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  1. make an adjustment (say, an hsv adjustment) click on it to select it, click on the mask key. the mask is now added as a child of the adjustment. Paint on the mask and not on the adjustment as you see fit. click on the mask and copy it. apply another adjustment (curve). click to select, paste the mask.
  2. luts seem to be working in macos,they did't in v1. this is very useful
  3. i do not know about v2,but in v1 if i wanted to use the same mask for multiple adjustments i always put a mask on it instead of painting directly on the adjustment. that mask can be duplicated and reused.
  4. did you disable the assistant? if the assistant is off,it doesn't work
  5. yes, thanks, i read them more carefully. now it works as i was accustomed to. I honestly did not know that mask behaviour was an assistant action and not a "standard" feature.
  6. this is something i can't understand. In V1 if i clicked on a pixel layer and then clicked on a mask, the mask was a child (is this correct?) of that layer. In V2 if i click on a layer and then i click on a mask, a mask appears on top of that layer. I can then drag it to the pixel layer, but it is "unpleasant" and time consuming. Is there something i need to change? EDIT: i checked the behaviour of live filters layers and it's the same. i click on a gaussian blur (to say) and it becomes a new layer on top of the selected pixel layer, not a child of that layer.
  7. no. it did work for luts,for example,but i have no gradient map or curves or black and white adjustments
  8. hello all, in V1 i have some saved "persets" in various adjustemts (my black and white settings, some tonemaps, etc.) Is there a way to transfer them to V2 without recreating them? thanks!
  9. i can confirm james's post. i switched to Affinity exactly because i got an m1 mini as soon as those were out and Serif was ready for it. I personally don't find any kind of hiccup working with up to 4 or 5 simultaneously open raws winth multiple layers, adjustments etc. But you have to keep in mind that loading a raw in afinity is not like loading it in lightroom, it is more like using photoshop. Aphoto is capable of developing a raw file, but it is no batch raw processor like lightroom or capture one or rawtherapee. If i have to process a batch of raw files my workflow is to get the basic parameters right using rawtherapee or iridient (fuji user here), and then pass them through affinity as an alternative to Pshop. If i do a single image (or a bunch of them one by one) i go straight to afPhoto.
  10. what i really want to do is slightly different. Unless Serif had the most incredibly successful 2.0 beta program without a single leak (with all due respect, i don't think it is possible. people simply talk ), i am reasonably sure that a bugfix version will be shortly available after launch. i am not going to bother with 2.0 for at least 30 days, if not more. Let early adopters do the beta testing and report back.
  11. good point. If i wasn't a selfish,misanthropic ba***rd i would most definitely do that
  12. let me see if i got it right. Assuming i purchase v2 of a program (well, photo, in this particular instance), i can load the old .afphoto files into it, but i cannot do the opposite. so, in theory is possible to uninstall the 1.10 and use the 2.0 onward, even if i may have to rework on a project, say , from last year. Correct?
  13. sorry, but your question does not make much sense to me. a LUT is a "look up table". it means that for every value of a pixel in input (camera), the system gives out a new value in output based on the table. There is no "working" or "non working" LUT. There are more appropriate LUTs for a certain style and other that are not. I completely do not get the number thing : would you care to explain?
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