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  1. Kudos on the great app. This is a fairly basic ease of use suggestion... When you are dragging a selection box/circle or dragging out a shape, it'd be splendid if holding down the spacebar would move the selection/object. This makes it easy to get an exact selection... or enables you to size and position in one simple move saving a lot of futzing and keeping you in flow. This interaction can be found while taking a native screenshot on your mac (shift+cmd+4+drag... + hold spacebar) or on all the other drawing apps made by the company named after dirt bricks.... and Affinity is better than dirt bricks' products.
  2. Problem: Like many on this board, I am a gradient aficionado. Maybe I'm just a man in transition, but many design sites dedicated to gradients only provide hex values for you to copy and paste. This proves to be a bit of a quagmire and requires some gymnastics with Affinity designer. You now need to do a screen capture, shrink it down and try to sample an edge. I don't have AF-Photo, so this may be an issue there too. Request: It would be splendid if the color picker off the gradient menu and gradient map included an input to display and paste in a hex value. Below is the current menu and
  3. Yes. That would be great. It's not a major game changer, but it just seems like it was over-looked at some point.
  4. Hello - This has been mentioned on a number of posts. I would like to formally and informally request the great AD developers to consider connectors, magnetic lines, whatever you want to call it. As you know, the purpose of these lines is to support making flow diagrams and make moving objects with lines easier. Similar to visio, omni-graffle, and creately.com/ This would be a giant quiver in the AD toolbox for UX designers. If it could be made flexible enough to apply to other objects besides lines, it could conceivably support the idea of "bones" ... which could be great for animations etc. This may be a different feature though. If you support this idea, please consider liking it. Thanks!
  5. dangerman2000

    Export slices to SVG

    ... Nevermind. I discovered the Export Options are not global options but you have to define per slice. Grrrr.... Makes sense though.
  6. dangerman2000

    Export slices to SVG

    Hi can someone explain how to export slices to SVG? Here is what I am trying: I have a bunch of slices > I go to Export Options panel and select SVG (for web) > Then I select all my slices (checkboxes) and press the button called "Export Selected" ... it then generates a bunch of .png files. What am I missing? Thanks for your help. I'm using AD 1.4.2.
  7. This bug has been there since the Beta version. It is odd and confusing. I'd love to see this finally get fixed. It annoyed me enough today to come here and enter a ticket for it myself. Thanks for already taking care of it and I look forward to seeing this fixed in the next release. AD rocks!
  8. I love AD, but find cropping and dealing with the canvas size terribly frustrating in it. For the most part, everything in AD is very fluid.... but to crop the canvas, I haven't been able to figure it out. I believe the only way to do it is to open the Document Setup window and type numbers in boxes and repeat until you get the crop just right. If there is another way to do it besides using the Export Persona, I would love not to have to do all my cropping in PhotoShop and then import into AD just to size the canvas right. Is there a way to crop the canvas using a tool? Trim functionality is definitely part of making cropping simple and easy. I would love to see this on the roadmap... it's not a differentiator, but it seems like a "table stakes" item.
  9. Fabulous application... For some reason when I resize an image it constrains the proportions without me holding down Shift. I have to hold shift to not-constrain proportions. However when I drag a rectangle out, I have to hold down shift to constrain proportions (keep it a square). I have not gone all through the application, but sometimes you have to hold shift and others not making the app feel finicky. It'd be great if your developers/designers could agree to do it one way and stick with it. My preference would be to always require the shift modifier to constrain proportions. This has been ingrained in us from years of using design tools. It keeps us in flow. Thanks for all the great work.
  10. dangerman2000

    Constrain Proportions Inconsistency

  11. ... just to pile on to this, since AD programmers tend to make things more awesome than what we expect... Enhancement: You could also throw in the ability for line segments (with/without arrowheads) able to be attached to other objects... a la Visio/Power Point for use in making diagrams / wireframes / flows etc. Last I checked AI, FW, etc. did not have this.
  12. dangerman2000

