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  1. Same here … I read the manual and the discribed workflow doesn't work. The list with the values is not shown, when it should.
  2. And in general: Excuse my poor English … it's difficult to discribe things in a foreign language.
  3. @dutchshader THAT ist exactly what I was searching for. I tried this before, but just with exisiting layers … Why does this work only für new layers? Thx so much!
  4. Thx carl123, it's not a matter of idendification. It's about contrast. I wish I could make the curves visible …
  5. Thx thomaso ... but this ist not what I meant – this is a kind of workaround. I don't want to change selection colors OS-wide. I want to set colors individually depending on document contents.
  6. Same here … same in Publisher, right? It's necessary to be able to change selection colors for every single layer.
  7. Same here … is it not possible to put more than two facing pages together?
  8. Thx. Now it worked.
  9. Same here … unfortunately.
  10. I need a tool like »Free Transform-Tool« in Adobe Illustrator. This allows to do simple perspective transformations to generate a vantage point perspective view. Thx to all of you at Serif!
  11. I really need envelope distortion or something like that – perspective transformations is also necessary for me. I love you guys and please carry on doing this good job! Thank you!
  12. Thank you very much … I'm lookin' so much forward to erase Adobe from my harddisk!

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