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  1. Thanks you that works very well! And also maintains the highlights and shadows. And I meant to says swan, not goose! :)
  2. I'm trying to paint the swan below a turquoise color. I originally used the recolor adjustment, which looks pretty good. But I thought since the color replacement brush maintains shadows and highlights, it would look better. Using the color replacement brush, I can only obtain a slight color change as shown on the birds wing on the right. I'm guessing that the brush is not a good choice for light objects like this swan?
  3. Thanks. I would definitely have used the live displace filter had I known that! Using the displace filter and changing the opacity of the duplicated boat, I wound up with the shadow below. I'll definitely check out the video though.
  4. How can I create a reflection of the boat in the water? I've watched a few videos, one in which you create a duplicate of the boat then flip it vertically, then apply a displacement filter, which did not have the desired effect. -Thanks
  5. I used the line mode as you suggested. I outlined two whiskers, then grouped them. Then right clicked on the group and selected "Rasterize to Mask". I wind up with what is shown in the screenshot below, and the cat is no longer visible. How can this translate into selecting the whiskers with the pen tool? -Thanks
  6. When I select a whisker, then convert it to a mask, it closes the vector curve and I wind up with a selection like in the second screenshot below. I'm trying to select each individual whisker with the pen tool, and convert it to a selection. Is that possible? -Thanks
  7. BTW, this photograph of my cat was spontaneous. I was heading outside to practice with my new Sony 200-600mm lens, when Beau peaked at me from around the corner.
  8. Thanks, I tried and failed using the pen tool. I will certainly give this a try with the node tool.
  9. I can't select my cat's whiskers shown below which lie outside of the selection. I used selection refinement matting, and painted over them after selecting the foreground button. But it doesn't select them I believe due to the lack of contrast. Is there any technique I could use to select these whiskers? -Thanks
  10. Never mind, I'll try the DXO Nik 3 plugins. I've seen articles about DXO Nik 3 working with Affinity Photo. Do the latest DXO Nik 8 plugins work with Affinity Photo 1.9.1? -Thanks
  11. Thanks, I missed that! I know you can press the X key to toggle between them. I'm glad you pointed this out, because I thought I resolved the issue by highlighting the base layer THEN drawing the vector curve. But evidently I just got lucky and had the fill color selected.
  12. In the tutorial below at 01:33 into the video, James fills the vector curve by simply dragging the sliders in the color panel. When I move the sliders the lines of the vector curve change color, but there is no fill color. In the video James changes the fill color to all white. This is using AF 1.9.1 Any idea why I'm not seeing the same behavior as in the video? Pen tool | Affinity Photo for desktop tutorials (serif.com)
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