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  1. So, how is this related to OpenCL, is it (OpenCL) still used for gpu compute, or...?
  2. Well we know now it's OpenCL. Does anyone know how well it performs vs metal and vs non accelerated version?
  3. WPF you say? https://mspoweruser.com/windows-forms-apps-support-windows-10-arm/
  4. @ktham @Johnny Wan @arcticfox They say that WPF is the problem cuz it's not being ported to ARM. It's being replaced by WinUI 3.0 Look who's excited about WinUI 3.0 (1st comment) https://github.com/microsoft/microsoft-ui-xaml/issues/888
  5. Unfortunately there's a new WinUI framework that they're pushing and Wpf probably won't be supported on arm. It remains to be seen if Affinity team desides to waste time, energy, money on rewriting their code. Whatever they decide to do, I'll understand.
  6. WoA supports arm64 compiled programs, it can't emulate x64
  7. A better question is for how long will you use/support it. It's a decade old.
  8. @Mark Ingram Have you guys considered Vulkan? Unlike Cuda it's available on all gpus and I think it offers comparable if not better performance than Metal. Don't get us wrong Mark, we appreciate all the hard work you and your team put into these programs but this latest feature fragmentation made us feel little left behind and many would for sure feel better if you guys shared some plans for bringing windows suit of apps on pair with their mac counterparts.
  9. Sadly not enough for 400x400px image. You should get an iPod or airpods, anything by Apple for your Affinity software.
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