the Serif site but it states I don't have an account, evidently this is separate from the forum here. I'm also not sure if that would have helped if I had purchases from the App Store (which I may have), so I doubt setting up a new account would help. So, how can I re-install?
  13. @Alfred Wow, the issue was experienced two years ago! It is related to using the Apple Pencil. At least I now have a workaround. It appears that the finger usage is only needed to engage the numerical display. Thanks for hunting this down!
  14. I think I have that as well now that I look. Between the numbers keypad and the display at the top is: < mm > Wait! I tried again and it's not there! Wait, it's back. Gone again and won't come back. Hmmm. . . Maybe it's time to reinstall AD. (But I fear that because there also seems to be an issue with saving docs where the saved name does not match the document name. This may be related to creating copies of docs where the original name is retained internally by AD.) EDIT: I tried a re-install, still have the same issue.
  15. Attached is a recording with a document set to millimeters. I also tried a fresh doc with default settings and get different faulty behavior; in this case, the resulting line widths (in points) are generally half the entered value. this is especially un-nerving since it sometimes works. [Oops! I notice the left "taper" button is not level with the right. I assure you the behavior is the same when they are both at the top, level.] RPReplay_Final1596119893.MP4
  16. When exporting an SVG the toggle "Use document resolution" is ignored if selected. Even though the document is 96 DPI, you must set this by hand in the Export dialog. The default in the dialog appears to be 300, if you select "Use document resolution" that value remains at 300 in spite of having created the document at 96 DPI. Unlike the desktop version, iPad AD appears to lack a Document panel. But the use of Resize allows me to verify I've set the document to 96 DPI.
  17. I'm not confusing mm and points but perhaps AD is. My document units are "Millimeters". In Preferences, "Text in points" is OFF, "Lines in points" is OFF. The display in the Strokes Panel shows "mm". Pref's have not been changed since the documents inception. The figures I quoted above are specific examples I ran as I posted. This is not a one-off problem, it recurs sporadically; I've yet to ascertain any states that lead to this. I just created a fresh new document using millimeters, 96 DPI. Created a two point closed vector shape. enter 0.1, reads 0 still an evident line though very thin For the following, the line sizes appear to be as the "reads", the value show in the display, suggest. enter 0.2, reads 0.1 enter 0.3, reads 0.1 enter 0.5, reads 0.5 enter 0.7, reads 0.2 enter 1, reads 0.3 enter 2, reads 0.5 enter 5, reads 1.3 Still no miracle transition to good behavoir.
  18. How about more precise displays of line width? I am working on designs that mandate control to 0.01 mm. I understand this might not be feasible in the icon display, space wise, but certainly seems doable in the Stroke Panel. This might apply to other parameters as well but it's currently only an issue for me with stroke width. The program seem capable of discerning values to this precision, just that they're not currently displayable. Maybe add this as an option in preferences for folks who are happy with the current display.
  19. This is in reference to the Stroke panel with the Move Tool active and a line selected. I'm working in mm which may be salient here. When I use numerical entry to set a line width, that width is not what shows in the panel nor the panel's icon in the menu bar. Say I enter 2 mm. The value shows as 0.5 mm which appears to be the correct, but not intended, size of the line. Now, say, I enter 4 mm as the intended size. The resulting size is 1.1 mm. I enter 0.2 mm and get a 0.1 mm line. Then a miracle appears to happen. The process begins to work properly for awhile. I have not, in the interim, fiddled with any other parameter of the line's attributes although I may have selected, then de-selected, other objects. But this good behavoir only lasts for awhile until I'm back to the aforementioned issue.
  20. Hello Sean, On my iMac: Both files open in pixels at 72 dpi. If I convert to mm and 96 dpi, the square measures 50 mm. This is the same response I get when I AirDrop an exported SVG from iPad to iMac. On iPad: The files open in Safari. I then export to the Designer Folder in the Files app. When I open in Designer, as on the iMac, the file is in pixels at 72 dpi. However, the result of changing to mm and 96 pdi is different than on the Mac. The first file square ends up at 88.9 mm, the second file's square resizes to 252.0 mm. EDIT: After further experimentation I realize Designer's behavior on Mac is no different that on iPad. SVG files are, when exported, converted from mm to pixels and from 96 to 72 dpi. They do, however, open at the proper scale in my CAM app.
  21. The document still exports as 72 dpi. Adding insult to injury, the export converts the document to pixels versus the original mm. If I AirDrop the export to my iMac then change the units to mm and then change the dpi from 72 back to 96, the size is correct. But if I try these modifications on the iPad, not correct. Another interesting bug: If another object, unselected, is within the selection rectangle of another object, it will also be exported when the export selection is active.
  22. Im using Designer 1.7.3 on a 3rd generation iPad Pro. The file type is SVG and the desired dpi is 96. However, the output file has a dpi of 72 regardless of several variations of testing. These include setting the original document to 96 and toggling "use document dpi" in the Export dialog as well as manually setting 96 in the Export dialog. It occurs when exporting a selection or the whole document. I've done about 7 permutations, all with the result of 72 dpi.This happens whether the save target is the Files app on iPad or an AirDrop to my desktop. My primary use of Designer is creating SVG's for use in CNC machining, the 96 dpi is imperative. I've used Designer on my desktop for a couple years, the iPad version is new to me. Maybe I'm missing something? [I am aware that dpi should not be of concern in a vector only file. But it makes a difference when importing into a CAM app, at least the one I use. This particular dpi is necessary to import the SVG at the proper scale.]
  23. This "bug" is now resolved with build 427 of Carbide Create. They have updated the SVG parser to assume a 96 DPI scale.
  24. Thanks, I gave it a try. But I seem to have the opposite result with Carbide Create (CC). I changed the dpi [from 300] to 96, as you suggested, but that made the CC import too small by a factor of 24 instead of the 5.6 I was getting. Since it seems to be an inverse relationship, I tried raising the dpi to 1000. This produced a CC import that was almost half-size. Seemingly on the right track, I tried a dpi of 2000 but it made no difference from 1000. I guess Designer has a limit. Very curious why Designer would relate vector scale to dpi, of what use is dictating a size in that case.
  25. Thanks! Good kludge. I'll have to test whether I can "convert to curves" in order to move some of them around a bit to produce a pattern more like a stipple. Edit: This will not work. When the text is converted to curves, the resulting "circles" are composed of two concentric circles. I need simple, single line circles. Thanks for giving it a shot.
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