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  1. Actually Xara Pro comes close to that. As a consumer app is does all that, perhaps not a professional level but pretty darn close.
  2. I’d like @Joschi to give me three companies that offer a public road map. I’ve used a lot of software and most companies will indicate they are working on this or that, but not a clear public road map. If there is one, I haven’t found it. thx -Bill
  3. Im very happy with the Affinity suite, and have recommended to many others. I especially found the post from @cmo on testing most interesting. Having a number of non profit websites, I still have not found a Mac pgm that answers all my needs without expensive add ons, but that’s another discussion. As @CMO illustrates the addition and fixes of various features is tedious. I’m not sure of the staff numbers at Affinity, but to produce a design, photo, and publishing program for both Mac and Windows is quite remarkable. One should step back and think of any company that has produced all three programs for BOTH platforms. Remember Affinity offered a huge break during and pandemic. I’m truly thankful that they did. Did Adobe do anything like that? Or vectorsyler? Yes there’s bugs and fixes and multiple updates, but I’m not even close to using half of the program suite capabilities. As users we can suggest and report but the bottom line is Affinity can run their business anyway they see fit. If one owns a company they have the right to report to users as they want. If Affinity answers many or all of your needs, great! If not move along and find an alternative. You don’t have to love a company to use their software, although I do. Software companies, offer trial programs. We all have the remains of many try outs on our computers. Do those companies offer a road map? Are they obligated to offer roadmaps? When you visit a grocery store, and they don’t have an item, you can mention it to the store, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bringing in the item. But if an item is stocked, and needs improvement, most often they’ll make a note. The store will try to improve the base product. Affinity has accomplished a lot in a short period of time; and we should applaud them on what they offer today. Though a web development app is not in the near future, it’s not off the table. I remain satisfied with what Affinity has today. Not tomorrow.
  4. As a new user of the Affinity Suite I would hope that upon an update, the list of fixes are listed on the Affinity website. Is this a true statement?
  5. All my pictures for websites are done in the above fashion. You may also want to export to the web in a png format and check the sizes. Depending upon your software for websites, you may also have an option to “optomize” the photo for your website within the pgm you are using. Also if you know the approximate size of the photo you’ll need for your website you may adjust that in the AP export. I do that a lot. -Bill
  6. So this is one image that’s very challenging. Obviously the bright areas are completely blown. I reshot the scene and exposed for the bright areas only. The reshot the scene and exposed for the side of the barn only. I’m just learning layers and stacking, but I think I’ll be able to bring up the shadows only and get something acceptable. Other ideas very welcome.
  7. Actually @NotMyFault I’ve been practising and have not used the straightening tool correctly. If I can find a piece of the horizon I believe I’ve got it now. Rather than drawing a horizontal line I was just adding a line with the tool in free form not even close to horizon. Thanks for direction and the video.
  8. I can’t for the life of me get used to the straightening tool. It drove me crazy. Instead I’m using the lens tool, on rotation. It appears to work for my work. I’m not sure if it’s the correct tool. So if anybody has a real easy way to use the straightening tool you may let me know. Until then I’m going to use the lens tool. With the straightening tool I need a rule. I constantly forget my North and South on drawing the line across the picture in landscape. Thanks all. ~Bill
  9. Thanks Alfred. I just found it from the top menu as well .. deselect. The parade has stopped. cheers.
  10. Oh my. I’ve selected a portion of a photograph with a brush for darkening, got the “marching ants”, applied what I wanted to do. Applied and developed, but I can’t turn off the selection; can’t stop the marching ants. I exported the photo no problem even with the selection still “marching”. Many thanks -Bill
  11. I haven’t used the hold “Ctrl” key. But I will. I’m finding that once I get the level line I have no control over how much the image moves. The straighten tool in Windows 11 image viewer even works better. I’m hoping that your control key tip is something I’ve missed.
  12. Thanks @NotMyFault and @richardMH. The out of focus is depth of field. I take a lot of daylight, but I think the shot defaulted at the widest app possible. It was a challenging shoot and very cold. I’ve got a lot to learn but you’ve both put me on a path. Thankfully one can play and be non destructive. All these shots are exported to jpeg for web use. Many thanks.
  13. Windows 10 and Affinity photo question. New user. I’ve taken a series of our local museums Christmas lights. The museum has a street of older buildings all decorated with lights. One side of the street has more lights than the other and is much brighter than the other side. The photo is in raw, and I’d like to balance the brightness. From what I’ve read I could use stacks, or a brush, but the easiest option might be to select the brighter portion and trim down the exposure. I’ve done one picture thus far to show what the “street” looks like. Also I want to sharpen the right side.
  14. I have Alfred. I do like Sparkle and have purchased. It does have limitations. Fixed width of 1200 for one and a wonky text feature. The amount of text is transferred to all variants, thus a lot of fiddling. Sparkle is the best at the moment for designers though. My websites are a bit complex for Sparkle; that’s why I’m still looking and hoping that Affinity comes up with something. Not holding my breath though. -Bill
  15. @Michael Lloyd the Windows version of WYSIWYG is far better than the Mac version. The Mac version has a long way to go. The Windows version answers a lot of building capability problems. The search continues for a good Mac builder which is high on visual and low on coding.
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