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  1. Ok, thanks for the reply and the new beta
  2. @Mark Ingram Just a question : how complicated would it be to add a tablet (iPad like) view for those using surface and surface like devices? I'm sorry for this off topic, but I didn't want to make another thread.
  3. @MattP Any word on Affinity DAM?
  4. Novak

    Gender bias

    I'm clueless as well
  5. WoA can emulate x86(32bit) apps/programs (with a noticeable performance hit). The reason I ask this again is because according to Microsoft developers can compile their win32(64bit)/uwp programs using their new arm64 sdk to make them run natively with no to little additional work needed.
  6. Yea, I guess that would do
  7. Cuz that was almost 2 years ago.
  8. Are there any plans for arm version?
  9. Guys sorry for asking here, but the same questions asked in "Questions" sections remain unanswered. I want to know are wacom hand gestures working with this new AP build? I had a friend come over to my place some time ago to test his wacom intuos pro M (2017) with AP and zoom worked, same cant be said for rotating and dragging.
  10. Novak

    Jaguar E-Type Lightweight (AD)

    Any plans on tutorial series on udemy or something? Amazing work as always btw.
  11. What kind of pc do you have man? Mine works just fine and I have a Core2Duo E7400/8GB/HD4670, using One by Wacom (bamboo level of tablet, nothing fancy)
  12. I don't have that problem :/
  13. wacom input looks good to me.