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  1. Hi @Parka, I assume, I could solve the problem by adding Full Disk Access to the Affinity Software, here a screenshot (from the new, totally messed and "design flawed" Ventura System Settings), if it's missing, you can add it by clicking on that + Please let me know, if that also solved your problem, thanks! Best regards, Roland
  2. Hi @rvst thanks for your reply. CC to @MEB, I address also you, because we already were often in contact, each time successfully, maybe you can forward my hints and thoughts below to the those who are responsible decision makers at Serif. For your convenience: I myself am a Mac user, but I am also experienced Windows user (and Solaris, AIX and Linux) helping a friend of mine. My first Affinity purchases (Photo, Designer and Publisher) were from the Mac AppStore, which acquires to run apps sandboxed. The trade-off: none of 3rd party plugins, usually for Photoshop, such as Topaz DeNoise AI, do NOT run with the sandbox Mac AppStore versions and for that I purchased all of the Affinity apps (V1) from the Serif store additionally (1). Now, Serif/Affinity comes up with that sandboxed BS thing for Windows, making everything worse. I can't understand it. (1) Totally OK to me, the price of Affinity products is in comparison to Adobe definitely no deal breaker, and it's purchase instead of subscription (what a nice word for "you will never own it"). I am often offline, so the subscription model is totally no go, Murphy's law works fine, they always want to check the Adobe servers if you are a valid customer when you are offline and for that you can't use them as long as you're offline. That's why I immediately purchased also the Universal License for the V2 versions. Affinity has yet unfortunately no own DAM (Digital Asset Managment) solution, Lr and LrC can't be used without valid Adobe subscription but you can use Bridge as DAM (without being able to use ACR), it even shows there are .afphoto files (without displaying the content). Lr, LrC and also C1 does not, they natively support only .PSD. TIFF is no solution, because you get rid of all advantages of the .afphoto file format, it is definitelty the best available, lightyears ahead of everything else. That's why I can't understand, it is still not supported by Capture One. C1 has in comparison to LrC, Lr and Bridge a superb development engine but a horrible content managment, however the possibility to purchase it would outweigh that - if it only would support .afphoto, but it does not and that's the deal breaker for C1. DxO's PhotoLab 6 also is not aware of .afphoto files and it is sloooooow. If someone can recommend a fast DAM solution flipping as fast throughout raw files like Photo Mechanics (what has unfortunately no developing engine) does, please feel free to recommend. Let's home Serif comes up with an own DAM solution soon. All the best, Roland
  3. Hi Affinity Developers How can I connect Affinity Photo 2 with e.g. Bridge as external editor? This is a mega serious issue on Windows 10 Home. On a Mac no problem, I tried to help a friend being on Windows 10 Home. For normal users having no clue of %ProgramData% etc. it's literally impossible go find the Exe File. Even I had serious problem until I found it, but I could not connect it to any other softwere, there were always strange error messages. Even the solution provided in does not help. It just does not work. The local windows user is a Standard user and has no admin right. And this is good like so. %ProgramData% has some hardcore access restrictions and that is also good like so. Changing here anything may ugly mess up the Windows 10 system. The provided solutions also expect Windows system admin skills and admin rights of the user, please forget solutions like that. It is a total design flaw in Affinity Photo 2. Please change that immediately, thanks. Q: Is it really necessary to mess with customers like so? Why the heck is the exe not located on the same place like Affinity Photo 1 is? That's really bad. Best regards, Roland
  4. Thanks to @MEB and @NotMyFault for all the hints, but it's kinda quite a workaround. I attached a psd, none of the elements I blurred gets this bevel effect at the images edges. And I'm pretty sure, 99.99% of Affinity Photo users don't want it either https://assets.adobe.com/id/urn:aaid:sc:EU:06229e7c-ce76-422c-bd73-0af28e1f3704?view=difile If the link doesn't work and/or you can't download the file, please let me know.
  5. There is no blur if Preserve Alpha is activated. The live filter is also not non-destructive. If the filter gets reopened by double click, the checkbox for Preserve alpha is no longer there. FYC: The YT video link is set to hidden. The video explains it all:
