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    PDF text is changed on import

    Hi @Pauls Import PDF with embedded fonts is a must have for me in Publisher. I'm dealing with printing a booklet containing ads from sponsors and they only give me PDF ready to be printed (incl. bleed and markers). So from my point of view not having those fonts loaded is useless. Do you plan to add this feature? My only solutions at the moment are: extract image from PDF wich result a lot of times in a loss of quality. download fonts from the internet but this might give some inconsistancies if the font is not exactly the same (plus it's illegal most of the time). leave Publisher for another software It would be way easier to load the few characters embedded directly in the document in order to print it with both quality and fidelity. Sponsors have bought licenses so I should be able to print their documents. Plus it's only embedded characters and not the whole fonts. How are we supposed to deal with this in the meantime? Thank you for your help.
  2. Okay that's what I was wondering. I want to print a brochure with stapples (from printcarrier), so I would rather know that before ordering so that I don't lose 500 bucks on that.
  3. I tried to increase the bleed to 1 cm. I use Adobe Acrobat X Pro to view the files (I also tried Adobe Reader). You can find the files here: booklet-test.afpub booklet-test.pdf
  4. Hi Callum, Thank you for your answer. Here is the file: booklet-test.afpub
  5. In publisher I use 'spreads' view. The printing company wants me to set a 1 mm bleed and export as pages instead of spreads (option: 'all pages' on export page). The thing is that my exported PDF shows the inside bleed of the next page instead of its own. Same for the next page (shows bleed from previous page). [see picture] I'm no expert in publishing but this looks weird from my point of view. Is this the normal behaviour or is it a bug? I want to be sure before sending my file for printing. Thank you

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