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  1. The lag is too slow in pixel persona. It seem normal when I go to the design persona. I have attached two videos to show the difference. I attached my computer specs. My VRAM is 1536MB. Can you tell me how to fix this? Have you had other reports like this? screencast Affinity.mp4 screencast AF Designer persona.mp4
  2. How do I view the outline of the shapes I am trying to build? I think this might be useful to see exactly what you are doing?
  3. How do I create mockup just using Affinity or do I need to use another software?
  4. I want to know how to use this masking technique with Affinity Photo. I want to be able to mask things in and out of pictures until I get the desired results. Can you take a look at this video and tell me how I can do this with Affinity Photo? Product_photography_mask.mov
  5. I do product photography. I may have to cut an object out of a picture and replace the background. I have been using the selection brush tool since that's the one I am familiar with, but the edges aren't defined enough for me. I am getting jagged edges. I need my edges to be more defined. I am going to attach a picture to explain what I am talking about. I am using the "focus merge" to merge several pictures together. It is causing a halo around certain edges on the picture. I have my camera on a stand it is not moving. Is there a way to minimize getting a halo when merging files?
  6. I am getting into product photography. I am looking for a digital artist that is interested in collaborating. I am looking for someone that can add some digital art to enhance this picture. I am going to post two pictures. The first one is an example of something I am looking for. The second picture is a picture that I am working on now.
  7. Is there a way to make a selection after using the pen tool to outline what you want? If so, how do you do it on Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer? I was trying to edit a picture like in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHdwwClEPpc
  8. Does Affinity designer have the ability to create and cut out shapes like in this video? If so, can someone post an example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MxRhjHmiVw
  9. I am following the tutorial on the Affinity website for Publisher. I am trying to apply the master pages to my document. It is not working.
  10. I guess everything is subjective. I didn't really have an end result in mind before I started. I was just playing around with some filters. You will get more of an idea of what you want after you experiment and get to know the software. I haven't gotten a chance to dig into this software. I am new to photo editing in general. I am trying to figure out what everything does. There are so many options. When you start adding layers to that, things can get crazy.
  11. I was doing some experimenting with Affinity Photo. There are so many ways to do things and workflows. Also, everything is objective as far as taste. It's hard to tell if what I am making is good or not. Sometimes it feels like I'm just pressing buttons. I would appreciate your feedback. I am just starting out with photo editing. Some of you pros out there can help me develop my skills. Warwick_BA.afphoto
  12. This is a photo enhancement tutorial that I found on Lynda.com. I learned a lot from it. I am starting to get faster and put things together on how to get certain results.
  13. I want to work on the elegant tutorial in the book. Would you happen to have the files? I can not find them online. If so, can you post them or email them to me? wtbusiness@yahoo.com
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