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  1. joelfisher

    Line options

    Thanks. Yeah, I just d/l the beta and saw the options. Appreciate it.
  2. Is it possible to do a stroke inside a path?
  3. Is it possible to copy a slice?
  4. joelfisher

    EPS files not opening properly

    AHH. So when an EPS is opened..you need to expand the actual layer to expose each vector element. Thanks for the explanation there.
  5. joelfisher

    EPS files not opening properly

    Sure..here's a super basic one. Opens 100% flat in AD. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w7m6nqevmeihkcs/shutterstock_189707714.eps?dl=0
  6. joelfisher

    EPS files not opening properly

    I have been unable to open an .eps file and have it be editable. Any suggestions?
  7. joelfisher

    Fireworks features I lived on

    Adding addition ones as I discover: - Slice copy/paste Love to be able to copy / paste slices
  8. Keep these coming. Please make one on selecting different areas / etc. Awesome!
  9. I have been a die-hard Fireworks user from day one. I've been on the Adobe beta testing team for years / etc. Since mac os 10.9.5, Fireworks (a dead product) is now completely unusable. I made the switch to Affinity Designer yesterday. Love it. Here's a few things that I used/depended on in Fireworks that I would love to see added to Affinity Designer. - Copy elements and create a new document...new document should adapt the total height/width of the copied elements. So if I copy 4 objects and I get a combined size of 640x980.. if I "Create a new document" it should default to the size of 640x980 - Pages Number one awesome feature of FW was the ability to have multiple pages in the document - Ability to resize canvas Make it easier to resize the canvas area than using the Document Setup More to come... THIRD-PARTY PLUGINS/TOOLS: - Export to HTML / Preview w/ Annotations This is the best plugin for Fireworks (http://www.3revolutions.com/public/fw_annotations.php ) - Specctr Work with the folks at http://www.specctr.com/ to make their plugin work with Affinity Designer