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  1. I have multiple purchases of Affinity products... where is the authorisation code displayed on an install so I don't install the same authorisation on multiple PC's I can't find it anywhere... yes I have my record emails... but they dont say who's pc they are on
  2. Thx Carl,, yes will resort to that.... interestingly it does not incrementally increase when you rotate.... may not be a bug but it is definitely a lazy oversight
  3. So I am trying to replicate lines at 4mm intervals.. but every duplication results in a slight large increment - surely this is a bug.. ?
  4. Thanks,, I have tried that but I cannot get the circle centre to snap to the polygon nodes . vertices. Ahh Found it thanks ,, I was turning using the node tool and point transform origin, not the specific Point Transform Tool
  5. wow, 2018 and not much improved... AD is really clumsy for technical Illustration... Snapping a particular weakness
  6. Hi Anyone Is there a list of the key snapping points of an object are ? For Example - is the radius of a curve or the centre of a circle a "Key Point" of a shape in Designer? The HELP online manual is not very helpful.. I want to snap to the centre of a circle thx
  7. Thx Brian, At least you are confirming that what would be a pretty basic snapping option in CAD is rather obscure in AD... and please no comments from others telling me AD is not CAD.. it is a design tool just like CAD! PS double thanks for the instructive video, much appreciated I actually have to put circles on each corner so your video hinted at doing the reverse and creating a circle symbol with a temporary centre point, converting to curve and dragging them to the polygon, then removing the temporary circle centre
  8. I cannot find the correct snapping mode to snap a centre of a circle to the corner of a polygon, bounds are not effective, and the object key points dont seem to exist for either the circle (centrepoint) or the polygon nodes Tried to apply guides to the polygon nodes but they do not snap there either... am I missing something obvious ? Any help appreciated
  9. Hi Everyone, This is the second time I have encountered this problem, I suspect its something to do with Symbol definitions I want all the content on these signs to be white, this is a file form another project and the content was light grey.. I have created a global colour "CONTENT-MAIN" and made it white and applied it to all the content... but only some displays the pure white,, the others remain grey despite being assigned the global colour. Any ideas very appreciated thanks test.afdesign
  10. Seriously.. I must live in another world... every design I make relates to a physical dimension -- like to see you express a design to a signmaker in pixels... you would be laughed out the door
  11. No, everything has a physical dimension... signs, artwork, business cards,, can wraps, aircraft, letterheads, f1 cars... don't know what you put your work on?
  12. Angry too ANGRYMAN... whole point of vector work is that it is not resolution dependent - After All AD is supposed to be Vector Editing Software It is fundamental that output be expressed in physical units clearly -- mm, metres, god help even inches... not tied to screen or printer resolutions
  13. My W10 suddenly started saving files captured from my browser {BRAVE - DUCKDUCKGO] searches in JFIF file and got a shock not being able to see them Apparently there is a bug [SURPRISE] n the lastest W10 update that converts JPGs into JFIFs when downloading thru a browser.... WTF Windows! There is a registry fix to stop it doing that ... https://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-stop-windows-10-saving-jpgs-jfifs.htm but as always be careful... follow instructions... it worked for me
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