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  1. Tiling has been added, but as far as I can see, no 'manual' tile - meaning dragging an x/y to print from that as upper-left of output.
  2. And secondly - How does one edit a style?? Thx!
  3. Yep. Got these working better. Long awaited reply, maybe. Sorry!
  4. Still waiting for this. Your Mac version has stellar control, as reflected by the X, Y location with up to 3 decimal places. However, on the iPad platform, that same object is represented in only 2 decimal places. I've been told by staff that the value remains the same, but the feedback in the form of display is really important.
  5. So just updated my Mac Designer to 1.7.0, and now can’t open these file saves on my Designer iPad version. What to do?! Any advise on how to proceed (or how long to wait for an update to Designer iPad) would be appreciated.
  6. How many of us find tenths of a unit to be inadequate for input and feedback? My uses of vector illustration apps requires 3 figures to the right of the decimal point. The Mac version of Designer has this. So what is one to do when working on these same files on an iPad?
  7. Agree agree agree. User has no wAy of reviewing point placement or edit point input if it always round back to 2 decimal places in the display. Also, grid numbers seem to revert to predetermined sizes regardless of user specification (could have to do with art board size?)..
  8. Many years as a designer using InDesign has me looking for features to get the work done. So far, I've got thoughts and questions: 1. Approach to frames seems to be a little different (not necessarily bad) 2. Anyone understand these things? Could be they are not yet active in the beta. How to get margins set on a master page to apply to sub-pages? Where the heck can I get image data (meta, and esp. percent placed size)? More to ask, post your comments/solutions.
  9. Some suggestions for the technically inclined: 1. Scale - this would be so useful for the users who want to make use of designer for technical drawings. I know your artboards can be large (45m by my testing), but when the performance suffers and the grid is limited, scale is a requirement. Look at Graphic app - a good start. And reflecting scale numbering in your smart object indicators would be a huge win. 2. Decimal point accuracy - this is in sore need. When all I can get is 1 number to the right of the decimal point (in many instances), this app is unusable. For years, Illustrator was only accurate to 2 decimals. It sucked. 3 is an absolute minimum, and 4 or 5 would get Designer out of the dark ages. 3. Rulers - a small ask, but judging from the forum, repeated many times. It provides context. Again, tying the scaling to this would be a huge win. So much of this app is incredible out of the gate - your approach to tackling huge challenges in writing this for a tablet is truly impressive. Keep up the great work at Serif - all of you are setting the bar for a new era in app development. I, for one am a huge fan. Cheers, j.

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