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  1. Kasper-V

    Quilling, Letter A (AD)

    I've been thinking about doing something on the same lines (no pun intended). Now you've set the bar, I'll have something to aim for!
  2. Kasper-V

    Helping Hand

    I like Terry Pratchett's notion that inspirations just fly through space like neutrinos, and eventually strike someone's brain at random. Happens to me a lot. Great artwork, by the way!
  3. Kasper-V


  4. Kasper-V

    Portrait (watercolors) afphoto

    I agree with Peter, whiskers are hard to do realistically.
  5. Kasper-V

    Photo - Guess what it is... (2)

    But please don't stop altogether, Patrick! Steve
  6. Kasper-V

    Photo - Guess what it is... (2)

    Some trees are colourful to begin with, and always they have wonderful textures. Yes, I've found you can often get fantastic results by cranking up the saturation on bark.
  7. Kasper-V

    Rectangular to Polar filter

    PSP is similar. The extra parameters can be useful, and would be an asset in AP.
  8. Kasper-V

    Free Pack resources

    Frankentoon's tutorials are very good too -- take a look.
  9. Kasper-V

    Rectangular to Polar filter

    Just realised I made a mistake up there! I typed Filters>Distort>Polar to rectangular and it should have been Filters>Distort>Rectangular to polar. Sorry -- I've confused the issue. But the rest of my post stands.
  10. There was a bug in Photo's rectangular to polar filter, which has been fixed recently. But there is still a puzzling effect, as these pics show. I made a grid of squares, with a border one pixel wide, then applied the filter (Filters>Distort>Polar to rectangular); then I applied the same transformation to the original image with Paint Shop Pro X6 ... Original AP PSP AP has expanded the one-pixel border to 87 pixels (the while image is 600 pixels wide) and shrunk the rest to fit, while PSP has maintained the dimensions. When the reverse transform is applied -- polar to rectangular -- AP returns the original (apart from a little expected distortion), but omits the extra border when applied to the PSP image ... Any thoughts?
  11. Kasper-V

    The Lion and the Unicorn

    Mostly, Jules, and mostly starting from basic shapes as far as possible, then using the pen tool for the very fiddly bits. I used a textured pixel brush to add shading and some highlights, in the way those nice folks at Frankentoon demonstrated. (https://www.frankentoon.com/)
  12. Kasper-V

    The Lion and the Unicorn

    The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown, The lion beat the unicorn all around the town. Some gave them white bread, and some gave them brown; Some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town. I thought it would be much better if they made it up and went for a pint at The Crown. It's done in Designer, with a couple of brief excursions into Photo to blur the background and stop it competing with the important bits, and to reduce the brightness of the unicorn a little. The woodgrain and the badges on the beer pulls are bitmaps acquired online, but otherwise everything is my own.
  13. Kasper-V

    Steam radio

    I forgot to say this is almost entirely made in Designer, but the blurry bits are pixel layers and a couple of them were done by switching to Photo for the radial blur filter. There's a couple of items you can download for examination if you like, here:
  14. There was a suggestion of the Affinity Facebook page that I might make a tutorial on my 'Steam radio' AD job (see the link below). I thought about it and decided ... not to. But here are a couple of the things in afdesign format for you to look at. I'm sure you can work out how everything was done, and you can always ask if there's something not self-explanatory. Here is the left-hand valve/tube ... valve1.afdesign And here is the steam engine ... engine.afdesign I do need to add a brief explanation for this one ... The stationary flywheel spokes ('spokes (Curves)' layer) is turned off. I made the 'motion blur (Pixel)' layer by going to File/Edit in Photo, then rasterizing the layer and applying a radial blur. I did something similar with the connecting rod.
  15. Kasper-V

    Steam radio

    Ah, I see what you did there, Alfred!