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  1. Thanks for reply. Yes, that's clear. The question is: is there a possibility to do it later? Well, I know, I am deeply stuck into Photoshop habits.
  2. @Ray S. Well, that's a hardly missing feature. The functionality is there, you can do it during import for New HDR and Focus Merge and as well as New Stack. You just can't do it afterwards... That would be a trivial thing for the programmers to offer this as additional function. @Affinity Foto, @Affinity, please make it possible to the forum editor, that images becoming resizable. Screenshots from retina screens (are there any others still existing?) become super huge and camouflage the text. The both above I shared using the "Scale down retina images" preferences setting of SnagIt, which makes the shared images unfortunately totally blurry
  3. @h_d Thanks for your help, but that's not what I have been looking for. My question was pointing to how auto align whole layers for e.g. HDR or focus stacking.
  4. Someone can help? I'd really appreciate! Photoshop: select all layers to be aligned Edit / Auto-Align-Layers Affinity Photo: select all layers to be aligned nothing found... ๐Ÿค” Cheers, Roland
  5. Oh yes, totally missing this also - honestly, this has been the first thing I tried to add to assets...
  6. Both MP differ totally, so it is faster to add the guides again to the MP missing. The intention is to copy & paste the many many guide from a MP created later in a point of time to a MP without this many many guides, created in a earlier point in time. Anyway, thanks for reply No I know at least I must not search for longer.
  7. I made a lot of Guides to a master pages and realised later, I could also use them on another, already existing Master Page. Didn't find a way to copy & paste them (or transfer by another method). Appreciate any help.
  8. Thanks @Joachim_L, I didn't get the double click in @EmilyGoater video.
  9. @EmilyGoater I don't get this input field. Looks totally different at my site. 2021-01-05_12-31-11.mp4
  10. @EmilyGoater, hmmmm, I now for 10 minutes everything, but I don't get this # field, nowhere. I am in Publisher 1.8.6 on Big Sur. Sometimes I ask myself, how such a field, expected to be available everywhere in menus and dialog boxes connected to colour functions, can be hidden that good, I even can't find it with the help of your screenshot. Btw: How can I add colours to that recent bar? I made also my own Application Swatches but somehow I am missing a lot of context sensitive right click menus offering "Add to Swatches" and so. Anyway, the dialog box of your screen shot I could not pop up, nowhere. ๐Ÿ™ˆ Maybe I'm stupid or so...
  11. Hi guys, I can't find a field for entering hex colour codes in Publisher. Same problem Affinity Photo and Designer. Someone can help?
  12. @haakoo, the trick with the shape works only, as long as you don't need an inverted mask, doesn't it?
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