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  1. Looks like someone created a Github Issue: https://github.com/dotnet/wpf/issues/1817 and one of their contributors tagged that issue with a .NET 5 milestone (https://github.com/dotnet/wpf/milestone/5) Maybe Serif can put some positive pressure on their product manager for WPF to get that out the door, if indeed Microsoft wants to increase adoption of Windows on ARM. Sadly, it probably is not a good use of time to port the UI to remove the WPF dependency. I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't prioritized this if they indeed want greater ARM adoption. If Adobe apps are built with WPF, that would be good news for us too since it seems like there is some sort of partnership happening there.
  2. I see, so this confirms that WoA cannot emulate Affinity Photo since it's targeting x64 architecture. I haven't delved into it that thoroughly, but this might be promising for recompiling with ARM64 as the target. Hopefully the ARM64 SDK implementation covers what Affinity Photo depends on from the x64 SDK. From a previous BUILD conference (https://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-finally-releases-an-arm64-sdk-supporting-uwp-and-win32-apps/) Microsoft is trying to suggest it wouldn't be too much work to recompile for ARM64. Of course, I don't know how complex the Affinity codebase is, so probably an engineer can better assess if any extra work is required as TonyB suggested. But I do have my fingers crossed
  3. Are there plans to release executables for Photo, Designer, etc... on Windows that are natively compiled for ARM as opposed to just x86? I'm sure you guys saw the new Surface Pro X Would be great if we can run Affinity software on Windows/ARM without performance penalty of x86 emulation
  4. I recently am trying out AP over Photoshop and was trying to look for this specific functionality in displaying a layer mask as a red overlay. Is this still a feature request that the dev team hasn't yet accepted?
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