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  1. Thank you! That'll work too! Still is a bit of a workaround, but it'll do.
  2. You can do that? Great! Identifying those two wouldn't be that difficult. That said, IIRC in the 90s CorelDraw had 6 Arrange buttons. The 4 Designer has, plus the in front of... and behind... I know it's very Apple to not show many buttons, but sometimes they're just handy...
  3. Yes. Like that. Knew that. Now an option relative to another object? I don't want them totally in front, just in front of the other object I have there. But behind something else. There are hundreds of items in the file. I've been forwarding hundreds of times and it's still not in front of the one I want. Maybe grouping things moves them together? So I don't have to forward as many times. Not sure if that helps yet. Stuff has an order for a reason.
  4. I have a vector file that someone else vectorized from a photo that needs to be cleaned up. It's got hundreds of items that sometimes are very small and hidden or at least in the wrong order. It would help if I could put items in front of or behind each other and not entirely to the front. Is that available somewhere? I tried searching help and forum. CorelDraw of 20 years ago had this. Is that hard to put in?
  5. Yeah. Must have been 20 years ago. CorelDraw on windows had a really functional "reduce nodes" algorythm.
  6. DutchDude

    Import coreldraw

    OK. Got Inkscape. Doesn't convert all of .cdr flawlessly, but close enough to work with. I'm OK with it. Thanks!
  7. DutchDude

    Import coreldraw

    Thanks! I'd been searching for this. I'll try that! If I can convert the ones I need I'm good! I don't mind spending some time.
  8. DutchDude

    Import coreldraw

    Being a poor student I made lots of stuff in Corel. I was never a pro, and used to Corel, so I never went anywhere else. Loved the program and there are quite a number of functions from Corel that I sorely miss. keep looking for stuff it had. Like node reduce... And how you could select either all objects that cross the selection box (i.e. that are only partly within the square, like AD works) or only those that fall entirely inside the box by the direction from which you're sliding. Select from right to left and it selects everything it touches, move from left to right and it selects only everything totally inside the box. Or the other way around, it's been a while. I found use for both ways. Anyway, I now need to edit some .cdr files and find out I can't. I don't have a current Corel license any more, so I can't export them. On the inside the files are indeed very similar to AI. I remember some programs (vinyl cutter IIRC) importing .cdr files by changing the extension to .ai and importing them. Doesn't work with AD.
  9. DutchDude

    The Dead of London

    I can't see them. It seems the attachments are deleted? Bummer. Of course it's been a while...
  10. DutchDude

    Error 500

    This is Safari. Also not working. At least Chrome still told me it was Error 500... Safari doesn't say a thing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/potz6ujkm5lcz6r/Upload%20failed.jpg?dl=0
  11. DutchDude

    Error 500

    I'm having the same problem as the OP. My .jpg is less than 1 Mb. Using Chrome as browser, which seem to not support Flash anymore?!? Basic Downloader doesn't do anything. Choose file. Press "Attach" and then nothing. All I can see happening is the selected file line above the "Attach" button disappears. maybe I don't have enough posts yet? I'll try Safari.
  12. The ones at the top of this forum are two years old and from the beta age. I see those are still being referenced to a short while ago. I don't really have time to browse through 28 pages of thread to see if anything was posted there. So, what was finished and what new features will be developed?
  13. Loved CorelDraw. Especially the automatic node reducing functions after importing from a scanned image. Is there such a function in Designer? I thought .cdr was quite similar to .ai. I seem to remember having imported some .cdr files into a Roland cutting plotter program (also on win) using the .ia import filter. Maybe it isn't that much work? Anyway. I still have my old laptop since some stuff just isn't possible on a mac. I will have to export the .cdr to .eps or .ia or .svg. Which format would likely give the best results?

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