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  1. Congratulations on this huge milestone. All three of the first apps conceived as part of an Affinity suite or platform, almost all on three OSes (incl a flippin tablet), with a single file format, saveable history, blistering speed, and a seamless workflow. Not too shabby at all – well done to the whole team! Watched the Live video today, good to see so many Serif friends in it
  2. I'd like a toggle for this in the View menu; clean design mode was something I back in the day. For my current project I'd like to keep margins and bleed but disable text frame visibility unless it's selected. It's not straightforward, perhaps, too much customisation is bloat that Affinity apps want to avoid.
  3. Congrats to the team on another impressive update
  4. I don't think there was a volume discount for business, not since I've been looking at it over the last 18 months anyway.
  5. There is an easier way to make the shape that bypasses any duplication and rotation issues - using a (or more than one) Cog shape. Have a go at using the Node tool on the attached file and modify the shape parameters in the Context toolbar to achieve the face you're after. This doesn't mean that Power Duplicate is or isn't working right, that'll still need investigating. 360 cog shape.afdesign
  6. Hi Smokey, welcome to the forums. Those tools you mentioned, they require some image data to work on, they won't do anything when used on an empty layer (nor will they work on an adjustment layer etc, just pixel layers containing image data). Additionally, if you insert an image, you may also need to rasterise it for those tools to work. Perhaps for your workflow you might want to Duplicate layers and retouch copies of the background layer? Cheers, Dale.
  7. DAD I think maybe you've misunderstood what the discussed bug is.... the bug is a minor thing, that the Context toolbar shows a Punkt for the decimal point instead of a Komma for your German-language UI. As far as using thin lines is concerned, it should work fine. Just type in the values you want. It should already be next-level! Best wishes.
  8. It was, juggling too many things at once :) Thanks Manu.
  9. https://affinity.serif.com/blog/affinity-photo-wins-best-imaging-software-award We posted a little article about this — A great award to achieve from a group that has so many photo magazine editors in it, fantastic!
  10. Hi DAD, this should be possible, you can enter the very small values and they will be applied. To see that level of accuracy in the Stroke/Transform panels you can adjust the number of decimal places in Preferences > User Interface.
  11. Welcome to the forum, snuffles. I think the team could be adding JPEG XR output in future along with deeper colour support.
  12. Hi Jon, welcome to the forums It doesn't exist as a separate tool, but you can make polygonal selections by holding Shift while using the free hand selection tool.
  13. Hi dark lord vdr and welcome to the forums. Yes we currently think it will be necessary to buy separate licenses for Mac and Windows. The App Stores don't play friendly with each other and Apple for one don't share any customer data at all, so we have no straightforward way to manage cross platform licensing. The same will be true for iOS I believe. It's something the team considered when choosing a low price for our apps as part of a suite, so they're affordable when usage grows, planning for one purchase per app per user per platform. Dale.
  14. Hi enzen, welcome to the forum. Both our apps have a little overlap in that Affinity Designer is mainly vector with some raster tools and Affinity Photo is mainly image editing with some vector tools, but for the effect you want to achieve, with the stitching, texture etc I would recommend Affinity Designer. In that one app you can use all the techniques you need, which may mean making a custom brush or custom texture but it's all certainly possible.
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