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  1. Hi norgear, Welcome to the forums. You may want to delete the app by press down and holding until the icons begin to shake and tap the X in the corner. I would also make sure the App Store app isn't running and then reopen, tap on the account icon and then tap Purchased. Locate Affinity Photo in the list and tap the cloud icon to download.
  2. Hi ChrisP, The thin white lines are the result of the antialiased shape's boundaries against the white background. You can add a stroke to help hide them that has the same colour as the object. This also occurs in other vector apps and is hopefully something that can be improved in the future.
  3. Hi claycle, Can you provide screenshots of your project once you have selected Edit in Photo, created a new pixel layer and have used your watermark brush. Also ones of the exported JPEG from Designer and imported into Photo to have the watermark applied or a video of the two processes.
  4. Hi pondball, Most laser printers can't print borderless/full page as they have an unprintable area around the page. If this was possible to change it would be within your printer driver/properties. You may want to check with HP what the maximum print area is of your printer, based on the default paper size. Then setup your document in Affinity Designer based on these settings as the margins fields in Document Setup are more for a visual reference within the app.
  5. Hi resunoiz, Estimated file sizes and export presets may be added to the Export persona later on as more improvements are planned. If you are exporting your entire document, you can use File > Export, which will show an estimated file size.
  6. Hi engrgroundzero, Are you using a particular tool or performing a certain task when the app quits and do you have a set of steps to follow to reproduce the issue? Does it occur with every image, if so where has it been imported from and what format is it?
  7. Hi HagensWatch, The apps don't have an option to merge multiple palettes into one. It's been previously requested and may be a feature added in a future update/version.
  8. Hi JonDW, If you're painting on a current layers transparent area, have you checked to see if protect alpha is enabled? You can check on the Context menu at the bottom, it uses the alpha symbol as it's icon.
  9. It may be worth you signing up for the beta and installing alongside the App Store version as a number changes have taken place and issues resolved.
  10. Hi Tamsin, Welcome to the forums. Both apps have to be installed on the system you're using, the licence thats comes with them allows you to install on more than one system you own or control. So you can install them on your home and office systems, if you save your files to a cloud service to access them from the different systems.
  11. Hi AARONKANDI, Welcome to the forums. You'll need to convert the text to Curves, then switch to the Node Tool and expand the group on the Layers panel and select the character.
  12. Which version of iOS are you running on your iPad and are the images stored on the iPad within your Photos app or on a cloud service? If you double press the Home button and force quit the app and try importing the image again does it open?
  13. Hi pattyali, Welcome to the forums. Where are you opening a photo from and if it's a RAW file, is the camera make and model on the supported list. Support for Affinity apps is handled through this forum.
  14. Hi LeviA, Welcome to the forums. A modifier key has been requested and may be added in the future, you can right click the layer and select Expand or Collapse. In preferences theres an option that will show a selected item in the layers panel, open Preferences > User Interface, and it's at the bottom.
  15. Hi Framon, Welcome to the forums. An equirectangular image when unmapped is flat, it's the app thats providing the projection. The same applies when exporting, the image is flat until you open in another app that can provide a live projection.