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  1. Oh no, not a bug -- and just right if I want to change from the default settings. Thanks.
  2. I've been struggling to try and record this as a video, without success. Here are three screenshots ... Selecting Unsharp Mask (for example) from menu: I press Enter: As you can see, the Radius value is automatically selected, so when I press Enter again: ... the Radius value is highlighted, when I was expecting it to Apply. The next press does apply the filter.
  3. Since we went to 1.7.1 the scroll bar problem has disappeared. The 'previous image' thing seems to be a Windows thing, as it's happened occasionally with non-Affinity things too. But when applying filters, the focus isn't automatically on Apply, so I have to click on it instead of just hitting Enter.
  4. Kasper-V

    Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)

    Moe like the Craig Revell Horwood, dahling!
  5. Kasper-V

    Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)

    Goodness me, no, William! I'd have to actually put the magazine together if I did, which is way outside my expertise -- not to mention my comfort zone! But I see no reason why you shouldn't post such submissions to this forum. For that matter, Affinity Spotlight might accept them for publication.
  6. Kasper-V

    Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)

    ... which is a shame, as it's actually called St Catherine's Point! BTW, you can see our house in that photo:--
  7. Kasper-V

    Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)

    William, just looking casually over some of the mags littering my living room floor, I find £4.50, £3.00, £5.45 ... I just thought of a number between Bird Watching and Practical Photography. The 'notched diamond' has been used as a symbol of the Island for quite a while, and the chap who designed the flag simply carried on the tradition. The Council have a rather fanciful version (no doubt designed for a small fortune by a graphic designer) :-- The coastline is a bit more complicated than that, of course, with several big chunks missing from the northern sides. (But at least they included the Needles.) As for the competition and the projects ... I'm afraid you'll just have to wait for the magazine to come out!
  8. Kasper-V

    Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)

    OK ... following a couple of suggestions from elsewhere ( but not all), here's an improved{?}) version:-- That green really isn't good, is it? I've put a copy on my blog, so let's see if that's any better:-- https://gsidlethoughts.blogspot.com/2019/07/blog-post.html
  9. Kasper-V

    Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)

    The light green is a little less saturated than this: the HSL values are 80, 55, 63. while I've sampled the one in this post with the colour picker as 85, 96, 62 -- quite a difference! I've also posted this on Facebook, which comes out correctly: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157269862257383&set=gm.1231573193677942&type=3&theater&ifg=1.
  10. Kasper-V

    Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)

    For some reason the greens are a different shade from the one I posted. How strange.
  11. Kasper-V

    Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)

    I'm intrigued now, Jules. Maybe you should start your own forum!
  12. Kasper-V

    Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)

    Nearly forgot: the cover pic is a stock photo of the Needles, from Unsplash.
  13. A week or so back I thought it was high time I applied myself to making use of Publisher. Here's a spoof magazine cover (you'll have to wait a l-o-n-g time for the articles!). I left it a while before I went back to see if it was good to go, or needed any changes. I decided to add the apps' logos -- which I had to make myself in AD; they're vectors, so I can rescale them for future use. Anyway, see what you make of this. Any helpful criticism is welcome!
  14. Kasper-V

    New to the forum

    At the risk of sounding like Little Sir Echo: nice work, Patrick! (I'm sure I now that guy in the first one!)
  15. I have now, Aammppaa, and it worked: all the apps talk to each other now. Thanks.