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  1. Hey team any plans for a Chromebook release, it's great to hear that we are getting Windows on Arm releases but Chromebook is another huge opportunity due to how many schools have Chromebooks with those devices even being the first computer many children will ever touch.
  2. Last time I promise but good news on that WPF stuff https://mspoweruser.com/windows-forms-apps-support-windows-10-arm/
  3. So not to beat a dead horse but after today's Apple presentation can we also get some love for the Windows on Arm push. Or is there still nothing in the pipeline about the decision to support the platform?
  4. Hi I am just looking to see if there has been any updates on the state of this?
  5. A little upset that I can't disagree with that. I think Apple influencers do a great job at highlighting their fav apps which sort of guides those interested into adopting what they use. I guess the only way to combat that would be to have better marketing from Microsoft to showcase their platform is a viable option.
  6. That sounds horrible. Hopefully we can get one sooner than that if not guess I will hold off for the Adobe solutions (they announced support coming this summer).
  7. Hi, Im interested in knowing if there are any plans to have these apps released on the Surface Pro X (Windows on ARM). I use my Surface Pro X more than my book and would love to have these apps on my device.
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