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  1. Just thought I'd share this. I frequently have to add dimensions to my design work to communicate to developers the specifics of a layout. Currently, there isn't a feature to create these in AD, so I've cobbled together my own workaround version using constrained objects. The benefit is it's pretty easy to resize the dimension to match the size of the element being measured. The downside, you will still have to enter all the numeric dimension manually. Ugh! I know, but a quick check of the Transform module will tell you what size to enter. One other flaw with this system is it doesn't work so well with very small measurements. Anything below 10px vertical and 30px horizontal will have to be manually adjusted because of limitations to how constraints work. Just resize one to below these thresholds and you'll see what I mean. If you know to avoid this situation, please share. To help with this, I made some smaller measurements to get you started. One other item I added to the file is a dark and light overlay to help make the dimensions easier to read. Use the dark one on dark interfaces and the light on lighter ones. There are a couple examples included that illustrate how to use them. It may seem that the downsides outweigh the benefit, but if you have to have dimensions, then even the seemingly small benefit of easy resizing adds up to hours of time saved on large projects. Hopefully, you find this useful. dimensions_template.afdesign
  2. Hi Matt, I too have been struggling with large SVG files on export. I've seen where you provided similar advice elsewhere. However, I believe the problem has another facet beyond just the "join". I've noticed that stroke alignment makes a huge difference, at least with round corners. Basically, if a shape, e.g., rectangle, has a stroke and rounded corners and has either inside or outside stroke alignment, the resulting SVG code is at least 20x more complex. it seems to be the combination of both the rounded corner and the alignment. Of course I understand it is a more complex shape, but when center aligned with the same rounded corner, the difference is minimal. Attached is a simple example and the resulting export. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks so much, Jeff svg example.afdesign svg example.svg
  3. I think this might be a larger problem with page margins. Simply creating a new document with asymmetrical margins seems to trigger a bug. See the attached screen shots. 01 shows the margin setup, 02 show the resulting document, and 03 is the same document, zoomed out to show what is happening with the margins.
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