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  1. Hi indoorjetpacks, Welcome to the forums. On the Snapping panel, uncheck Snap to object geometry, this will remove the yellow snapping indicator.
  2. We don't have video tutorial available on this type of editing using Affinity Photo. There is this one which is for PS but the steps should be reproducible in Affinity Photo.
  3. The password to logon to this forum, may be different to the password used to create an account on our site to download the trial, it will depend on what you specified. The password for the forums is working as you have posted this question. The help being blank may be down to the version of OS you're using, the online help is available here, this is the same as what you would find in the app.
  4. Hi Sascha Kowalzik, Die im App Store gekauften Versionen sind weiterhin mit OSX 10.7 kompatibel, jedoch sind die direkt von uns erworbenen Testversionen und Versionen ab 10.9 (Mavericks) kompatibel. Dies ist auf bestimmte Einschränkungen bei der Ausführung von Apps zurückzuführen, die nicht über den App Store ausgeführt werden.
  5. Hi JustMeTo, Welcome to the forums. When you download a .DMG file and open, it will extract and mount, double clicking this will show its contents. In ours apps case a new window will appear with our app icon and your Applications folder icon. Drag the Affinity icon over the Applications folder and release, this will copy the app (install). When complete you can close the window and drag the disk to the Trash or right click and select Eject. If you now open your Application folder you will have an icon for your Affinity app, you can double click from here to open or drag to the dock to have a shortcut created. This process is the same for most apps that require you to download a .DMG file. If you had purchased the app from the Mac App Store the download and extract process is automatic.
  6. Lee D

    Air Drop usability

    You can't transfer an image from desktop to iPad unless using an OS specific feature such as Airdrop. you can always save the file to a cloud service and then open on the iPad.
  7. Puede que valga la pena probar nuestra versión beta 1.7 de Affinity Photo, esto incluye nuevas herramientas, funciones y soluciones a los problemas existentes, algunos relacionados con el cambio de una pantalla a otra. La versión beta está disponible en el siguiente enlace, instálela junto con su versión existente. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/61-affinity-photo-beta-forums/
  8. Hi JayMac, Welcome to the forums. Can you provide some examples of the marquees jagged edge, are you viewing at 100% or greater?
  9. Lee D

    Rene Kappeler

    Hi Rene, Welcome to the forums. If you have two eclipses placed on the canvas, set the Fill to None on the Context Toolbar. Then make sure the Stroke is set to a Width that you are happy with. It will then just be a case of positioning them to look like the example you uploaded.
  10. Hi Thegardenguru, Welcome to the forums. If you are using Affinity Photo on macOS Mojave, you can switch the RAW engine from ours to Apple Core in the Develop Assistants menu. This does have support for the FujiFilm XT-100 camera. We are currently adding more camera support to our RAW engine in our 1.7 beta.
  11. You can have clipped none clipped, you may end up duplicating layers and having some visible and others not within the same file. To keep things more organised a second version of the file created using a different method may be a better idea.
  12. sRGB is the most common colour profile used and I believe the one FB prefer. Are you converting your image to sRGB before exporting and have you viewed the images on another device to check the colours?
  13. You may want to check out this YouTube video, it's not one of ours but it covers what you want to do.
  14. Within the Develop persona you can create presets for each of the panels based on what you set that panels adjustments to. However these presets can't be used as part of a batch process and have to be applied to each RAW file opened within the Develop persona.
  15. Can you provide your Affinity file so I can check, when exporting are you selecting any options?