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  1. @Chris B I followed your suggestion now better, but can't for sure commit if it has been the source of the problem. I hat a total crash of my Macintosh HD and had to rebuild the Mac, then do a restore from a TimeMachine backup (lucky me I do this very carefully and restoring from TimeMachine works amazingly good). Honestly the computer feels now generally performing better. To me, it looks like the default installation of Apple was buggy. Lesson learned: next time after unboxing first do the default setup, register the Mac with my AppleID, then wipe the system and do a clean install from the scratch. FYC: this hardware can no longer be installed by HFS+ (I thing it's the T2 chip denying it), you must use APFS. PS: it's not possible to remove a erroneously uploaded media of the media list. Please fix that, thanks, couldn't delete the image below from post:
  2. @Chris B This are the settings never changed something here, 100% sure: Metal has been greyed. It is only selectable if checkbox "Enable Metal compute acceleration" becomes unchecked. The RAM usage limit is "ALL" - but that's somehow the default, it's the first time I clicked into this part of the preferences:
  3. @Chris B - upload right now finished - Greetings PS: Added in original topic step by step description.
  4. @Chris B, $ caffeinate -it 18000 is active, Mac shouldn't go to sleep next 5 hrs 😆
  5. @Chris B, thanks, upload running. My uplink is pretty slow, so, it takes about 300 minutes...
  6. Sky replacement of a 360º spheric panorama, 27294 x 13647, jpg exported by PTGui Pro. Sky from HDRIheaven, 16k, 32 bit/HDR, opended separately, tweaked in Develop Persona, layer copy & pasted to jpg already opened file. Compositing itself is RGBA/8 bit Adobe RGB (1998). That corresponds to the LCD of MBP16. Step - by - step: Select: Layer / Live Projection / Equirectanguar Projection Turn to seam (congruent to sun) Zoom out as far as possible. Create new layer. Fix seam with Healing Brush Tool, «Layer and below» selected Using healing brush end up in infinite waiting times. Healing on separate layers, tool set to Current Layer & Below. Brush size is 1482. 100% opacity, 100% flow, hardness 25%. The saved .afphoto is only 1.54 GB, I have other files up to 8 GB but not that dimensions, more normal ones like 6000x4000 or ± 8000x6000 and I do not face that issue. This has been only 1 stroke with the healing brush, waiting about 10 minutes to be able to save for the first time: Saving & Closing Affinity Photo ended in: The Mac is quite beefy: I can send you the files for analysis but I assume that exceeds the upload space available in the forum. You may send me of course an sFTP access or so. Cheers, Roland
  7. Hey, @James Ritson, so many thanks for reply and all your hints, everything helps. To answer our question: I'm applying it to a single exposure. However, the Noise Reduction life filer has yet always solved the problem. A little bit sharpness is lost, but you aware this only at 200% magnification pixel peeping level. However, I wished I could make the Topas Denoise AI as Filter Plugin running. I tried everything I found in the net, but nothing helped. I must confess, most solutions I found were Windows related, I am on Catalina.
  8. I tried everything I found in the net but could not make the plugin starting on macOS 10.15.7 Luminar is 4.3 AP is 1.8.4 After adding the plugins and restarting AP, I get Can someone tell me what that Plugin Support Folders is for? Can someone tell me what [Authorise Global] does? Starting the plugin makes an entry in history but plugin is never started Appreciate any help. Of course I prefer a step-by-step how-to Cheers, Roland
  9. Well, there is always a little bit noise. Do I understand you correct? You're suggesting first denoise, then use Tone Map Personna?
  10. Affinity Photo's Tone Map is awesome good and I use it on each of my landscape images. - It has only one thing to be complained, and that's the noise introduction. If possible, it would be very welcome if that could be reduced in future versions. Thanks in advance!
  11. Yes, exactly, it is like it is. However, to me it makes no sense to differ. I want my metadata also in the exported slices. The checkbox status is saved like set to each slice. So, it makes no sense doubled how it is handled currently.
  12. Du meinst sowas wie ein "File/Place linked". Wie auch immer, ich benutze den AP RAW Entwickler so oder so nicht, der ist einfach nur eine Notlösung und in meinen Augen unbrauchbar.
  13. Hi @Pšenda, thanks for the hint. I never check this myself. Why should I? The checkbox describes the intention very clearly. - Well, good to know, it's flip-flopping into the opposite of that what's ones intention to achieve by ticking that checkbox is. A typical example of a 100% contradiction 😜 For the convenience to all other occasional readers of this post: If the page instead of slice is checked, it turns into a "...will be..." - to me not logical. More like "Fascinating" 🖖
  14. Ich hab eben RawTherapee ausprobiert. Autsch, da fliegt ja Lightroom bereits mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit dagegen - und Capture One mit Warp 8 oder so - sicher Warp 6. Das ganze auf einem "beefy" MBP16, CC @Philipp-Munich
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