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  1. @jarcon I've added your report to the log with the developers.
  2. @Teh_Fizz It relates to the apps UI colour scheme, see this FAQ for some more information.
  3. @Teh_Fizz Can you try pasting the following into Terminal and Entering to see if this allows our app to open. defaults delete com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner This should reset the apps UI scheme.
  4. @SonjaThompsonThis is an issue we have logged with the developers, I'll update the report to include yours.
  5. @gianni.brienza To confirm this is happening with every file that you've created? If you open the app, create a new file and save when reopening the file you receive the same message.? Was these files last opened/saved in the previous version (2.1.1) and then after updating to 2.2 you received this message? Are the files saved to a local location, an external drive or cloud service?
  6. @CM Lowry Thanks for your report, I've passed this over to our developers to look into. As after deleting the row, if you save and reopen the file, the glyphs/symbols show again.
  7. @Frankentoon Studio I'm guessing you're manually installing brush packs and not using the in app account downloader. As if I use the downloader to install/uninstall I'm not getting any issues. I'll log the issue to be looked at by our developers.
  8. @Maxdanger Thanks for your reports, I've passed this over to our developers to look into.
  9. Thanks @Hangman I've created a separate report for the issue but also linked it to the other profile issue as they seem to be related.
  10. @GRAPHITUS Recevez-vous ce message lorsque vous enregistrez des fichiers existants ou lorsque vous avez créé un document et que vous l'enregistrez pour la première fois ? Enregistrez-vous localement ou sur un disque externe ou un service cloud ? Pouvez-vous confirmer la version de Windows que vous utilisez.
  11. @AndrewSanders I've updated the existing report that's with our developers to include yours.
  12. @OldSwedeI've updated the log to include your report.
  13. @irandar I've been testing but they also fail to align for me. I've asked another member of staff to take a look as they've done a lot of astrophotography to see if they can suggest why they aren't.
  14. @pfi Thanks for your report. We have this issue logged with our developers to be investigated.
  15. The files that you were opening, are they stored locally or on an external drive/cloud service? When you receive those prompts did choosing Save As create a new file in the location you selected? Just to also confirm, this happened after updating to 2.2?
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