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  1. If I work on a jpg, generated by PTgui Pro, the metadata necessary for correct 360° pano posting into e.g. Facebook are killed Affinity Photo when exporting to JPG. The "Embed Metadata" option in the "More" button has been checked of course. FYC: Photoshop remains them intact.
  2. Yes, I know, but it's a few extra steps ;)
  3. Callum, the workflow from carl123 is fine, that's what I was looking for. Searching for such a function in a right click/popup menu, I always forget to check if I can do this by use of the Channels...
  4. Ahhh, thanks, that's the workflow I was looking for. It can be done by Channels, just not directly by right click and finding this in a pop up menu. Thanks for help! I want to do this if I decide to apply the exactly same mask in a later point in time not only to the initial adjustment layer but also to other ones.
  5. Thanks! So, at the moment it would be a good idea not to use this feature but always work with a separate mask. This enable also such things like "Edit mask" etc.
  6. I love the "mask within adjustment layer" of Affinity Photo. Often I add later additional adjustment layers and they should all have the same mask. A picture says more than 1000 words: For that, it should be possible, to extract the mask from it's adjustment layer and become a mask layer of its own. If it's possible: I didn't find it how to to do so... Appreciate any help!
  7. Ahhh, OK. So, then it becomes an enhancement request to remove selectively files after focus merging. Chris, can you please move it to an equivalent group? I have no clue how to do that...
  8. Independent of "Toggle Source Preview" being ON or OFF, an not wanted/needed Source Layer can not be deleted. The complete Focus Merge process must be done again . May be I am interpreting the trash bin in a wrong way, but what else should it be for...? I also tried to drag and drop the unwanted Focus Merge layer (the blue, selected one) into the trash bin, but this didn't help either... Greetings, Roland
  9. Roland Rick

    Focus Merge Halos

    Yes, that's exactly where the halos come from. But the point is, they only appear using "pyramid" algorithm (and I am quite sure, AP is using such algorithm or a similar/derivate one). Helicon also makes the same ugly halo using "Method C" (pyramid). But the halo does not occur on usage of depth map algorithm ("Method B" in Helicon). It just seams to be, sometimes pyramid, sometimes depth map does the better job. That is what one of my points listed above are targeting: Serif, please add a depth map algorithm.
  10. Hi Affinity Photo Team I am a hardcore user of the Focus Merging function. In 90% of all tasks, it does an excellent job and I really prefer it even over Zerene and Helicon, because the AP (Affinity Photo) Focus Merging is super convenient to use. But sometimes, the results the "pyramid" alike stacking algorithm, produces halos, where one never will expect it. FYC, to compare, Helicon Focus delivers using the "Method B" directly a much better result: Method C (pyramid) of Helicon delivers similar "halo" results as AP's focus merging. Even if Affinity has - in comparison to Zerene and Helicon - for sure the most convenient and fastest post focus merging edit process, please let me suggest this: Please add a depth map algorithm like Helicon's "Method B" (which should also to be tweaked in "radius" and "smoothing"), and make usage between pyramid and depth map selectable. Loading raw files into Focus Merge always ends up in RGBA/16 - sRGB IEC61966-2.1 colour profile, please make this selectable I normally work with e.g. ProPhoto RGB. Almost spinning wheel of death alike: If raw files are dropped into Focus Merge, switching between source layers in post feels like it takes an infinit amount of time, jpgs are faster but they are only 8 bit, fixed to white balance etc. and no go anyway. I prefer to do all edits post to the focus merging process and not prior to it. For this I need files in 16 bit and/or raw file quality as output of merging process. For post editing only the dial above, it would take hours just because of waiting source layers to be switched. This using a top of the edge iMac 5K. In Focus Merge's post edit process, it should be possible to switch to next/previous source layer by pressing up/down arrow key, independent of "Toggle Source View" is active or not. Now, this is not possible at all. And as I already mentioned: please make source layers switching much much much faster. I uploaded the raw files for you to test into https://drive.google.com/open?id=114J16UPSjvibHkN-Z5Rf1TyU3_SO7zpx FYC: the images in link above are I are quick and dirty check of the cameras Focus Bracketing function, coming with the X-H1 firmware 1.10 yesterday. One set is with the XF16-55 lens the other one with the XF80mm Macro + XF1.4X tele converter. I uploaded also the Helicon "Method B" output for both without any mods. Please do not hesitate to ask, if you have any questions. I'd really appreciate any reply. Best regards, Roland
  11. Roland Rick

    Sleep Prevention not activated

    Hi Chris, sorry the delay in reply. There must be an API function for macOS to do so. Just to compare and for your convenience: some browser use it on uploading, things some don't. Funny to mention, Safari does not prevent Mac going to sleep while uploading to e.g. Google Drive, Chrome does. Honi soit qui mal y pense…
  12. Hi guys I sent 200 files to Focus Merge, 1/10 second later I realised there is something missing. Once Focus Merge has started, it is impossible to stop it. Except you brutally kill it... Is this a bug or an enhancement request? Not sure, where to post this... Would be nice, if it will become fixed in one of the next versions. Cheers, Roland
  13. Roland Rick

    Adjustment Layer no Effekt if Grouped

    So many thanks to all of you, for the hints and help!
  14. Roland Rick

    Adjustment Layer no Effekt if Grouped

    I want my edits cleary grouped. That's what I am after - The workflow Affinity vs Photoshop is totally different concerning this. Whitening teeth I do it in two or three steps: 1. desaturate yellows, 2. add some extra white, because desaturation makes teeth often looking kinda transparent and lifeless. 3. only if necessary: fix hardcore things by brush.
  15. Roland Rick

    Adjustment Layer no Effekt if Grouped

    OK, I think, I've got it. Updated the file, layers should be named self explaining. Workflow is somehow upside down between Ps and AP concerning this. In the demo, I could get rid of the teeth mask in the Affinity example, because the Crescent serves as mask itself. Forum - Teeth demo V2.afphoto