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  1. What Ballyshannon said...
  2. What farukkk said. I'm in the middle of something now, vectorising an image. All I need to do is slightly warp some text. Now I have to try and find my old Adobe Illustrator log in details and install the dreaded Adobe software. Hate the Adobe Suite, and I still cannot get my head around Affinity not releasing a basic text warp tool for Designer. I've been reading the original post, and it goes back to 2015. This isn't any hate on Affinity, love the software, but I cannot see how anyone doing any graphic design can not go back to Illustrator for this one tool. It's such a staple tool for any sort of logo design. Boggles the mind why it isn't a priority!?
  3. Kiarian

    Affinity Photo Export to PNG Lag!?

    Regardless of size. Takes an age. Like I said, on a lesser machine it's quicker. Maybe I just need a fresh install.
  4. Is anyone else getting really long waiting times to simple export a file as PNG? It used to be more or less instant, but it's been like this on my desktop for a while. At work, I installed Affinity Photo, on a lesser machine, and it's far quicker?!
  5. Kiarian

    Gran Turismo Sport - Super Mario Kart

    Hey Jarentino, search under the hashtag #nintendo #supermariokart #johnnyjawbone and it should come up. Haven't played GT lately as I've been working but it's a cool game. Ongoing, free DLC being released continuously!
  6. Kiarian

    Conical Gradient Doodling (AD)

    Excellent. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for attaching the Styles!
  7. No. Just simple text transform window manipulating.
  8. Thanks Toltec/R C-R, Understanding it more now. Yes, if I set the opacity as per Toltec said, then yes I can synchronise settings. The method I was using before would be to draw out a shape, use the number keys to quickly set the opacity and either turn stroke on or off, then synchronise settings on that selection, which does not work. Using the numerical keys only modifies the opacity in the Layers tab I can now see, and does not affect the opacity in the colour section. Got it now.
  9. It's text typed using the Text tool. I was trying multiple fonts. The crash happened multiple times when I was adjusting the transform box. I don't have a file as it was just something quick I was doing, using the built in AD tools.
  10. Just positioning text using the transform window. Crashing multiple times. This program is becoming more and more unstable. Vector drawing, and now simple positioning of text. Multiple crashes doing the most simple of things. Really starting to lose patience with Affinity Designer.
  11. Hi Toltec, Thanks for the reply. That's disappointing. It seems to be a pretty lacklustre tool then.
  12. No probs. You would think 'Synchronise defaults from this selection' would mean exactly that. From what I can make out, all it does is synchronise colour attributes. Does nothing at all with opacity settings.
  13. Hi Callum, Not sure what you mean. I select the shape with the opacity already set to 20%, to set this as the default. When I then select the pen tool, to then draw out a shape, it's always set to 100% fill. I set the opacity beforehand either by pressing the number keys 1 to 10 (10% to 100%), or I manually set the opacity.
  14. The documentation states that this works for 'fill attributes'. But whenever I draw a shape, change opacity then click the 'Sychronise defaults from this selection', the opacity always reverts back to 100%. Why does it not store opacity information? It makes vector drawing a real pain.
  15. Ahhh, thanks. I was trying to get my head around it. Assumed the selection would have a gradient, but wasn't sure. Makes sense.