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  1. You don‘t even need a file to see that. Just open a new document and try to add geometry. It will crash. It‘s definitely a bug.
  2. Just did the exact same steps. Same happened to me. Trying to add geometry in Affinity Photo results in the app crashing!
  3. Exactly what I feared. I am aware that there is a possibility to do this on the desktop applications. Also, that the .afpub on the Ipad with Affinity Designer can display all content without problems, as long as that content is embedded, I am also aware. However, I was asking specifically for Affinity Designer on the Ipad. I find it rather nonsensical that I have to make sure the content is embedded every time. Being able to link is clearly the better and more resource efficient solution. Especially when many different documents can access the same content.🤔 Looks like I can now completel
  4. Hello folks, I have the following situation: I have opened a file that I created with Affinity Publisher on the PC with Affinity Designer on the Ipad. In this document of Affinity Publisher the images and PDF files are linked. I have collected the images and PDF documents separately in folders. Now I loaded all the files on the Ipad and wanted to continue working on the .afpub document on the go with Affinity Designer. Opening it was no problem, but the attempt to relink the images and PDF documents fails. I have not found any such function.😬 Will the function to relink files on Affinity
  5. This would be soo cool, if Affinity Photo would support Cryptomatte. I think for that to happen, Affinity would somehow have to work together with the guys who developed the EXR-IO Plugin. By the way: Why does Affnity not have tutorials on how to develop add-ons /Plug-ins specific for the Affinity Apps? They could make a profit from that + they don't have to develop all those Add-ons/Plug-ins themselves. 🤔
  6. I'm also voting for a calendar feature for APub (or AD, because AD can handle 12+1 pages for sure) :D At work we are also using the calendar wizard script (InDesign) at least 2-3 times a year. Would be awesome if Affinty Publisher would get a tool to set up calendars easily.
  7. Hm...I know, that Procreate is not a vector based drawing software (although, I remember, that it can handle/produce curves, that can be rasterized). That is weird, because a curve can produce several "closed" forms and don't have a closed path....just imagine you draw a single path with several loops..it is not a closed path, but closed forms are visible...would be awesome to have it in a vector based design software. Just imagine, how easy it would be to manipulate such curves/closed forms afterwards. You would not have to use the boolean operators again, just to apply a change in the path.
  8. This is not what I meant. Boolean operations creates at least 2 or more distinct closed paths (or 1 merged closed path). What I want is in AD to have the ability to fill 2 or more closed forms/shapes in one path/curve. Procreate for example does recognize forms/shapes without being it to be one single closed path, even Gimp does have the ability to fill recognizeable shapes/forms that can be filled without the requirement to have a closed path .
  9. Hello, there is something that is bugging me, or something maybe I did not understand the right away after watching Affinity Designer Tutorialvideos on your learn page. At first I was excited because you guys added the possibilities to add curves/nodes in one excisting curves/Path. Like in this Image I tried (1 Forum): Now I hoped that Affinity Designer would now recognize 2 different closed form in one existing path. I selected the fill tool, tried to hover it to the closed form on the right side, but instead of filling this closed form with a color, it does this (2 Forum): why
  10. I have requested this same Tool a year ago in some other thread. Glad to see others having the same issue. This is exactly what I need. Photoshop has it, Procreate has it, and even Krita and many other no name creative softwares are having this simple but powerful tool. Also the pen tool (Line mode) is not really intuitive and only works for the pen, not the brush. Too much clicking involved. If Serif would add such tool....they would get more attention from the digital artists community (not only them). Quick Lines with the brush tool would give us the possibility to set up complex dr
  11. First: As some have already said, I absolutely agree that it makes no sense to add 3D-capabilities to Affinity Designer. I mean it would be different If we would talk about the ability in AD to have possibilities to draw complex and CORRECT(!!!) 3D-Perspective. Someone in this Forum mentioned a perspective drawing technique called "Circle of View". If there would be a way Affinity Designer could add Tools for that kind of correct 3D-perspective drawing, then I'm totally into it. What I mean is that people who are really interested in 3D-perspective drawing will find out sooner or later, t
  12. I also got the same mail from microsoft! That is so low! I'm personally not a fan of changing rules so quickly. To me this is really a low action from microsoft to extend the voting. I personally understand, if microsoft wants to extend the voting, but this should be a serious competition. This is not some kind of a drawing contest for 10 year olds, where rules are getting changed every time just to satisfy everyone! I should calm down....the world has more severe problems than this
  13. Well...Affinity Designer is currently at 63%. Last Hours are ticking......
  14. Yees...AD is now on the lead with 35%. I will now tell people around me to vote for AD!!!
  15. Exactly. Really Sad! But Honestly, I really don't care about the final outcome. That is because I assume Serif will present Affinity Designer for Ipad at WWDC 2018. This will have way more impact on creative/productive people. Nobody will then talk about Todoist anymore. Furthermore, in the second half of 2018 new rumors/ Information about Affinity Publisher will spread (does not matter if Serif will only release the beta version or not at all). So, good publicity for Serif. It would be of course awesome, if Serif would somehow win this developer Award. That would give them a good boost f
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