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  1. I only get that option when I right-click the corner/letters. And, I have Windows 10.
  2. If I need to lay guides for a project, how do I do that if the measurement is not in pixels? Examples: inches, millimeters, etc...
  3. ummm...I'm not the one saying I own PS...the opposite, in fact. You are lecturing the wrong one.
  4. Thanks... I'll check out vecteezy. I'm not keen on trusting folks over the phone/email/chat...I'll just steer clear
  5. Obviously, I didn't buy it... I was, also, hoping that someone would recommend alternatives...
  6. Yes. I was wondering if this was something Affinity Designer could work with.... Just as Affinity Photo works with many things that are stated to be for Photoshop.
  7. Could something like this be used in Designer? Magic Lands: Vintage Map Creator - Pixelbuddha
  8. But, Wonderings is right...Adobe can lock that door at any time. Others have done it...it's not a rare occurrence. Not many folks have the $$$ or the stamina to fight an Adobe... An outcome could take YEARS and un mean time you would have to find alternative solutions for your work that will NOT wait YEARS. I just don't ever consider such things as "ownership"...
  9. Wow, I'll need coffee to unpack that... Nope. Don't need to. A subscription is not ownership. If you "own" something, it's helpful to be clear on it. I have not been able to ascertain from your comments just what functionality you find in Adobe...and not in Affinity. If you don't see a value...for you...in Affinity, that's for you to decide. But, honestly, you just seem like you are here to complain...not seek information. Btw... Has anyone addressed your sunny personality, yet? No? Let me be the first.
  10. I updated to 1.9.2 today. I have frozen 3 times and then there is this... Any idea what's going on?
  11. Ermmm...logic doesn't apply to business? Huh? What do you actually "own" with Adobe???
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