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  1. Thanks guys for your help.. figured it out from copying the textbar in powerpoint... got to say was not particularly easy to find any documented explanation... also the textbar needs to be a basic tool in designer... not just publisher...
  2. How do I create a hanging indent in a bullet list? In Powerpoint it is easy but cannot find anyway of doing it in Affinity
  3. OK, might have discovered the scaling problem... though I cannot find and documentation on what the Designer to Publisher workflow is.. [hinting at a tutorial here] I was opening Designer and Publisher separately and copy / pasting between them - that is when I got the scaling problem I just watched a Video on Typography Fundementalss by Emily Goater and during that tutorial she opened the designer file from within Publisher. It opens in a separate tag and I was able copy / paste with no scaling problem.
  4. Thanks Carl. I am familar with CAD software and surprised that Affinity overides physical dimensions with screen density settings .... Is this typical in DTP software... why does DPI even come into play when I specifically set my units to mm? PS, any explanation why when going form Publisher to Designer there is no scale change between the two files? actuaklly, I just checked DPI setting in both files, they are the same, 96dpi Futhermore.. when I change the DPI in my affinity file , BUT still keep my units as mm , my document is scaled down in mm.. this is surely a bug........ This does not happen in Publisher - see images below And GarryP - CAD or not CAD is irrelevent... we are dealing in physical dimensions .. Pwerpoint is not "CAD" software ..and does not exhibit these anomolies . neith does CorelDraw or Inkscape ! PS. just installed the Designer 1.9.1 patch - Did not fix this problem
  5. Hi All, When I copy and paste a text frame from Designer to Publisher, the text fram reverts back to artistic text.... BUG? latest versions 1.9
  6. Hi Everyone I really am having a lot of coordination problems between Designer and Publisher... maybe I have got conceptually the wrong end of the stick but I cannot find any good tuturials on how they interact with one another. In this specific problom I have designed an object in Designer... it is a simple rectangluar sign 100mm x 100mm I just want to copy this into a page in Publisher,, so naturally I copy it in Designer , Paste in the Publisher on a page... To my shock reverything gets resized,, in this case smaller [24 x24mm ] what in hell is going on???? in both cases the document / file units are set as mm and in both files the page size is A3 is is a basic bug... Yes, I could build the design in Publisher using the Designer persona... [In fact, that is the workflow I am persueing , but I have a lot of artwork already in Designer.. Interestingly, when i copy/paste form Publisher to Designer the size is respected, no change happens???? Actually, I expected the Studiolink between Publisher and Designer to be the same as between Publisher and photo,, it definately does not! Frankly, I expected to be able to insert a designer file into publisher [as a link] and have it editable and dynamically updated regardless of which app I worked in... At the moment I cannot even reliably COPY / PASTE between them PS, I don't have a problem with scaling that I can control ,, eg it would be good if I can take a full size design in Designer and insert/link it as a smaller scale object in publisher... but I need to have explicit control of that scaling This is how most CAD drafting packages operate! All affinity software are the latest reelases , W10 latest patch
  7. Even Powerpoint has pattern fills , sigh
  8. I am using the two axis grid with custom settings .sort of got it working with these settings but I had to rotate the rectangle to the grid alignment - it did not default to that alignment when drawing it
  9. If it was only one plan.. yes.. but I have 10 plans with multiple grid alighnments.... most cad packages allow you to position and rotate the grid origin ( and save it) with a simple command..
  10. Hi Everyone I am trying to draw a simplified plan over an exisitng CAD drawing [Signage exercise) I have rotated the grid to match the architecture, turned on snapping to the grid But the new objects do not reflect the rotated grid , neither does the shap bounding box... see image making it painful to create the simplified architecture Is there any way to rotate the coordinate [axis] system to match the rotated grid? thanks!
  11. Thanks Guys.. . I have Coreldraw and played around with the extrude tool,, still not quite the same as a true 3d shadow.. it is more about extending the form.. not the shadow it cast It is more like a drag shape action or leave a trail option... thanks for all the help... if I find a one stop tool I will post it here
  12. thanks.. nice workaround for simple objects but unfortunately I was hoping the might be an equivalent "drop shadow" tool that would create the effect in one action I need to do these for quite a complex series of shapes I had to resort to creating the graphics in 3d software as per image below, also time consumiing.. does any 2d graphics software have this capability?
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