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  1. @maxegb No, it unfortunately does not. The bug is still there. A screesshot of my assistant ssettings is attached. Mask layer settings are set to "Add mask layer according to selection", but the mask will be added on top of the adjustment layer. It will not be nested. (I have all recent Affinity updates and Windows updates un my machine.)
  2. @carl123 @Michail @walt.farrell I installed Affinity v2 recently with the MSI installer - and now it's working fine. The issue does not occur again.
  3. @walt.farrell That was no good example, I am sorry. Take even 100%, and there will be no change. No, the red overlay ist not disappearing, that is not my issue. It is only disappearing after the "change". But the change will not be visible.
  4. @Michail I did insert the gradient in the image. Sorry for not explaining better.
  5. In the develop person of V2, I am experiencing issues with the gradient tool and brush tool: None of my changes are applied. Exmaple: 1. Go to overlay 2. Insert Gradient overlay Edit: 3. Insert gradient 3. Go to "Simple" Tab => Change e.g. shadows to (edit) 100% => the change won't be visible The overlay issue is also for brush, not only gradient. It is not only for shadows&light, also for exposure and other settings. My system: Windows 11 and Affinity Phot 2.0, latest versions
  6. When applying the blemish repair tool (see screenshot) in develop persona, the changes get lost after developing. 1. Open a new RAW file (in my case: ARW) -> opens in develop persona 2. Apply blemish repair tool -> image is repaired as expected 3. Hit button "Develop" -> opens in photo persona (expected) - but repaired areas are not contained. My systems: Affinity V2.0 on Windows 11, latest versions.
  7. @GarryP I see. Is it possible to define default settings for a different grid mode so that I don' t have to configure it each time from scratch?
  8. Hello, the grid is not displayable in Affinity Photo V2. I can activate "view > grid", but no grid will be displayed. System: Windows 11, latest updates Regards Anja
  9. @footeg These options only appear with pixel layers, but they are missing with adjustment layers.
  10. @Grant Robertson You probably saw it with pixel layers. It's working with pixels layers, but not with adjustment layers.
  11. @Dangerous Your screenshot shows pixel layers. But the issue I reported was with adjustment layers, not pixel layers.
  12. Why crate a new mask layer? - I would like to be able to copy that layer. Workaround with "Mask to below": That is the next problem - "mask to below" is not offered anymore.
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