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  1. Lee D

    Another question on Sharpening

    Hi Black Wolf, You can use the tools in the Selections persona to select/define the area. Then switch back to the Photo persona and apply one of the Sharpen Filters and it will only affect the selected region. Another option would be to use the Sharpen Brush instead, this allow you to brush over an area, it saves making the selection first.
  2. Hi orangeaxis, Currently some things still are being rasterised when exporting to certain formats. In your case the following have to be rasterised when exporting to EPS. Any transparency at all, including gradients, colour opacity, layer opacity, bitmaps with opacity. Any gradient fills unless postscript level is 3 Any blend mode other then Normal. Some of these also apply when exporting to PDF, however PNG export is fine.
  3. Hi Andrew, Affinity Photo shouldn't have any problems opening JPEG files, if the icons have an arrow that may indicate that they are shortcuts and not the actual files. In Affinity use File > Open and browse to where the actual JPEG files are stored on your system and not the shortcuts. If you're unsure, copy the files again from the camera memory card to a folder on your Desktop and then open.
  4. Hi KellyF, Welcome to the forums. Have you tried removing the app from the dock and adding again from Applications? If this fails try removing the app from Applications and then downloading again from the App Store.
  5. Hi Eden4, I've can't seem to reproduce the issue the file I created on desktop exported to PDF was 975kb. When the save file was opened and exported to PDF, using the same preset the file was a little smaller at 947kb. Is it possible to link me to the .afdesign file and also let me know which PDF export preset you selected or which options you modified and I'll do some more testing.
  6. Hi Aleksey, JPG files will look different to RAW as they have been processed by the camera, where as RAW hasn't. I've downloaded a sample RAW file from a Canon 6D MkII and don't see any tint when opened in Affinity Photo using both the RAW engines available. This is something you can try yourself, in the Develop personas assistant switch the RAW engine over and then open the RAW file. You can also try turning off the Tone curving, to see what effect this has.
  7. You'll need to use a pure vector brush and not one based on a rasterised image being stretched along a path. When a brush is selected, on the Context toolbar check the More option to see if it shows the sample it's using the create the brush.
  8. Hi Madamaya, When exporting to EPS which option/preset are you selecting, below is a screenshot of your .afdesign file exported to .EPS and opened in Illustrator. I used the EPS (for export) preset.
  9. Hi ApvdG, The order of the Adjustments on the panel unfortunately can't be edited. You could request the feature be added in our Features Requests section of this forum.
  10. Hi joergE, Welcome to the forums. How are the images being moved from Capture One to Affinity Photo, if you're using an Edit In or similar feature try exporting to a file and then opening in Affinity. Are the two apps using the same Colour Profile?
  11. Hi Ian R, You can use [ ] to decrease/increase the brush sizes however Affinity doesn't have a shortcut to switch to a previous brush or settings. Sticky settings are on our development roadmap to be added in a future update, meaning previous tool settings will be remembered when switching between tools.
  12. Lee D

    Asset mangement for affinity photo

    Hi Edwin, Unfortunately Affinity Photo doesn't have an asset area where commonly used files can be referenced quickly. It may be something thats added in the future as Affinity Designer has this feature already.
  13. Hi FGren, Welcome to the forums. When in the Develop person, click the View menu and then Studio. Here you can enable/disable studio panels, if you enable Histogram it will reappear and then you can move it back into position. Another option is that you can Reset the Studio, this will put everything back in their default position.
  14. You can apply a gradient to a drawn curve, but you are still limited to the Type such as Linear, Conical etc. Requests have already been made to have more features available and they may be added in future updates.
  15. Hi Michael, Welcome to the forum. They will just need to be opened from where they was saved to. The same applies to brushes, they will need to be imported again.