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  1. Forgot to say: I'm running Windows 7 on a Toshiba Satellite laptop with 8GB of RAM.
  2. You're a man after my own heart, Garry!
  3. Supplementary Question: I've done it without mishap now, but the images on the different planes don't align properly. The corner nodes of the four planes are definitely aligned, and I've reconstituted the four "flat" slices back into one image, and there's no discrepancy there. I conclude that AF doesn't deform the images evenly when the plane reverts to its original trapezoidal shape. In other words, it's not me, it's you!
  4. I've gone through a fiddly process involving four perspective planes to produce this image: and I've had to start again a couple of times. I set up the planes on a new layer so that the superimposed image would be separate from the underlying one, so I could try out different blend modes and so on. I copied the four top images one at a time and merged their layer down to the planes layer. I found if I inadvertently clicked on the background layer, the planes disappeared and when I went through the Layer > Live Projection > Perspective Projection menu it had reset, so I had to create all the planes all over again. I've being attempting to make a second version of this image: I should be able to make a better job of it now I have some experience of the process. After losing my planes a couple more times, I was beginning to get rather frustrated, as you can imagine! Am I doing something wrong, or am I just too careless?
  5. LOL! "If God had wanted us to make eye-contact on the Tube, He wouldn't have given us the Evening Standard!"
  6. Thanks MEB!
  7. Martin, Garry: thanks for the links. Camera mapping is the ambitious big brother of what I've been doing. blender looks awesome (as the youngster say) -- I shall have to get into to. Garry, the technique that guy uses is much the same as mine, but with "bendy" animation added.I have a not-very-user-friendly piece of software called Anime Studio which dose bone rigging, which is a similar effect. So far I've been doing this manually, which is long-winded -- but it's fun making up and learning new skills from scratch. Now I'm retired, I don't know how I'm going to find time to fit all this stuff in!
  8. What was I thinking? That's incoherent even by my standards! I can't have been thinking at all ...
  9. Now there's a thought ... I'll give that some thought.
  10. I've been experimenting (playing around, mucking about) with a concept called 2.5D --"two and a half dimensions". I've seen it on TV programmes and historical presentation videos, and finally I've got around to trying it myself. I've had one or two false starts with images that are too complex (mainly for my patience, although my cutting-out skills have been challenged), but here are a few that work pretty well, I think. The first one is actually the first one I made, and was a bit ambitious. The last two are from a photo that allows for a drone's-eye-view approach. The photos were split into layers in AP, with the in-painting brush and the clone stamp used to remove things and add stuff around the edges where I needed to fill in gaps between layers. Each layer was saved as a separate png (to preserve transparency), and I used Serif MoviePlus X6 to put the whole thing back together and add motion. (I'm going to miss MP! I shall have a long search to find anything as versatile for a reasonable price.) This is Stowe Gardens in Buckinghamshire, if you're wondering. Capability Brown's finest. The poet Tennyson & his family at their home on the Isle of Wight. (Just down the road from my home!) If pioneer photographer Oscar Rejlander had had a zoom lens ... Walsall, 1900. Early drone footage! Same photo, different treatment. This photo was ideal, having so many layers of rooftops -- five in all, although I could have stretched it to six or seven.
  11. Well, I'm not often lost for words, but "Wow!" is as far as I got! And may your daughter be as much a blessing to you as mine is to me.
  12. Nostalgia isn't what it was, is it? I can't imagine what today's youngsters will have to look back on.
  13. OK, let's see if it works here: Key pattern.afbrushes
  14. Strange... I tried downloading it myself and it worked. Then I signed out and tried again, when I got exactly the same error; when I signed back in it automatically downloaded straight away. But you WERE signed in, Jeff, so I don't understand why it didn't work. I don't know if that 'contact us' will help?
  15. They work well with the nozzle inverted too.