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  1. When I select a color, I see that I selected the right color. But when I paint I get a different color. What to do?
  2. Carl, I minimized the app then maximized and the issue was resolved. Great and thanks Carl 🙂
  3. Strange .. If I immediately click on develop after opening a RAW file, the darkness disappears without any adjustment. Who knows how to fix this?
  4. Yes, ICC Display Transform is selected.
  5. It always worked fine for me. Except today and yesterdat. How can I select ICC Display Transform?
  6. I need some help. When I open a raw file in Affinity photo (see appendix 1), AP makes the raw file darker (see appendix 2). When I reduce the darkness in develop persona the final result is too light. How can this be solved?.
  7. After the 1.8 update Affinity freezes regularly.
  8. Cropping a photo no longer works. Are there more people who have the same problem?
  9. After the 1.7.1 update it's impossible to crop an image,
  10. Hi all, I'm Bert Seinstra, from The Netherlands.I started with a 10 day Affinity Photo trail on my windows pc. I did not finished the trail had to have it fast. I'm a therapist, photography is my way to keep relaxed. Affinity Photo is the perfect tool to enhanced my pictures
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