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  1. Actually, a member in facebook group solved the mystery...my "hardness" had to be lowered to 0%... THEN it worked... Thank you for responding. I'll keep those in mind for the next time...I'm certain there will be a next time.
  2. Watched that, thanks. Mine isn't working like that, though.
  3. Clone tool: when I alt+ click, a + is left on the location. When I click on the area that I wish to place the cloned portion...no cloned portion. However...I noticed that the + that was placed on the sample location now moves in tandem with my mouse
  4. Now, my next question: How do I put my "splattered" image onto another? When I tried, only the "splattered" pixel layer pasted.
  5. OMG...I did it! Now, I hope I can repeat this. Thank you, Anon2! amended_paint_splatter_effect-2.afphoto
  6. I did the paint splatter per your file... It's not the same as this, though amended_paint_splatter_effect.afphoto
  7. Thank you for the explanation. I'll try to be more thorough in the future.
  8. I swear if you solve this for me I'm gonna hunt you down and steal you! Thank you!
  9. WOW! A good example of why I've been pulling my hair out. Must be nice to be so superior.
  10. Sorry. What else would I be putting the plaint spatter effect on...if not the image?
  11. 2 files Paint splatter effect issue ( didn't work) paintbrush issue ("black" erased her hair when I tried to remove the texture from it) dark_romance_couple-plaint_spatter_effect.afphoto woman_beautiful_serious-texture_overlay-paintbrush_issue.afphoto
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