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  1. iconoclast thank you very much again. I will try the different thinks you told me.
  2. iconoclast thank you very much for your advice what tool or brush do you use to fill the selection? I know how to sample a colour with the pipette but I don't know how to apply that colour to my ice cream scoop do you use the flood fill tool ? I am not very familiar with the Affinity Photo tools because I only use it a few times
  3. firstdefence I created the the first ice cream according to the your first screenshot using the same values Hue 0° Saturation -100% Luminosity 31 % but I was not able to create the red and green ice cream. can you please explain to me in more detail how you created those red and green colours did you use the HSL adjustment? what values did you use? I don't know the meaning of "The green and red colours can be sampled colours on pixel layers"
  4. Thank you very much everyone for your quick response. I really prefer the darker colours from firstdefence. The colours should be similar to the Italian flag I have to try it out myself and maybe ask you later for more advice
  5. I would like to create 3 separate ice cream with a different scoop colour each (colours of the Italian flag) while maintaining the same texture One ice cream with a green scoop One ice cream with a white scoop One ice cream with a red scoop
  6. I know I could have used just a tree from some website. but I posted my original question because i wanted to learn how to separate any vector graphic in future. I always like to learn something new
  7. StuartRc Thank you very much for the explanation the Cut and Booleans Option worked best for me the other options I tried I but couldn't quite understand
  8. PixelPest Thank you vert much I didn't know about the Fill Mode "Alternate (Even-Odd)" Pšenda Thank you ver much your advice didn't work fo me
  9. How can I separate the 3 trees on the right from the rest of the design? I downloaded this Camping design from Creative Fabrica But I would like to use only those 3 trees for my own designAdventure Is Camping.afdesignAdventure Is Camping.afdesignAdventure Is Camping.afdesign
  10. G13RL thank you very much for showing me how to create the offset circle
  11. Old Bruce thank you very much again for creating the design for me. I was able to recreate your design using parts of your design. But I was not able to create that circle. I would really appreciate if you could show me in more details how you created that beautiful circle. I am still a newbie to Affinity Designer
  12. Old Bruce thank you very much for your reply. Can you or somebody else please do a step by step instruction on how to create that circle
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