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  1. Hi guys, Bevel & Emboss is cut of by live filter layer perspective. Didn't test anything else, didn't test on pixel layer. - Please see video: Effects + Live Filter Layer issue.mov
  2. Loaded uncompressed tif from Capture One 22 Copied layer by Cmd+J applied a Tone Map Pressed Cmd-S and clicked Button [Save as] in dialog box in the save as dialog box , I tried to change filename by double clicking in to filename line crash, spinning wheel/beachball of death No chance to get out without "Force quit…" Please see also the video
  3. I loaded a pdf and try to improve the content for better readability. The text of the first FrameText field wraps perfectly around the image, no such wrapping in any other FrameText field. Also not of new ones generated. FYC: Because it's loaded from an existing pdf, there is of course no Master Page Where is that checker hidden I can't find to enable text wrapping? Please find the .afpub also attached, please: for your eyes only, not public. Vorhalt von Heinrich Wohlmeyer an die Bundesregierung 34p.afpub
  4. Hi @Chris B, hey, no problem, important is the feedback is reported to developers.
  5. I am working on a huge 360º pano. Using "Edit/Inpait" for closing the drone hole, something went wrong and the task is now running for over half an hour, doing kinda nothing (no fan noise fully equipped MBP16/2019). It is not possible to [Esc] this without kill -9 (Force quit) Affinity Photo. Unfortunately always doing like so, you never know if some GB of cache or whatever used on SSD will remain forever als garbage on the disk, wasting valuable disk space. Where is the [Esc] or [Cancel] button??? To me, this is a bug, at least an ugly design flaw: Cheers, Roland
  6. Hi Meb, thanks. Do I understand correct, you suggest to authorise access to / (root)? - I've been working for 15 yrs als Unix sysadmin and that workflow makes me nightmares. I tried also the DxO page you suggested and I got (copy & paste of the link you posted below https://help-nikcollection4.dxo.com/install_activate): (This forum editor urgently needs the ability to resize images 😆) This plugin thing turns out to be a "crackling nut". - (I have no clue how to translate this into English. In German it's "Knacknuss", an artificial word, put together of "knack/crack" and "Nuss/nut" - Because some nuts suppose to be cracked only very hard, the meaning is a problem hard to be solved).
  7. Hi @MEB, many thanks for your reply. Well, thanks in advance for contacting Topaz, I am already very curious what's their reply. FYC: Luminar e.g. has a special menu entry to install/reinstall the plugins into Photoshop and puts it into (text continues below image, btw: is there a possibility to resize the images in this forum editor?) this folder... …I restarted, it's there but it also does no longer start that plugin. I also have the Nik 4 collection, but I couldn't figure out where its plugins are installed to. Couldn't find any plugin folder for Nik 4. Once this has been working afai can remember, so the Topaz ones. Both now don't. Is that problem possibly caused by MacOS Big Sur or Catalina? Not sure, but I think that problems started with Catalina or even Mojave, but to be honest, I can't remember and I am also no longer able to figure it out, because I updated all my Macs to Big Sur. I hope with the lines above I could help a tiny little bit to find the cause of the problem. Thanks for all our help, Roland
  8. OK, thanks for reply. I truly hope one day will there be a solution.
  9. Hi @MEB, totally Ok to reply here. Wouldn't it make more sense, your developers contact Topaz directly? If there are some questions to discuss, I'm only the "water carrier" (as we say in German) between two parties which could solve a things 1000x much more efficient by talking directly together. It makes no sense me doing this, and the risk of forwarding false information (in both directions) is far too high. Do I understand your reply correct, no plugin ever will run on any software installed by AppStore, is that like so? That automatically leads to the next question: Can I exchange my Mac Affinity (I have all of them, Photo, Designer, Publisher) Software to a Serif Homepage downloadable version? Afai get it, that should solve the problem.
  10. Hi @fde101, thanks for reply and the diglloyd article. Well, I see, there are a lot of things to do for developers until this HIF/HEIF/HIC/HEIC higgledy-piggledy gets untangled. Capture One, Lightroom: none of them can handle the Sony HIF files. So, at the moment, this format is kinda useless until you edit with Image Edge Desktop … wait ... and at the moment trying this, I just realise, even Sony's own viewer and editing software can not handle it prior to install an add-on 🙈 https://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/app/heifext/download/index.php - what a mess. Side note: MacOS Big Sur 11.5.2 can display it, but the fan starts making noise Conclusion: that format out of the a1 and 7sm3 as well as FX3 (for those 3 models, download is offered on the link above) is kinda useless until I can use it directly in developing software used normally.
  11. Hi @Dan C, Topaz Denoise AI can open easily 16 bit by the plugin if it's started by photoshop. It also opens directly (not the plugin, the app) without any problems e.g. DNG, all in 16 bit. On a Mac, the plugin simply does not start.
