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  1. This has always been the case with most software, since the dawn of software. It's been argued over the years that piracy, in most cases, ends up making said software more popular. People using pirated software, in most cases, weren't going to buy it anyway, so, it's not exactly lost sales. Protection mechanisms have evolved over the years, so have the pirates' ability to bypass or disable these mechanisms. It's a cat and mouse game that'll never really stop. It's not worth worrying about it.
  2. It's very much possible to have an Android version. The excuses about "economic viability" and "fragmentation" are about half a decade outdated. If several small developers can do it, there's no excuse for Serif to not do it other than the lack of will. You don't "have to develop for a thousand different devices" as many here seem to imagine.. that's not how software development works. If that was the case, Android wouldn't have more than 10 apps. You target a specific API level, a specific device performance level and that's about it. Any well-made app will work on almost every mid to high end Android device running Android 9-12 just fine.
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