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  1. Ps Paul, the plug in jr-channels.afmacros. I had ideas to save out as a preset to LumaFusion and use in a landscape themes I let you know how I get on. Regards Rob
  2. Hello Paul, The download for desktop AP plug in “install jr-channels.afmacros” went smooth as, However on iPad pressed download nothing occurred- so my question was where did the download go on the iPad ? This be user error me thinks. Apologies not explained well. very good point about using Dropbox/cloud services, never thought about it that way. Just got used to poor internet service around here.
  3. Thank you Master PM - silly me add to cloud using laptop and down load in iPad land. Out of curiosity Paul, is there away around this for IOS only users do you know ? thank you for taking the time to make the video, soon as I saw cloud it rained upon me and understood your a star. Regards Rob
  4. Hello Could some one let me know the procedure to install jr-channels.afmacros please on an IOS iPad jr-channels.afmacros is a free plug in for AP thank you Regards Rob
  5. In AP desktop I’m told you can have defaults of transparency before starting a project and the same with AD. First is this correct ? OS iPad AD and AP does not have this simple features ? As I see vivid white each time. rob
  6. Hello Tony, Yes it is a right pain re inventing the wheel. Most if not all programs you close, example final cut pro and the project closed not deleted. You have to drag to bin or delete the file in finder, but to close and lose everything. I suggest asking the Sherif in town to change close to delete. Maybe just me and everyone just fine with close is delete, delete not closed. I made this video to try and explain my understanding of close and save in AP for OS (currently IOS) Regards Rob
  7. Ok thank you for the feed back Chris, fingers it is for now Regards Rob
  8. Hello Chris, thank you for the reply. Question "You are only supposed to be able to pick the target area with your finger" why only finger ? As the tablet built for drawing etc and the pen part of this set up. Works in Procreate how come not AP ? And is this the same for AD ? " disabling Aligned on the context toolbar" I try this and see what occurs. I am guessing I be able to put the x anywhere above or to the right etc. Regards Rob
  9. If you close a door it is not deleted. if I closed a project in AD, is it deleted forever? how can I bring back a closed project or is it deleted now ? Regards Rob
  10. Thank you for your comments Gary, the contents were entirely made with IPP and seeing how far you could push the hardware and software while in iOS using a tablet. only other hardware was a green screen while I filmed with the IPP. rob
  11. What can you make with these apps Animation pro, LumaFusion, Stop Motion, Affinity Design, Affinity Photo ? https://youtu.be/2CL8Q9UB6uM C9B24405-361F-4456-9E74-295235B53DE5.MP4
  12. Clone in iOS iPad Pro pen or finger, hair cross not applied when presses on the screen. until 4 to 7 th attempt. once you get this applied cross operates from the left, if you press above x their but clone jumps to the left. rob 455A0BA0-82B5-444A-A5D3-CE4980AA0012.MP4
  13. Um well. 3541DF1D-4327-428D-A231-3213BEA6E4BB.MP4
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