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  1. I've just exported both your files to JPEG without any issues, the Overseas banner took a little longer to calculate than the other, around 30 seconds. The .afphoto files have been opened from the Desktop and thats also where I exported the JPEG files to, again without issues. What is the spec of your system
  2. Hi Jean, Can you provide a screenshot of the message you receive as it may relate to a Windows component thats not installed or configured correctly. Can you also confirm the spec of the system you are installing on.
  3. Hi Mat, Would you be able to provide a copy of the file you're working on and details of your workflow to see if we can reproduce the issue. I can send a link to use to upload the file so it's not shared on the forum and we'll only use it for testing and then it will be deleted. Also which model of iPad are you using?
  4. Hi Fotoloco, You aren't crazy, for the moment the colour picker isn't available on some dialogues. It's been passed to the developers to look into.
  5. They should just need re-adding, remove them from Preferences > Photoshop Plugins, then close the app and reopen. Now add them again, not forgetting to Authorise Global and Allow unknown plugins. If this fails, then try uninstalling them from macOS and running their setup again.
  6. Hi sfb, Welcome to the forums. Affinity Photo doesn't have any preset layouts included, however you could create one using a blank new document the same size as the paper you wish to print on. Then using File > Place, position your images onto the canvas, apply any adjustments and then print or export.
  7. Hi Peter, You may want to try the beta, as some improvements have been made with regards to loading many files at once. This will install along side your existing App Store version.
  8. Hi Rory, Welcome to the forums. Hold down the CTRL key and open the app, when the window appears, release the CTRL key. Now make sure everything is unchecked apart from Clear User Defaults and click Clear.
  9. If you want to edit/adjust the existing line, switch to the Node Tool and select the curve on the Layers panel.
  10. Hi Merok1, Welcome to the forums. When the lock is enabled it stops the layer from being accidentally selected when you're working on the canvas area. The layer and the adjustment can still be edited from the Layers panel.
  11. Hi DM1, I've waiting to find out from the developers if importing of tone mapping presets is being worked on or if the help needs to be updated.
  12. Hi Eyal, At the moment our developers are working on the 1.6 update for educational licences. When it's available you'll be notified by a member of the educational team.
  13. Retaining settings when switching between brushes isn't an option but would be useful. It's also not possible to duplicate or save a modified brush or to move a brush from one category to another. The shape of a brush outside of the Basic category can't be adjusted as they are based on a texture image. I'm still looking at the flow to see if needs passing over to the developers. The other issues have already been logged or requested as a future feature/improvement.
  14. These issues have been logged with the developers to look into, hopefully a future update will offer a better workflow.
  15. I've been testing but so far I haven't experienced any crashing when sharing to the Files app, which location are you choosing to save to?