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  1. Very nice work – but the used Font (Birmingham Airport etc.) looks like Avant Garde or something similar – is not contemporary at this times. Maybe better use Futura to fit the look!
  2. I run the whole Affinity Suite on this machine and it runs well. If things getting too complex, it's a bit slow and very seldom the apps freeze.
  3. Hi Anemos, https://www.educba.com/svg-vs-eps/ SVG does not work properly for professional printing and it only contains vector information. CMYK ist not available, also. EPS still is the standard for printing (beside PDF) and can contain vector and pixel information. EPS can be RGB and CMYK plus Spot-Colours.
  4. For me it would be very useful, if Affinity Publishers Preflight would be able to find colours, that are not in the used swatches panel. That could prevent the accidental use of Colours, that are not wanted. I don't know, if I can make my point clear – I'm from Germany and my English is a bit clumsy.
  5. Due to corona, I found the time to do this as an exercise. It raised my skills and is much fun, too. Next will be an F40! Someday I might reach your mastership!
  6. Hi there, just want to share my first try in drawing cars. It's not already perfect, some shadows and surfaces are not there, and most of the lights are missing. It's work in progress. Windows and everything about it had to be done. But for today it's okay. Maybe I'll do some more of my dream cars, when this is done. Should I? Happy Easter all togehther!
  7. No Problems here to open FreeHand MX-Files on Mac with Affinity Designer.
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