  6. Hi @Lee D, meanwhile 2.x is released. I purchased the Universal license. In V2 I didn't have the problem yet.
  7. Hi developer team, please check the (unlisted) video, everything explained there. When I say backup copy, I mean recovery file. Both have been there and for that I didn't lose any work. I can not reproduce it this happens coincidentally. There is one pattern: only on first start of AP. After crash and 2nd start, the problem is gone until next reboot of Mac. Something completely different, I ask this each post here in the forum: When will get Effects/Gaussian Blur be enabled for masks? When will we get a Fill slider additionally to the Opacity slider. When will be an indicator added, showing the layer has Blend Options applied? Compliments: the Affinity implementation is far better to use as he flimsy Blend-if sliders of Photoshop. Version 1.10.5, additional purchased on Serif homepage instead of AppStore. Reason: Photoshop add-ons such as Topaz Denoise do not work with AppStore version of Affinity Photo. Once I got told here in the forum because AppStore apps have to run sandboxed. Cheers and Happy Halloween, Roland
  8. I loaded a pdf and try to improve the content for better readability. The text of the first FrameText field wraps perfectly around the image, no such wrapping in any other FrameText field. Also not of new ones generated. FYC: Because it's loaded from an existing pdf, there is of course no Master Page Where is that checker hidden I can't find to enable text wrapping? Please find the .afpub also attached, please: for your eyes only, not public. Vorhalt von Heinrich Wohlmeyer an die Bundesregierung 34p.afpub
  9. Hi @fde101, thanks for reply and the diglloyd article. Well, I see, there are a lot of things to do for developers until this HIF/HEIF/HIC/HEIC higgledy-piggledy gets untangled. Capture One, Lightroom: none of them can handle the Sony HIF files. So, at the moment, this format is kinda useless until you edit with Image Edge Desktop … wait ... and at the moment trying this, I just realise, even Sony's own viewer and editing software can not handle it prior to install an add-on 🙈 https://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/app/heifext/download/index.php - what a mess. Side note: MacOS Big Sur 11.5.2 can display it, but the fan starts making noise Conclusion: that format out of the a1 and 7sm3 as well as FX3 (for those 3 models, download is offered on the link above) is kinda useless until I can use it directly in developing software used normally.
  10. Hi @Dan C, Topaz Denoise AI can open easily 16 bit by the plugin if it's started by photoshop. It also opens directly (not the plugin, the app) without any problems e.g. DNG, all in 16 bit. On a Mac, the plugin simply does not start.
  11. Hi @Dan C, thanks for reply. Aehm… if I open a .HEIC made with the iPhone 11 Pro, that opens directly, without even touching the RAW developer engine... Is HIC/HEIC/HIF/HEIF (however, should be all the same) supposed to be a RAW format? FYC: On the a1, I can set it to 4:2:0 or 4:2:2, that's not possible on the iPhone.
  12. Hi guys, trying to open Sony a1 HIF files end up in this error message,"The file type is not supported.":
  13. I'm on a Mac and by now way I can't make the Topaz Denoise AI Plugin running as filter in Affinity Photo 1.10.0. I really appreciate if someone has a workaround to make this work on Macs. A video says more than 1000 words, please check this
  14. Once Astrophotography stacking is started (click on Stack) the process can not be canceled: If there are 500 light images to be processed, this will take forever. - Personally, I don't like it to end an app by "Force quit…" Best regards, Roland
  15. Hi guys, I am missing permanently a slider based/non destructive possibility to blur masks. E.g. by "Gaussian Blur" of "Effects" tab. Please don't get it wrong I have some emotional moments in the video, that's only because I'd like to prefer AP over Ps, but due to things of that, I can currently not do a full switch to AP. Video (unlisted) should explain
  16. Hi guys, title explains already everything, however, please have here a video (unlisted) explaining what I mean. What I forgot to mention in the video: please enable Metadata export to slices, thanks.
  17. HELP! Can you/someone please tell my how you integrated this into AP? Despite of all Youtube videos I found how to do it, I am not able to even make it run at all. It's there but never made it starting. FYC: my all day work I am doing with Standard instead of Admin rights. The admin account I only use when needed. Topaz does not comply to Apple standard installation procedure that's why it is installed locally in the Applications folder of my home directory and not in /Applications. I'd really appreciate Pls have here a screen shot how this looks at my place after restart:
  18. Is there a possibility to unlink a mask from the pixel layer? In Photoshop it's a simple click on the chain between pixel layer and mask. Can this somehow done also in AP? I know, I easily can place the Buzzard layer above the clouds and for that get rid of the mask on the cloud layer. But what, if that's not possible and an unlinking pixel and mask is needed? Appreciate any help and hints. How_to_Unlink_Mask_from_Layer.mov
  19. Hi developers In Develop Persona, the start point of Chromatic Aberration is "Estimate From Image", even if the lens profile is know to AP it does not start with "Use Lens Profile". "Estimate From Image" may be quite time consuming on large resolution images. I found no possibility to change the default value. I'd rather preferred "Use Lens Profile". And please-please-please-please-please make Develop Persona a Non-Destructive thing and protect the raw data of the image. Cheers and Happy Easter, Roland
  20. Questions like this and difficult workflows could be avoided by simply adding a command to the right click menu of a live or adjustment layer saying the nice and lovely words “Separate mask from layer”.
  21. Thanks for reply. Yes, that's clear. The question is: is there a possibility to do it later? Well, I know, I am deeply stuck into Photoshop habits.
  22. @Ray S. Well, that's a hardly missing feature. The functionality is there, you can do it during import for New HDR and Focus Merge and as well as New Stack. You just can't do it afterwards... That would be a trivial thing for the programmers to offer this as additional function. @Affinity Foto, @Affinity, please make it possible to the forum editor, that images becoming resizable. Screenshots from retina screens (are there any others still existing?) become super huge and camouflage the text. The both above I shared using the "Scale down retina images" preferences setting of SnagIt, which makes the shared images unfortunately totally blurry
  23. @h_d Thanks for your help, but that's not what I have been looking for. My question was pointing to how auto align whole layers for e.g. HDR or focus stacking.
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