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  1. Requested screen shot of the unified toolbar. Retail in back, Beta in front. Pen tool selected in both.
  2. Just thought I'd share this. I frequently have to add dimensions to my design work to communicate to developers the specifics of a layout. Currently, there isn't a feature to create these in AD, so I've cobbled together my own workaround version using constrained objects. The benefit is it's pretty easy to resize the dimension to match the size of the element being measured. The downside, you will still have to enter all the numeric dimension manually. Ugh! I know, but a quick check of the Transform module will tell you what size to enter. One other flaw with this system is it doesn't work so well with very small measurements. Anything below 10px vertical and 30px horizontal will have to be manually adjusted because of limitations to how constraints work. Just resize one to below these thresholds and you'll see what I mean. If you know to avoid this situation, please share. To help with this, I made some smaller measurements to get you started. One other item I added to the file is a dark and light overlay to help make the dimensions easier to read. Use the dark one on dark interfaces and the light on lighter ones. There are a couple examples included that illustrate how to use them. It may seem that the downsides outweigh the benefit, but if you have to have dimensions, then even the seemingly small benefit of easy resizing adds up to hours of time saved on large projects. Hopefully, you find this useful. dimensions_template.afdesign
  3. No, unfortunately not. The problem still persists in the release version of 1.6. The 'workaround' I've been using to keep my sanity and Layers in some semblance of order is to duplicate an existing text layer near the layer hierarchy position where i'm currently working, which will put the newly duplicated layer in roughly the right location. Certainly not ideal. Sorry.
  4. I totally agree and have made this request previously.
  5. Thanks so much. These little details, while little, add up. Speaking of little details, another item for Separated mode is "cmd ~" doesn't switch between open windows as it should.
  6. Yes, that is what they are. The request was for them to be in this order: X, Y, W, H, R, S. So, X flows to Y and W flows to H on tab.
  7. I just checked 1.6 Beta 12 and it still has the previously described behavior. Unless you meant it has been fixed in the next beta version (13)?
  8. I have a few items to report that occur when working in Separated Mode: Transform panel - tabbing between the dimensions and position order still needs to be adjusted (see previous post). In short, tab order currently goes from X > W >Y > H. It should go from X > Y > W > H. Cmd ~ doesn't cycle through separate document windows as expected. Rather, nothing happens. If Merge All Windows is selected, making 1 window with tabs, then Cmd ~ works. This seems to happen in either Separated or normal mode. Artistic type is creating a layer outside of the selected Artboard. Specifically, in a file with multiple Artboards, selecting any object on an Artboard, then switching to the Artistic Text tool and clicking inside the same Artboard creates a new text layer outside the Artboard, i.e., the new text layer is at the same hierarchy level as all the other Artboards. This does not happen using Text Frame Tool. Instead the text frame is drawn within the Artboard at the same layer level as the last selected object, as expected. Finally, a request, please add/move the Find in Layers option to the main menu system so I can add a keyboard shortcut to it. I know there is a preference for this behavior all the time; however in documents with hundreds of layers it's unwieldy. Thanks so much!
  9. Another option, and my preference, would be to move/add a couple of commands (e.g., Find in Layers Panel and Hide Layer) to the top level Layer menu, which would then enable users to assign keyboard shortcuts. Then you can click on an object in the canvas and keyboard shortcut your way to its location in the Layers Panel, or just hide it immediately.
  10. Hi Hokusai, Let me clarify. It isn't an issue of not seeing Studio Panels of Transform or Character. They both show up; however, if you look at the attached screen shot in the original post, you will see in the Positioning and Transform section of the Character Panel, that the form fields are missing for Shear, Horizontal Scale, and Vertical Scale - the three items in the second column of that section. Upon restarting my computer, the form fields have reappeared. My second post may sound confusing, because it is trying to describe confusing behavior that I'm seeing from the app. One of those "see it to believe it" things. As I mentioned, the computer restart seems to have fixed the issues. Next time I'll have to make a short video that shows the odd behavior.
  11. Update: I have restarted Designer several times, tried switching back and forth between Separated and default mode, and the problem persisted. Today however, I restarted the computer, launched Designer in default mode, and the fields have suddenly returned, they also remain while in separated mode. So perhaps problem solved? At this point though, I have two suspicions, 1) a "memory leak" or similar issue on my computer of some sort that just needed a restart to clean out the cruft, or 2) there are some issues with switching between Separated and default mode. The reason the second might be a possibility is I've noticed a couple of other odd behaviors. I created a previous thread about the tab order in the Transform panel. Shortly after learning that it was an issue with Separated mode, I switched back to default, and after a period of time, and even a Designer relaunch (I think), I discovered the tab order was behaving as if it were still in Separated mode, even though it was in default! Further, as I was testing my own sanity and the app, I discovered that when I was tabbing through the Transform fields, it wouldn't cycle back to the beginning. Meaning if I started in say W - tab - Y - tab - H - tab, etc. when I reached the end S - tab, nothing would happen. Tab did not take me back to X field. With that said, the computer restart mentioned above has resolved the odd tab behavior and the missing fields. Not sure if this is specific enough to be helpful, but I did want you to know what I was experiencing. Let me know if I can provide any additional information that you might need. Thanks! P.S. All of this is happening on a MacBook Pro connected to two external monitors. When in Separated mode, the canvas is on one external monitor and all the panels are on the second.
  12. I think I've come across a bug in Beta 1.5.5 b2. When I access Character panel > Positioning and Transform section, all of the Transform control fields are missing. (screenshot attached). This happens in regular and separated mode, if the panel is "docked" in a side bar or free floating, or if any tool is selected (Artistic text, Frame text or Move).
  13. Thanks for the reply. After more investigation, I have a bit more information. The Transform panel seems to behave differently when in Separated Mode. I notice when not in Separated Mode - default mode, the tab order is as you say, but when in Separated Mode, it behaves the way I describe (X, W, Y, H), at least for me.
  14. This is a minor request. Can you change the tab order in the Transform panel? In Beta 1.5.5 B2, tab order is X, W, Y, H. The majority of the time when using Transform, I (and I assume others) typically adjust both the X and Y, or H and W in combination. It would be convenient if I could tab directly from X to Y, or from H to W. Simply put, can you change the tab order to be X, Y, W, H, R, S? Thanks for your consideration. And thanks a million for such a fantastic product!
  15. Is there a way to retroactively export Assets from the Beta? My own fault, but I updated to the latest MAS version before exporting the Assets I built up in the Beta and now I'm back to square one. Lesson learned. Thanks for any ideas you might have.
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