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  1. Intente restablecer la aplicación a los valores predeterminados, mantenga presionada la tecla CTRL y abra. Una vez que aparezca la ventana, suelte la tecla y haga clic en Borrar, la aplicación debería abrirse. Si la aplicación aún se está cerrando, siga los pasos del artículo de preguntas frecuentes vinculado para verificar si hay un informe de fallas para enviar.
  2. As the iPad version of Affinity Photo use the RAW engine Apple includes in iPadOS the supported would need to be added by them first. Once this is done the files can then be opened and editing in our app.
  3. Vous voudrez passer au personnage Pixel dans Designer afin de pouvoir utiliser les pinceaux, etc. si vous le souhaitez. Si les autres éléments sont déjà des images, utilisez Fichier> Placer pour les insérer, les positionner et les redimensionner. Consultez le didacticiel lié ci-dessous pour utiliser le pinceau et le découpage dans un vecteur. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/338830412
  4. Can you follow the steps in this FAQ article to check the colour profile assigned to the monitor in Windows as this can cause something similar.
  5. Depending on the OS, our print dialogue only has the options available that are displayed or provided by the OS. From when I seen the option it's been within the printer properties, which is provided by the printer driver.
  6. You should just need to restore your network drives from a backup and use our apps as normal. Our licensing files are stored on the local drive, not network so you should be ok.
  7. A colour matching feature has been requested for Affinity Photo so may be something for a future update. Another method involves creating a three colour palette from the image you use as the "base" and then apply these colours as the shadows, midtones and highlights. However this is one feature that the desktop version of Affinity Photo has over the iPad version. You could perhaps change the workflow in the video a little, but the main process is the same.
  8. Can you upload the file here or if private PM me a download link so I can take a look, the file will be deleted after.
  9. @mlefever If you're opening from Apple Photos this is a known issue but doesn't occur with every/all RAW files. If you tap drag the image from Photos to Affinity Photo it will import into the Develop persona correctly. Another option would be to move the file to cloud storage and import directly using Affinity Photo.
  10. Not something I can reproduce using a Wacom Intuos in Designer 1.8.4 on Windows 10. Can you check to see if you have Windows Ink enabled within the Wacom Tablet Properties, if so try turning off and testing. You can also try the steps in the following FAQ to see if it resolves the issue for you, some Wacom requires it, some don't. Can you confirm the exact workflow (every step) you take for this to occur? This may help in trying to reproduce the issue.
  11. Can you expand on how it's not working? Can you confirm the app and OS you're using and provide an example if possible.
  12. Whats happening when you try to use it on a Pixel layer?
  13. Affinity Publisher doesn't have the export options for ebooks or Kindles. They may be options added later on but we don't have a timeframe on when, sorry.
  14. Can you do a screen recording showing the process as just externally editing a linked image inside a Publisher document doesn't show the X on the frame for me. It will show a distorted version of the image (no X) until I open Resource Manager and update, then the image appears fine with the changes.
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