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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. But none substitutes truly the workflow suggested. It the same like D for White/Black foreground/background color was added with 1.7.x as well as X for flip those colours. In Photoshop, I am with the pen on the tablet, press R, the rotate the canvas with the pen - this is a natural move like you would be doing it with a piece of paper - then simply pressing B for going back to the brush or S for clone stamp - whatever you want to work with. Everything else means hands off tablet, repositioning of pen after two handed operation on keyboard, totally not natural - no go for pro work, where everything has to go fast. I have no time to reposition the pen. Yes it's only a few seconds but non repositioning is 0 seconds. Somethings divided by zero = infinity. And that's how it feels to me: eternal time consumption. I also never ever use the ring and the buttons on the tablet, they are all totally useless to me. The left hand is on keyboard the right one draws with the pen (left handers the opposite). It is not necessary to move the hand with pen away from the tablet and reposition it after some weird keyboard commands two hands needed. And the flip flop on/off layer is important to fast show/hide a layer with your eyes fixed to the screen to the subject you are working on and again: remaining with the pen hovering over the same position on the tablet. All movement with your drawing hand away from drawing position and back needs a repositioning. Specially doing subtle changes this flip flop must go fast. You should see me working on an image and you would understand. Must add a flickering warning for guys with epilepsy if they watch.
  2. High guys This two things I am really hardcore missing in Affinity Photo: Layer on/off flip-flop command, Cmd+, in Photoshop R key for "rotate canvas", like in Photoshop, this is like handling a piece of paper - or not if missing. This two points are - at least to me - 80% of my workflow. And I am pretty sure I am not the only one. Exactly that I use permanently is missing please check the video and sorry the bad English, was not my day today Cheers, Roland
  3. Hmmm, in e.g. FCPX I can use colour emojis without any problem...
  4. I have an author made a book Emojis all over. Way too much by utilising image versions of that. Emojis are today omnipotent and everywhere and a must have in flow text.
  5. macOS, TextEdit vs. Affinity Publisher concerning Emojis in Artistic or Frame Text Tool, TextEdit wins. Come on guys, a DTP software not able to handle Unicode Emojis in flow text???? This is kinda ridiculous. Dito Affinity Photo and Designer.
  6. Hi Lee, many thanks for reply. Good to hear, it's already addressed to developers.
  7. Ooops, I didn't try outside the frequency separation group myself. Outside it is OK. But...: I always make all colour corrections inside the frequency separation group this is a very effective workflow and keeps details intact. Normally I make no group in group, but the eyes I wanted to have separated. Just for fast switching the layer ON/OFF to compare before/after. Besides: missing Cmd+, (command + comma) of Photoshop for this and the Cmd+R for free canvas rotation. However, for that, the rotation dial of Wacom tablet works perfect with AP, not so with Ps.
  8. Hi guys Please watch the 1 minute video. What am I doing wrong? I have no clue. Please aware this is a Group in a Group. Switching Passthrough to Normal also has no effect. All replies appreciated. Video: Grouped Adjustment Layers having no effect
  9. Thanks! - And because the file size question is not replied specifically, I assume, it's "sufficient" for 256'000² = 62'500'000'000 pixel. 62.5 Gigapixel resp. 61.03515625 Gibipixel (256000^2/(2^30)), isn't it? Greetings
  10. Hi guys Designer and Photo create a special folder on iCould Drive, Publisher don't. For consistency reasons it would be nice if this could be added, also I am hardly utilising this feature with Designer and Photo. Cheers, Roland
  11. Roland Rick

    Emoji not showing up in Text

    Thanks for reply. Phew, this is strange, because in e.g. FCPX titles you may use Emojis without any problem. And please don't misunderstand the shortcut hint in the video. I just wanted to mention to you, this is the shortcut I am using to get that Emoji box popping up to select one of the Emojis, it has nothing to do with the bug report (which is in this case no longer one) itself nor with Designer. However, you are not alone, Ps CC 2019 neither can Enjoy the upcoming weekend! Cheers, Roland
  12. Hi guys I have export presets like the one below. If I am on the road, I work on an MBP, back at home, I move everything to the iMac. But it is somehow impossible to handle the presets easily. I tried everything I found on the forum, but nothing really helped and transferring complete files from ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Data/Library/Application Support is definitely a no go solution, because I have no control on specific presets. I tried the following by Teminal, but the file I found looks pretty much like a binary file, instead of XML or so, and for that even no ASCII based copy&paste is possible $ pwd /Users/myusername/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Data/Library/Application Support $ find . -exec grep Druckladen {} \; -print 2> /dev/null Binary file ./user/file_export_options.dat matches ./user/file_export_options.dat $ $ $ cat ./user/file_export_options.dat ?KSPOEF?smtIPOEF+emaNJPG 95% Bilinear1pOxEpJOE_ROE__OE1PCCI)PImE)tMmE1ttaMABGRDloc_????????*pmsR*mFxytlQ_)gorP)hP2E+emaNJPG 90% Bilinear1pOxEpJOE1PCCI)PImE)tMmE1ttaM*pmsR*mFxytlQZ)gorP)hP2E+emaN Druckladen1pOxEdPOE_VOE__OE1PCCI)PImE)tMmE1ttaM*pmsR)rCxT)sdsi idad |@)gepjytlQU)drui ipdr??@*oPaR)tcsi*pmoC*pSoC*oFmE)FbuS)vdAA)topS)BPvO)MrPI)delB)BCMP)MRMP)MCMP)IPMP$ $ Please add some easy to handle solution plus a cloud based data exchange/synchronisation 10000000 thanks in advance, Roland
  13. Emojis do not show up in Artistic Text. I tried with Helvetica, which is a Unicode font and should work for that, shouldn't it? However, I also tried with the Emoji font itself and also the "Pictographs" from macOS "Show Emoji & Symbols", the pictographs are partially showing up correct but not all of them. Please see attached video. All the best, Roland Affinity_Designer_171_Emoji_Artistic_Text.mov
  14. Roland Rick

    360 Pano Metadata killed on export

    Hi Chris, have been super busy. Sorry for delay in reply. Will check it and send one before after within today if not fixed. Will keep you updated. CU, Roland

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