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  1. Hi leon1, Se ti riferisci ai frame come bordi, abbiamo questo video tutorial che mostra un paio di metodi diversi.
  2. Hi mike21, You want to make sure that you have the latest version installed (not beta). Try resetting by holding down the CTRL key and opening the app, when the window appears, release the key and click Clear, hopefully this resolves the issue. If not try doing a clean boot in Windows , this will see if anything else running is stopping Affinity from opening.
  3. You could create a macro which uses Place Image to insert your watermark. However we are aware of an issue with Place Image within a macro, it causes the inserted image to become distorted. This is logged with our developers to look into. You can load each image manually and place the watermark in the correct position and then export to a new file. it will be more time consuming but will ensure the image is correctly placed and not distorted.
  4. Hi Sheila, Welcome to the forums. After exporting are you viewing/comparing the files at 100%, this should give you an accurate preview.
  5. If you're using the Flood Fill Tool on an image in Designer, make sure in the Layers panel the image is showing as a Pixel layer, if not right click and Rasterise. When you exported to PDF via File > Export which app did you then open the PDF in to try and Print, this this also wasn't seeing your printer, check the Devices section in Windows Settings to make sure the printer is being detected.
  6. Hi GJH, Other users experiencing similar effects have found different solutions, check this thread out for more info. Another alternative method that can be used is this one.
  7. No preset to set this option, you could preform a custom sort, then remove the following from the address line: &sortby=forums_topics.last_post& Then setup a bookmark.
  8. Hi Hey, Welcome to the forums. Due to how our PSD export works, text layers are rasterised on export. This is something our developers would like to improve upon in the future, so that text layers aren't rasterised but are editable. However we don't have an eta on when this would be included.
  9. Hi pingssgp, Part of the issue may be that the Panasonic ZS200, isn't on our supported RAW list for our SerifLABS engine or Apple Core Image (only available on macOS version) even though the image displays. No lens correction is being applied, hence the vignette you see. You can manually adjust this using the tools on the Lens panel within the Develop persona.
  10. The Print dialogue that Affinity apps use are based on the macOS print options and don't have a lot of printing options. When you refer to the 'black detailed print options' are you perhaps thinking of the Export window instead (File > Export)?
  11. Hi 13amarroquin, Can you provide more information on the spec of your laptop and the images you're opening. If they are RAW files, whats the make and model of the camera they where taken on? When the app crashes, do you receive any messages on screen or does it just stop responding?
  12. I'm sure once we have some of the new models we can do some comparisons.
  13. Hi DogBot, Welcome to the forums. As it's a JPEG the image should look similar to when it's previewed in Windows. Do you know if the image has a colour profile assigned/included as this will be used when opened by Affinity. Could you upload the image or send me a link via PM and I'll take a look.
  14. Hi njakeman, You can either add or subtract from this selection using the smart selection tool brush, ensuring you have the correct settings in the context toolbar. If you are looking to resize an object then you can select it in the layers panel and re-size it using the nodes on the object. If you are using an Apple Pencil, then you can disable touch except for gestures in the App preferences. Click the 'cog' icon in the top right corner then Tools > Touch for Gestures Only. This should hopefully help with your workflow.
  15. Hi NikkiA, Welcome to the forums. If you switch to the Tone Mapping Persona and click on View > Studio > Presets the left hand side previews will appear again.