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  1. I saw a few threads one dating back to 2015 in which a Serif representative stated that they were working on a DAM app for Affinity Photo. The most recent indicated they were going to complete the Designer app, then the DAM. Can anyone tell me if there are still plans to release a DAM application?
  2. When making edits to photos, how can I view the original unedited photo, to compare the edits?
  3. Using Affinity Photo 1.52 on my Windows 10 machine, I loaded several .psd files with a text layer. I then select that layer, and the text has grab handles surrounding it. I can move the text. But I can't resize it, or edit it in any way. I could have sworn I was able to edit a text layer previously. Maybe you can on a Mac?
  4. I have an HP Pavillion with 24" monitor with an Intel HD Graphics 530 and Nvidia GeForce 930MX. The display is running at 1080p. As I said I've also tried changing the retina display option, and the "Renderer" from Intel to Nvidia, to no avail. Or changing the display to 100 or 125% did not resolve the issue. Actually I have not tried 150% because that is just too large for me.
  5. It is now 3/28/2018 and this problem persists with version 164.4.104. I cannot resolve the issue by setting my display to 100%, or 125%, or 150%. I've also tried changing the retina display option, and the "Renderer" from Intel to Nvidia, to no avail. Affinity needs to fix this issue, as it makes Affinity Photo nearly useless.
  6. I had the same issue and used your retina setting suggestion, which alleviated the issue. -Thanks
  7. When I open a photo taken with my Panasonic Lumix camera in AF 1.6, it briefly fills the entire canvas, but then shrinks to about 1/6 of that size, with the rest of the canvas composed of gray and white squares. See the attached photo. Any idea how to prevent this?
  8. I tried using the inpainting tool to remove an object (a snowman) from one photo, and I was going to paste it into another photo, but evidently it is not copied to the clipboard. Can someone tell me the simplest way to copy an object like a person or a snowman, and paste it into another image? -Thanks
  9. I was able to select "Document/Rasterize" from the menu. I was then able to paint in my selection. But when I tried the inner glow effect, nothing. I need more practice! -Thanks
  10. To have some fun with my 7 year old, and also as a learning experience, I wanted to take a photo of him and make his eyes glow yellow. So I did the following in AP for Windows version 1.50.45: 1. Opened a .jpg of my son. 2. Used the Marquee tool to make selections around both of his eyes. And now I cannot manipulate the photo at all. I was trying for an "inner glow" effect. But I can't even paint the photo, either inside our outside of the selection. I tried flattening the layers, but that had no effect. I looked at some selection tutorials, but was not clear on what I am doing wrong. Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong with this? -Thanks
  11. Thank you. I did try several different photos after posting this message, and found that these buttons are in fact working.
  12. Editing a jpeg file using Affinity Photo for Windows, if I click on the auto color, or auto levels buttons (Right below the "Layer" menu item), nothing changes in the photo. I tried adding an adjustment layer, but clicking these buttons still do not make any changes to the photo. How do I use the auto color, auto levels, auto contrast, etc., buttons? -Thanks