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  1. Text in text frames completely change in size, color and style when multiple text frames are grouped. How to prevent this? Also, adding text frames also changes size. I've clicked the link triangle and eye in various combinations but does not solve the problem.
  2. What did I do and how to undo it? Thanks for any help.
  3. What does the red triangle and eye with a slash mean on overflow text frame??
  4. Font size changes from original text frame. Tried both lower right buttons but doesn't work. I'm using move tool to highlight text frame; then click on text frame with text frame tool; the clicked on blue triangle on right (sometimes it's red with a slash through the eye); drew new linked text frame, and the overflow text is smaller than the original. What am I doing wrong, or is there a program problem?
  5. Can multiple photos embedded in an AP document be saved SEPARATELY FROM THE AP DOCUMENT? I need to format the photos in AFPhoto and then reembed into the original document.
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