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  1. I downloaded the trial, opened it up and forgot and deleted it. I downloaded it again to try it out but it says my trial has ended. Is there a way to get a new trial of affinity photo? I own affinity designer but wanted to try out photo.
  2. Here's a link to a sample psd file: https://textron.box.com/s/hi3sfeons0q5q6b7nfoqxwoy0ozc3591 Are there Blend Gamma settings that will replicate the sharp/crisp/strong/smooth settings?
  3. I imported a PSD layered file into Affinity Designer and everything looked fine except the text/font rendering looked lighter in Affinity Designer. I think it had something to do with the anti-aliasing method setting in photoshop. Is there a way to set anti-aliasing in Affinity Designer?
  4. Is there a way to select only the visible area in a group to export for web? I keep selecting a group but it selects the masked areas outside of the visible area I want to select.
  5. Wonderful! That should be made a prominent feature with it's own button. Thank you, David.
  6. It would be nice to be able to export for the web from a selected item instead of having to make a slice first.
  7. That works. It's really no more steps than duplicate in PS. Also, I wish I would of thought of that obvious answer!
  8. It would be nice to be able to duplicate a layer to a new document. I often use this feature. It's not a must have but a convenience.
  9. Hello, I'm Danny Riggs. I've been flitting around looking for an app that acted more like Adobe Fireworks. As a "seasoned" web developer, I used Fireworks till it didn't work that well anymore, switched to Photoshop and have used that for years and years. My problem is that Illustrator and Photoshop seem to be overkill for most of the things I do. Getting Sketch helped but it just isn't enough for what I want. I finally found Affinity Designer and think I've found a home. I am absolutely loving this product and I'm excited that it will soon adopt many of the features that Fireworks had. Now I
  10. I just bought Affinity Designer and I'm really liking it so far. When I make a gradient mask on an image. is there a way to adjust the opacity of the individual mask? I may have multiple masks but it don't seem to be able to adjust the opacity of an individual mask. Only the whole layer.
  11. Beautiful! It works just like you said. I bought Sketch a while back, moving from Photoshop/Fireworks/Illustrator but Sketch isn't quite enough. I think I'm buying Affinity Designer tonight. I'm looking forward to the updates coming around the bend!
  12. Thank you all. I will try this this afternoon and let you know how it goes.
  13. I'm a web designer and I'm also new to Affinity Designer. When I have an image in photoshop, I would add a mask, grab the gradient tool and drag the area that I want to fade out to zero opacity. If I want different areas to be faded out in the same image, I can drag the gradient tool in different directions and get multiple "fades" on different directions in the same mask. Is there a way to do that in Affinity Designer or to achieve the same effect with masks?
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