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  1. Today I have just launched AP2 and it took 1 minute and 30 seconds to get to the main screen while AP1 just 3 seconds under the same circunstances. I tried that several times. What is going on with AP2?
  2. It's a pity, but the whole suite is so unstable and slow that it is really hard to even use it. I can't imagine doing proffesional work with it at it current status.
  3. I was trying to make a document in Publisher and when I try to insert a photo from the Stock panel the program crashes. It also happens with Photo and Designer. I am having a lot of troubles with the suite. Any idea? Affinity Suite 1.9.979 on Windows 10 pro
  4. Thank you @Roqoco: That could be one of the reasons but I don't understand how that could be happening since the last beta is supposed to be exactly the same as the 'stable' version. It happens since the 1.9 release.
  5. The M1 seems to be a great machine. My computer is good enough to run AP and I was really happy when I tried the beta because it really improved its performance and some other bugs but my surprise was when I installed the 'stable' and the performance was really really low... Unusable. I have it disabled and I have tried running the program with almost no proccesses running in the background with the same results.
  6. Yes, it is. Tested using the same files and settings. The same happened with the last stable (1.9) version and the beta. In the the performance preferences are the same.
  7. I am using Win10pro on a xeon e31240v2, 32gb of ram, ssd and a Nvidia 1660ti with the latest drivers. I am glad to hear that the program runs well for you. The 1.9 branch has so many problems that it is really hard to make any serious work with it. For now, I am using the beta version which runs much faster.
  8. Have you tried using the last beta version? In my case it works much much better than the 'stable' release.
  9. Hi @walt.farrell: yes, I have tried almost every option with no luck. It looks that nvidia acceleration doesn't work in the stable version while it is working perfectly in the beta version. I had reported this weird behaviour several times. It looks that there is something in the stable compilation that is not on the beta. I am really dissapointed. I have been recomending the programs to lots of people since I bought them years ago... but no more. I get all kind of bad comments from people who tried to change their workflow from Adobe to Affinity following my advice recently and that it is a real pity.
  10. I have been experiencing problems since last summer. This is getting so frustrating that I have decided that I won't recommend this program anymore. I have the three programs besides the three workbooks. I am really dissapointed. I have been beta testing for months and it seems the problems are unsolvable. The beta version works better than the stable version.
  11. It looks there are lots of problems with the 1.9 update. Have you tried the last beta? Let's hope they release 1.9.1 stable soon and we can work with the programs they we should.
  12. Who knows how long the offer is going to be available... You can try it and see if the program works the way you like. If I were your I would buy the program right away. Despite its faults it is a really good option. Totally recommended, although sometimes the program fails with its updates.
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