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  1. Thanks Alfred! Well, I set up the original file in Photo, making the matte with a couple of shapes and a texture over the fill colour. (It's slightly bigger than the canvas so the Bevel/Emboss layer fx is mainly visible on the cut-out, not the edges.) The letters came at the end just before I added the fish, which I drew in Photo. Once I had the front and my guide photo in place I switched to Designer for the fiddly hand-drawn shapes. The Chinese fence and bridge I made up from symbols -- it took me two or three tries to get the colours and shading just as I wanted them.
  2. For no particular reason (except for keeping myself occupied and out of trouble) a picture of the China garden at Biddulph Grange. Made in AD (and a little bit of APh) to look like it's cut paper and card. Based on some rather poor photos took in 2012. I must go back (when it's not raining this time). The original was made at 5x4 to fit A2 paper. I'm pleased with the way the lettering came out. A nice bold font (Andre Heavy), with a Layer fx Bevel/Emboss Inner and Fill opacity set to zero.
  3. I love this! Well conceived, well composed, well drawn ... great images individually, and a great tetraptych (if that's not too pretentious a word).
  4. Oh yes, you can have hours of fun with symbols -- they're addictive! Especially with this kind of design . . . Now, this is not quite what you're doing, but a few years back I made some brushes to create Greek key patterns. If they're of any use to you, you're welcome to download them from the link in the topic below. I made them partly as an exercise in brush-making, so if you're new to making brushes, you might find it helpful to click the brushes' 'More' tab to see how they're made.
  5. Such an elegant aircraft. There's on still flying in the Shuttleworth Collection in England, if anybody's out Bedfordshire way. https://www.shuttleworth.org/collection/dh88comet/
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing your mandalas, Bevvie. When my son got married a few years ago, the lady who was to do the mehndi decorations for the guests didn't turn up, so my daughter rushed out and bought some henna and after looking up some designs on her phone went to work. Here's one she did on my wife's hand; not bad for someone who'd never done it before!
  7. Oh, you're too kind Peter! But it's true -- a little bit -- that it's too much bother to animate the mouths properly. I have used a not-very-friendly animation program in the past, but it has a poor output format with a restricted size. Rather than do all the mouth shapes, I just used one face-mask shape, which only required one layer in MoviePlus. (And a separate one for the eyes, of course.) Well, I can put my feet up and get back to my box sets until next Christmas now 😊
  8. Well, it's been a pretty awful year. let's hope things will start to improve. Here's my New Year video, made with APhoto and MoviePlus. For those who can't understand the lads' Black Country accents (which will be most of you, I expect!) I've provided subtitles in English -- click on the little icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
  9. You've made a great job of it, Buko. I know the feeling, of never fixing all the errors. But I'm told in some societies it's considered a bad idea to approach perfection too closely because the gods will be jealous; an artist or craftsman will deliberately mar his or her work in some small way to avoid this. A less superstitious notion I discovered man years ago is to hold the work up to a mirror so as to see it in an unfamiliar way. On the computer, of course, we can simply flip it on-screen.
  10. Incredible! It would have been great with a plain shirt; the stripes took me right back to my mis-spent youth in the Op Art sixties! (Is she the great-grand-daughter of the Kodak Girl?)
  11. More bad puns masquerading as a Christmas greeting. Made with Affinity Photo and Serif MoviePlus X6. Stock photo credits at the end of the video. Merry Christmas (we can but hope 😊 )
  12. Browsing for something else, I came across a poster advertising Peugeot cycles, and I was inspired to have a go myself. After quite a few changes of colour and relative size, I finally settled for this: The original is A2 size, though I don't intend to print any copies. Here's a bigger (but not full size) crop: And here's the original tiger, which I made first. I dropped the orange markings for the poster, as the tiger clashed with the bike (and we have some gorgeous white tigers in the local zoo). Oh, and if you were wondering, Walsall is the English town I grew up in. It's not noted for its bikes, but is famous for its saddlery and leather goods, and lorinery, which is the metal bits and pieces in horse harness.
  13. I've done a bit myself, and I echo what jeffers has said. Grand job!
  14. Inspired by a photo in a book and made in the form of a poster. Elmdon (Birmingham, England) Airport opened in 1939. This de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-ACPP was the first airliner (up to ten passengers!) to land there. The old terminal building still stands; it's a little different now, bit it's a glorious piece of Art Deco architecture in the form of an aeroplane. The Rapide is an elegant 1930s design, with an elliptical biplane configuration and fixed undercarriage in 'spats'.It was operated by Great Western And Southern Airlines Ltd, but at the outbreak of the War, it was acquired by the RAF; later it was operated by Scillonia Airlines, flying to the Scilly Isles. As far as I know, it's still around and flying. (I've rashly promised to make another with Ryde Airport in the background, as I live on the isle of Wight.)
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