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  1. Hi James, Welcome to the forums. Right click the image in Apple Photos and select Edit With and select Affinity Photo. The version of the image with the adjustments should be passed over to Affinity Photo. When you have finished adjusting use File > Save and this will write back to Photos.
  2. Hi Thomahawk, Welcome to the forums. When you select the Text Tools, on the Context toolbar you have options for Character and Paragraph. The Character panel allows you to change the spacing and transform the text. The Paragraph panel has options more options for spacing and tab stops. These panels can be docked on either side of the workspace so they are more assessable.
  3. DrThomson, Welcome to the forums. Can you do a screen recording of this happening and is it only occurring with only the CMYK sliders.
  4. If you're using the Inpainting Tool, sometimes it can depend on the image you are working on, if it's too busy/complicated it may not have enough information to replace the highlighted area. If you upload the photo, letting us know what you're wanting to remove we may be able to offer other solutions.
  5. Ho worldmac1, Welcome to the forums. Currently our Affinity apps don't have the options to print colour separations, you'll would need to export to PDF and then use an app like Adobe Acrobat. This feature has been requested and may be added in a future update.
  6. With the app fully closed open Settings > Designer and switch Allow Photos Access to Never and then back to Read and Write. Now open the app and try the Share option.
  7. Hi A_M, Welcome to the forums. The same is happening for me, the map layer is being pixelated on import. If you open the file in Preview or Adobe Acrobat the map layer remains clear. I'm going to log this with the developers to look into further, in the mean time I've managed to create a new file where the map layer remains clear in Affinity Designer, I'll PM you the file.
  8. Have you tried opening and resizing the image first (Document > Resize Document) before inserting onto the smaller canvas?
  9. Both Affinity apps use the same export options, so exporting to text will rasterise text layers. Our developers have said that they would like to add this feature but it isn't a trivial task so we don't have an eta.
  10. Affinity Photo doesn't have a feature like the colour matching in PS, it's previously been requested and may be added in a future update.
  11. Another user should be able to access and use the app, what's happening when they try, are they running as administrator?
  12. Lee D

    Remove font from AP and AD

    Dropbox is fine, just send the link via PM.
  13. Lee D

    Remove font from AP and AD

    The fonts I added and then deleted don't return after closing the app fully and reopening and checking the fonts list again in Preferences. @276ccm If you can PM me one of the font files I'll do some more testing. Due to the limitations on iPad we can't manually remove them, so the only way be to uninstall the app and download again.
  14. Lee D


    I can change the password, however, you must of logged in successfully to post on the forum so resetting the password did work for you. I've looked at your account and can see it gets locked due to 3 unsuccessful login attempts.
  15. Lee D

    Remove font from AP and AD

    I've just added a couple of fonts to Affinity Designer for iPad and then used the Delete option. On checking the font list, they didn't show and was no longer available. It may be a case of uninstalling the app and downloading again from the App Store. If you decide to do this I recommend saving.backing up your documents first.