    Merge Layers

    AD: Group then Rasterize = PS: Flatten selection/CMD+E
  13. dangerman2000

    Rounded corners for all forms

    Did this get implemented yet? I can't find it.
  14. The spacebar modifier also does not work that allows you to move the selection. These are all important items that help you work in flow without thinking about the tool.
  15. The plethora of shapes in Affinity designer is simply splendid. If the programmer is looking for more shapes to code, tell her to consider the coveted "L" shape. It is useful for drawing arrow heads, Tetris blocks, and to create the word LoLLipop. I have attached an image of the Firework rendition of the same tool. The AD programmer will undoubtedly figure out how to improve on it by including rounded corners, etc. Keep up the stupendous work.
  16. Context: I make assets for the web and mobile apps. I do not make my assets on a giant artboard. When you have a ton of images performance suffers, layers get janky, and all your eggs are in the one file. Slicing is time consuming. I want a single file that I can just export and be done. My A.D. usage = 60% of my work; PS + FW + AI = 40% - I'd love to be 100% A.D. because they've done a great job with it and I love it. Need: I want to be able set the canvas size with ease. To do this the A.D. needs the following... Request Visual crop tool - There is currently no way to crop that I could find other than to adjust the numbers... this is too hard. Trim Command - I could not find this one either. Auto-canvas size based on clipboard - Canvas size should look at clipboard and default to that size (cmd+n ... return ... cmd+v ... and I'm editing in PhotoShop) If you agree that this should be on the roadmap, like the post.. if not what am I missing? Thanks and keep up the great work!!!
  17. If you compare the File menu when you are in the 'Export' persona, it is a subset of the File menu in the other two personas. I may be missing something, but it seems like they should be consistent across all 3 personas. I tried to do a 'File > New Document from Clipboard' that is in the beta (although I'm not sure why it was not implemented just as default values on New Document) ... at any rate... it's not there. It compelled me to submit my first bug. So there you have it. Be splendid.
  18. dangerman2000

    Affinity Designer UI

    Go to menu: Affinity Designer > Preferences > User Interface .... you can adjust the tool UI and font size in there. I think there is improvement to be made on the contrast on which tool is selected and I never can figure out which tab is selected either.
  19. The Slice Selection tool needs this as well. Slicing/Export persona is painful, this would ease some of the alignment pain.
  20. Super-duper. Thanks.
  21. dangerman2000

    New Branding for Affinity

    I think the current ones look good. I am not opposed to change, but the proposed icons do not feel special. The gradient, geometric shapes, and colors have an 80's feel to them, which is awesome if you are going for a retro app. You will be tired of the new icons in 3 months time. I would encourage more explorations or open it up to your customers in a 99designs style competition.
  22. Context: I would like to invite other people in my organization to my shared design folder. All my files are .afdesign and they cannot view them without buying the software. Proposal: Create a simple free viewer so that others could view my work without me doing extra "export/save as" work and managing multiple copies and updates of the same artwork. Requirements: - .afdesign file preview - Pan - Zoom This could be mac only. Some of this may already be written. If you have AD installed and click on a .afdesign file, it gives a preview in the file viewer. Aside: Adobe's Fireworks saved as an editable .PNG and this made it so easy to share work while maintaining editability. This is not proposing a change in file format, but that would be even better because everything supports .png.
  23. dangerman2000

    Fireworks features I lived on

    Agreed... especially with the canvas size / crop etc. The canvas is a bit frustrating in AD, I would love not to have to visit the export persona and set up a slice in order to export a given size. Cropping should re-size the document. This would change my workflow for the better. Another simple one that would make AD smooth like butter is: Spacebar+drag moves/repositions the selection / artwork - This is just a common interaction found in native Apple screenshot application as well as other design apps. Basically, when you are drawing a rectangle or dragging a marquee, if you hold down the spacebar it should stop resizing and now move the object on the screen.
  24. I have a file that contains every icon for an app that I am working on... let's call it about 50+ little icons all on a single page. I have used this file since the release of 1.0, adding imagaes to it... exporting... etc. I have a slice specified over each icon (50+ slices). Now when I open the file, the slice boxes are all doubled. They are twice as far apart, and twice as big and no longer line up with the individual icons. I can dig up an old file, open it and it is ok... then save it, re-open it and it will be jacked up once it is re-opened. I can send files if anyone cares.

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