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  1. I am getting used to Affinity Photo and I don't know how to keep the settings of the developing persona. When I edit a photo and go back to the developing persona all the settings are reseted to 0. Is there a way to keep the settings editable?
  2. I have a Sigma DP2 Merrill and its raw files are supported by Affinity Photo. This is really great! But I wonder if x3f are fully supported. The problem is that the image colours on the edges are not well rendered. Any experience using this program with sigma cameras? (I am sorry, I have just realized that this was the Ipad forum and I was talking about the desktop version. I don't know how to delete the message to post it in the right place)
  3. Venyer

    x3f sigma cameras support

    Hello! Are there any news about x3f support in Affinity Photo? Thank you in advance.
  4. How are things going about keeping settings in the developing persona? That would be a really useful feature.
  5. Venyer

    x3f sigma cameras support

    Hello ans thanks Ilya: As far as I am concerned my Sigma dp2 merrill doesn't support DNG format which is a pity. I will continue using SPP to process them. It would be fantastic if APP would provide full X3F support. Sigma cameras are amazing.
  6. Venyer

    iPad or Not

    I have recently discovered AP and it runs very well on my ipad 2018. There are things that run faster on the ipad version thanbthe desktop version. In my case a i7-7700. I am just scratching the surface of the program right now but I am really impressed with AP.
  7. AP speed on the ipad 2018 is great but when I load a raw file from my Fuji x20... It only takes 2000x1536 of resolution... I see this camera is supported. How can I load the full raw file?
  8. Venyer

    Fuji x20 raw files

    Thank you GabrielM. I have tried what you said and in the resize option the resolution is correct. I am amazed how well the program runs on the ipad 2018.
  9. The paint brush mixer is almost impossible to use. It is extremely slow. Is there any way to speed it up?
  10. I have checked the same brush at the same size and in my iPad 2018 and it is way faster than my i7-7700 computer. How is this possible?
  11. About 264 pixels. It speeds up when decreasing the size, below 100 pixels it starts being usable. Is this normal?
  12. Thank you toltec. Thats good to know but I expect AP to keep settings and overlays in the develop persona so we can edit them whenever necessary.
  13. Thanks both. I did not know that. I am glad to hear that it will be added in the 1.x version. I thought it was already there.
  14. I have the ipad and windows version of the program. I also have a Surface Pro 2. I am wondering if I could use the desktop version with the ipad interface.
  15. Venyer

    x3f sigma cameras support

    Thank you. Sigma cameras have a strong character but they are truly amazing cameras. It would be fantastic having a quality full support of their raw files. I am eagerly expecting it.
  16. Hi, I am a new user of Affinity Photo, a fantastic program that misteriously is not very well known. I can confirm what pipet said but using luminar 1.2.0 instead of the last version and the resulting colours of the resulting image are too washed out. Is there any solution?

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