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  1. At the moment I can't reproduce the issue of no thumbnails loading, when importing the DNG file from the Photos app. I've tested with DNG files from a Leica M (Type 240), however even though they open for myself that exact model isn't listed on Apples supported Raw list. The conversion is going to be different as the apps use different RAW engines to develop the files and you can use the tools available in the personas to further adjust the image. What settings do you have in Settings > Photo & Camera and have they been directly imported into the Photos app?
  2. Hi JesperA, Welcome to the forums. With the Paint brush tool selected click on the More option on the Context toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Now select Dynamics, under the Flow tap the dropdown and select Pressure. If you want to change any of the other settings you can otherwise click OK.
  3. Hi erickb, Our app uses Apples Core Image RAW to develop RAW files in Affinity Photo, Lightroom may use Adobes Camera RAW which may process the files differently. Can you confirm which make and model of camera the RAW files where taken on, so I can try and reproduce the issue of the black frames. The converted RAW needs to be saved/exported from Lightroom to a cloud service or the Photos app first before importing into Affinity Photo.
  4. If you hover the cursor over the small palette icons the second one allows you to add the current colour as global.
  5. From speaking with our developers the issue is with the Google API, which is something we don't have any control over.
  6. Hi Vlad, From previous experience it's usually down to being logged into the wrong account. If you're certain this isn't the case It will be best if you contact the support team for the Mac App Store as we don't have any access to your Apple ID. to check the purchase history.
  7. Hi deborahlee, Welcome to the forums. Affinity Photo is a photo developer and editor and Lightroom is a developer and organiser, two different types of apps. Affinity Photo will run on OSX Lion to macOS Sierra, so if you're running Snow Leopard, yes you will need to upgrade your OS. If your images in Lightroom are in a compatible format Affinity Photo will open them, see our full feature list for more information.
  8. Hi James, Welcome to the forums. Once you have done editing the image in Affinity, are you selecting Save or Save As? If Save it will write back to the copy made in Lightroom. If Save As, this will create a new file in our file format which Lightroom won't be able to read correctly.
  9. Hi beanland, Welcome to the forums. If you have drawn the line already, use the Move Tool to select the line. Now tap the Colour Studio you may need to switch the colour selector first at the top before selecting a colour. If you're starting from scratch, select the colour first from the Colour Studio and then switch to the Pen Tool.
  10. Hi Valerunner, Welcome to the forums. You can use this link to download an offline installer for .NET Framework 4.7, you can also use this repair tool as well.
  11. Hi CapeCod, Welcome to the forums. Once the custom preset has been set, you just need to right click on an image and select Edit In > Photo.exe.
  12. Hi Donvine, The iPad version doesn't have plugin support like the desktop version.
  13. Hi Donvine, When you use the Place option the image will be inserted on a new layer.
  14. When selecting the FX, are you just enabling the switch? do you find if you tap on the wording the Context toolbar updates for that FX.
  15. Hi NIR, Welcome to the forums. We are aware of an issue with TIFF files with alpha channels created in 3ds max that is currently with our developers to look into. If you can upload a copy of your file I can take a look to see if the same issue.