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  1. Rob Chisholm

    Apple pen IOS Colour picker AP

    Any chance you can update the use of the apple pen while picking a colour ? It has been a while and an update for the new IPP 3 been made. However no amendment to the colour picker in AP or is this a fault in IOS ? As an example colour picker works fine in IOS Lumafusion Regards Rob
  2. Rob Chisholm

    Rotation of image freezes

    Rotation of image freezes in designer on iPad Pro, happens about one in ten. requires restart of app designer Regards Rob
  3. Rob Chisholm

    Apple pen colour picker while in designer

    Oh forgot to mention that in this mode (see image at the top icon blue) sometimes when I painting the petals blobs of colour a straight line pops up across the screen ps using apple pen
  4. Rob Chisholm

    Apple pen colour picker while in designer

    No worries Paul, I am sure AD will make an update in a week or so and resolve the bug. yes I am on the next tab along using pixels hope that makes sense. Rob
  5. Pen and colour picker no function works with finger only. this is while in designer as of 9th August 2018
  6. Rob Chisholm

    Color correction - Under tones

    Thank you for the answer DM1, that’s a real shame, as to be able to control the individual colours like this would be a huge advantage in RAW images. Wonder why go to all the trouble of sliders for B/W but not colour ? It be great to see a select B/W or colour where the current button is and allow the user to choose. Many thanks for the video links, i have watch before the RAW method approach, its ok but maybe i missing aa trick. If i compare to PS for a moment, in RAW i have the sliders to make adjustments here, as AP has these sliders for B/W at RAW stage, may i suggest implement the same for colour in AP. Regadrs Rob
  7. Here is a screen grab, the colour sliders says to me, adjust image in RAW upon opening image. However these colour levels when adjusted change the image to B/ W only i think ? Is their a place where i have not looked at, that is the same as this where by I click a button and can adjust colours on this page ? (While at RAW level, see top left of image.) I only ask as their is a B/W button you need to select, or if you touch the color sliders your change it to B/W which is what the button does in the first place. So maybe i have seen it all incorrectly, please advise. Hopefully my question is clear enough ? If not do ask please. Regards Rob
  8. I am after any pointers you have actauled used to open RAW images as you would in Photoshop (This is referred to as Camera RAW - I think) Basicaly i edited any images at this stage in Photoshop with all my RAW images. So I not asking how can you import or open a RAW pic in AP on a ipad. But as AP does not have this feature yet ? How do you find a work around, i like answers to be from people who have actual found work around, rather than here a 10 mins video which might help. So personal experiences appreciated welcome Rob
  9. Quick request for a Camera RAW feature like i have in Photoshop pre opening the picture please. I like this feature to be implemented into affinity photo on the ipad. ( I only take RAW and only personally open images this way, as in make any alterations at this point before exporting to say a jpeg ) Regards Rob
  10. Hello Alfred, This is free and maybe of use for encoding videos. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/iconv-video-audio-converter/id972534752?mt=8
  11. Now I understand Alfred, thank you, were referring to the built in screen and audio recording app of the IOS in the iPad. If it helps any if I record this way and upload to Youtube the video will play but no audio, the video plays fine here with audio on the iPad. (not tried to play on desk top) To get around this I put the said screen recorded video into Lumafusion and say detach audio and export which it then plays fine once uploaded to Youtube with no audio issues. Their is a free app (I used but cannot find at mo) this is for converting video files to suitable uses. Yes DM1 correct apple can you sort this out please, I made a post in connection on apple site only the other day asking if others are having same issues. Regards Rob
  12. Hello DM1, Just to clarify your not able to view this video in safari on an iPad is that correct ? Regards Rob
  13. Hello DM1, the method I used was share link from Youtube and paste into the page, the forum will automatically show the video.
  14. Here is an idea for future areas of opening and exporting images in AP
  15. Many thanks for the info DM1, I will have a go at what you suggested and see what I can achieve using the IOS Here is a future version of how I like to see interaction between the IOS and apps. Once common repeat command actions in AP is open and exporting files.