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  1. (mac) iMac Retina 5k, 27-inch, 2017 Quad-Core Intel Core i5 3,5 Ghz 16 Go 2400 MHz DDD4 Radeon Pro 575 4 Go
  2. I think I know why it's not working. If you use the mouse for exemple and if you switch from the move tool without moving your mouse, you can't fill with the flood fill tool unless you move your mouse a bit.
  3. Hi @MEB Here is a little clip where you will see that I try to click multiple times with the fill tool to fill the second black square in red. (I can't find an app to display recorded mouse/pen inputs on the screen.) Also I tried with several tolerance value and it's the same. floodfill.mov
  4. I just tried, it's better with a slight lag. We can say it's a temporary fix for me, thanks!
  5. I have the last driver installed, but as I said on the first post, I got the same lag with the mouse too. This happens if you draw very quickly after using the zoom. Also I noticed that if I'm on metal acceleration instead of OpenGL it's more laggy when I'm drawing quickly.
  6. Hi, I got some serious issues with the Flood Fill Tool (Designer and Photo, also on the last customer beta) When I use the Move Tool to select a pixel layer, and when I switch to the Flood Fill Tool to fill the desired part of the pixel layer, often the input is not registered and I have to click several times in order to get the job done. I tried on several canvas sizes, wacom pencil, mouse and I'm able to reproduce it very easily.
  7. Hello! I would really like to have the option to save the Flood Selection Tool settings by default because whenever I work on multiple files I have to do for each independent file the following process: Select the Flood Select Tool Go to the menu bar Click the tolerance button Set the tolerance to 0 Uncheck the Contiguous box. Do my work on the file Repeat...
  8. Hi @SPaceBar Wacom Intuos Pro, last macOS Catalina 10.15.5, Affinity Designer 1.8.3. The problem happens with every brush, every sizes (but increase if the canvas is bigger). I noticed that if I wait 2-3s before drawing after I'm using the "scrubby" zoom I have no latency for the first new input. And as I said, I have no problem at all on Affinity Photo. I have the problem with the mouse too if I'm trying to draw with it.
  9. Each time I zoom in / out on my A4 canvas I have some delay for the first paint brush input (both with wacom tablet and mouse). I don't have this problem on Affinity Photo. (Same config, same brush, same canvas) With smaller canvas it's better but I also feel the slight delay. I tried with OpenGL and Metal to see differences but it's the same for both renderer. laggypaintbrush.mov
  10. I have the same problem, maybe we should have an option like 3D software do to clean / merge by distance nodes. This will be very useful and we can imagine having a distance parameter for better control.
  11. You have two ways to create a "mask": First, you can have a rectangular shape, set its opacity to 0% and drag what you want inside and it will act as a mask. Or you can have your rectangular shape above your group, set the layer to "mask to below" and everything below the mask will be masked. For both ways, I have no problem of resizing the mask to not lose any contents aspect ratio with the "lock childen" checked. If it's not clear, maybe you should post a screen of your problem or your file!
  12. Hi notMateo, if I clearly understand your problem, for the first use-case you have to check "lock children" on the context toolbar (the top one) , you will be able to move your boxed layer mask and the content inside will not move. For the second use-case, you just have to put your adjustment layer inside the group and above all layers.
  13. Hi Calma! Yes, I use the shortcut to copy paste FX but as I said, I just want to copy one FX from a layer with multiple FX. It takes time to copy all fx and to go to the effects layer to uncheck unwanted FX one by one... That's why I submit the idea of a right click option on the FX layer panel to just copy the selected or multi selected FX. And we can add the option to turn off selected FX too.
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