  12. Hi @Dan C, thanks for reply. Aehm… if I open a .HEIC made with the iPhone 11 Pro, that opens directly, without even touching the RAW developer engine... Is HIC/HEIC/HIF/HEIF (however, should be all the same) supposed to be a RAW format? FYC: On the a1, I can set it to 4:2:0 or 4:2:2, that's not possible on the iPhone.
  13. Hi guys, trying to open Sony a1 HIF files end up in this error message,"The file type is not supported.":
  14. I'm on a Mac and by now way I can't make the Topaz Denoise AI Plugin running as filter in Affinity Photo 1.10.0. I really appreciate if someone has a workaround to make this work on Macs. A video says more than 1000 words, please check this
  15. Once Astrophotography stacking is started (click on Stack) the process can not be canceled: If there are 500 light images to be processed, this will take forever. - Personally, I don't like it to end an app by "Force quit…" Best regards, Roland
  16. Hi @MEB thanks for getting back. I am on an Intel based MBP16 2019, 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB. The plugin is detected, I can click on it, an entry in the history is made, but no Topaz Denoise AI 3.1.2 is started. It would help, if you can post the workflow how you could make it running. Please consider my Topaz apps are in "/Users/{myusername}/Applications/Topaz Labs LLC" and not in "/Applications/Topaz Labs LLC" because I work with a user account having no admin rights and the Topaz installation procedure does not comply to MacOS standards; the pop up dialog to enter username and password of my user with admin rights does not show up.
  17. I have the same problem. Missing specially Topaz Denoise AI (v 3.1.2). On Mac that wont launch. Afai could read into it, this problem concerns Mac users of Affinity Photo only. Dear Developers @developer: please make all those plugins also running under MacOS. Or at least figure out a workaround for us. I couldn't find a working one for Mac in the forums. FYC: Topaz Labs do not comply to standard MacOS or OSX installation procedures. I am working of course on an account having no admin rights and it is not possible to install the Topaz tools by entering the username of an admin (and its password) like installation processes complying to Mac standards do (this dialog box asking for a user having admin rights does not pop up, I am pretty sure you get it). So, the installation goes into my standard user home (text continues below image): However: this does not affect the Adobe products and even though installing as standard user instead of a user having admin rights into /Applications the plugins work fine in all Adobe software. But I can't use them in Affinity Photo, what is super disappointing and annoying. Cheers, Roland CC @MEB @Chris B, please don't get me wrong, I prefer to work with Affinity Software, that hurts double not being able to use the plugins.
  18. Hi guys, I am missing permanently a slider based/non destructive possibility to blur masks. E.g. by "Gaussian Blur" of "Effects" tab. Please don't get it wrong I have some emotional moments in the video, that's only because I'd like to prefer AP over Ps, but due to things of that, I can currently not do a full switch to AP. Video (unlisted) should explain
  19. Hi guys, title explains already everything, however, please have here a video (unlisted) explaining what I mean. What I forgot to mention in the video: please enable Metadata export to slices, thanks.
  20. And, well, before I forget it, I know, it's a different task, but if I can talk directly to a moderator like you, I must exploit it: Please share the .afphoto, .afdesign and .afpub file format specs with the guys from Capture One. As long they don't integrate it into C1 natively, I can not cut of Adobe subscription. The .afphoto files are even not not shown C1 used as asset management tool and Affinity does yet have no product being a Lightroom Classic or Capture One replacement. I am dreaming of a Affinity asset management tool having the speed of Photo Mechanic combined with the power RAW Developing Engine of Capture One and the power or Affinity Photos stacking tools (Pano, Stack, HDR, Focus, Astro) in RAW mode. Non subscription. Purchase. And a Developer Persona keeping the RAW data. Cheers 🍺
  21. Hi Chris, right now uploading another one, tone map is taking forever on my iMac 5K (lated 2015, most beefy version available then) with 64 GB RAM, filename is DSC07979-20200215-194241-Pano-Mod.tif, will take about 2 hrs starting by now, sending this reply. FYC: I often notice severe performance issues when working on tiff loaded directly into AP, generated by C1/Lr/whatever. No difference between uncompressed, LZW or ZIPped variants. Workaround: saving as .afphoto restarting AP loading the .afphoto solves the problem. But it looks like as long AP works in "has loaded a tiff" mode, something causes performance issues. CU
  22. HELP! Can you/someone please tell my how you integrated this into AP? Despite of all Youtube videos I found how to do it, I am not able to even make it run at all. It's there but never made it starting. FYC: my all day work I am doing with Standard instead of Admin rights. The admin account I only use when needed. Topaz does not comply to Apple standard installation procedure that's why it is installed locally in the Applications folder of my home directory and not in /Applications. I'd really appreciate Pls have here a screen shot how this looks at my place after restart:
  23. Hi Chris, sorry for super late reply, totally forgot it. Mea culpa. Upload is running, my upload speed is slooooow. Starting now, it'll take two hrs at least. It's an almost 2 GB ARQ (16 images Pixel Shift Multi Shot of a 7RM4). The M1 we had problems is an 8 Core MBA with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD. Keen on your test results. Please keep me updated, many thanks in advance.
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