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  1. In the same way that Adobe (pantomime boooooooooo) does their acredited certification for Photoshop/Illustrator etc, does Affinity have any plans in the future to do their own 'Affinity Certified' certificate? You could have a foundation, intermediate and advanced level. I would most definitely be interested!
  2. Thanks. Just getting my head around this Publisher software. Also thanks. I'll have a play around on Publisher.
  3. Thanks. Still not working. I highlight the section (left side), try drag it onto right page, I still just get the right page. Likewise, darg the right side of the master onto a left facing page, still only get the left master page?!
  4. I appreciate you're trying to help, but my query is specifically about Affinity Publisher.
  5. Master Pages - around 7:29, he drags the the Master Page onto a sheet, but it's only showing the left side of the Master Page. How do you drag the right side of the Master Page to paste onto a sheet?
  6. I was expecting to see some indie vector text warping software for a tenner. $60? I purchased both Affinity Photo and Designer combined, for not much more. I'm only just starting to use Affinity Publisher, looks like it does vector text on a path, but haven't experiemented with it yet. The golden question is - can it do the Netflix logo? Affinity Publisher full product being released today - rubs hands. It's been nestled in my pre order account for weeks.
  7. - What he said. Again, please Affinity, can you include an extensive vector text manipulation tool? It's too far gone now to want a basic one. I can only hope you're working on a full bells and whistles one with the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure as I speak.
  8. Is there a tangent snap function in Affinity Designer Beta? I've just downloaded the new build and am playing about with the new construction/node snapping features (very nice), but I can't seem to find any sort of tangent to tangent construction guide/snap. Edit: the 'Drawing circles using 3 points' draws a tangent between circles I've just figured out. Just wondering now can I use that to draw tangents on anything (rectangles, straight lines to a curve etc)
  9. It's been on the road map since 2015. It's just impossible to compete in logo design against Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw without a vector text warp tool. The text warp in Photo is a great tool. We just need that, along with additional text warp options (the Netflix logo is a prime example) in Designer. PS. Just reading the new updates/features. Very much looking forward to the video on the new node/pen features - I do love a nice curve!
  10. Praying to the Vector Text Warp Gods to see a lovely new Vector Text Distort tool in Affinity Designer before version 2.0 Or are they saving it for version 2.0?
  11. What Ballyshannon said...
  12. What farukkk said. I'm in the middle of something now, vectorising an image. All I need to do is slightly warp some text. Now I have to try and find my old Adobe Illustrator log in details and install the dreaded Adobe software. Hate the Adobe Suite, and I still cannot get my head around Affinity not releasing a basic text warp tool for Designer. I've been reading the original post, and it goes back to 2015. This isn't any hate on Affinity, love the software, but I cannot see how anyone doing any graphic design can not go back to Illustrator for this one tool. It's such a staple tool for any sort of logo design. Boggles the mind why it isn't a priority!?
  13. Kiarian

    Affinity Photo Export to PNG Lag!?

    Regardless of size. Takes an age. Like I said, on a lesser machine it's quicker. Maybe I just need a fresh install.