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  1. thank you very much to all of you for helping me out!
  2. I would like to clip the Grunge Group into the Flag group US Flag.afdesign
  3. Is there a way to do it properly? In my sample design I just placed the stars by eye I am sure there is a proper way to do it
  4. Aammppaa Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! I was able to recreate your design
  5. Old Bruce and Dan C I was able to recreate your designs. Thank your very much for your help Aammppaa Can you please explain in more detail how you created your design Your design is interesting because (like you said) it is more editable
  6. PixelPest thank you very much for the 2 file you send me. I prefer the first file because the frame is more balanced. Although I looked at the history I could not recreate your design Can you please explain to me how you did it, maybe a step to step instruction
  7. thank you very much for the quick response I would like to create something like in this new file without creating 2 separate rectangles cut frame diagonally.afdesign
  8. I know how to cut the fill (the main part) of the rectangle diagonally using the Node Tool. But I don’t know how to cut the frame diagonally
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