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  1. I'd like to throw in my 2 cents here. Firstly I'd like to say how much I like the Affinity products, I'm super happy I bought them and often recommend them to other people. I've been very excited to here that a new major version has come out and I can see some really nice updates (although maybe not enough warrant a new major version, but that's just my opinion). I certainly think the new version is well worth the money if you haven't already bought V1, especially on the current offer and the lack of disgusting subscription. As serif seems to be a good company I imagine V1 will still be supported but new features will only target V2. (so V1 will be left behind, its only natural in software development) Therefore, please consider rewarding your Loyal customers with a small upgrade discount. Thanks for listening
  2. This is fantastic news! Can't wait to try some of this stuff out! Thanks for continuing to improve Affinity Photo
  3. Maybe this got lost in the torrent of request you get, but I still think its worth looking at. I understand that looking at a video may be too time comsuming so here is a bullet point list: BUGS: Fine Line bad pixels (nozzle generation?) Inconsistance pixel brush sizes Export selection exporting whole image Can't size exported brush to original size FEATURES: New Document Texture type presets (e.g. 512x512, 1024x1024) Create image brush from selection Keyboard shortcut for rotate brush 90 degrees ( e.g. Alt+] ) Filter to automatically colour match images/layers Circle selection from center Tiled/Repeating view for making seamless textures Option for Move tool to drag out a copy of the selection
  4. Please note that although this has some bugs listed in it, I didn't want to duplicate the post in bugs, hope that's ok?
  5. Hey all I've made a video showing several features (and bug fixes) that would make AF better for game art. Hope you find it useful Cheers, Passive
  6. There already some good stuff in AP for making seamless textures but 2 additions would make it Great! 1) Have a toggle for repeating the canvas display, this way you could preview the tiling of your texture and check for seams and bad repeating patterns. (even a texture with perfect seams can look terrible tiled) Texture with no seams: Texture viewed with repeating canvas: Yuck, horrible tiling! 2) Wrap all painting operations so painting over the edge of the canvas wraps round to the other side. (this would make creating tiling textures a breeze) (You'd want to do this while using a repeating canvas) Thanks, Passive
  7. holy cow, that's Amazing news! great stuff, thanks v much Passive
  8. Firstly, I've just bought AP on my iPad and I'm loving it! How about a Camera Persona to take RAW photos in app. So rather than switch to another app, taking a RAW photo on that, putting it in Photos, Switching to AP, then importing that image from Photos, we can do it all in AP? Cheers, Passive
  9. Please note that TGA is a very useful format for game programmers who program their old engine as it's easy to write load and save functions for. Please add it :)
  10. How about a mode / tools / brushsetting for hand painting normal maps using stylus/pen angle.
  11. Please note that although you can turn off channels on a layer, its not the same as being able to filter them out in the blend ranges!
  12. I've recently tried to simulate low colour bitdepth in AP using posterize and layer blend ranges. ( see this post https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/40899-using-posterize-to-simulate-low-bit-depths-in-ap/ ) But I realised I couldn't filter out whole colour channels using the blend option graphs. So the feature that would solve this (and be useful for other things) is the addition of channel filtering check boxes to the blend options panel. Then you could selectively turn off channels without effecting other. Thanks Passive :)
  13. R C-R's solution does give you a "correct" simulation of rgb565 but it doesn't update in real time if you modify the underlying image. I think MBd's solution would work if there was a way to use blend range to block off a channel but I've just realised that's currently not possible. You can't use a histogram like graph to remove ALL the red channel without effecting the other channels. What we need is some channel checkbox's to filter out channels, which I've just made a feature request for: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/40955-channel-filtering-in-blend-ranges/ Cheers, Passive
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