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  1. Try removing the FX from the Gradient layer and then exporting to SVG as effects need to be rasterised during export.
  2. Designer has selection tools available in the Pixel Persona. Not sure what you're wanting to do but have you considered using the Eclipse Tool to insert more circles.
  3. We are aware of some issues regarding our Batch processing and Macros, some relate or are similar to the steps you're wanting to do or issues you have found. These have been passed over to the developers to look into. For the moment it would be best to do these steps manually, but this will obviously be more time consuming.
  4. The desktop version of the Pencil Tool in Designer doesn't have the sculpt option available. It may be added in a future update but no eta at this time.
  5. Hi Mike, Welcome to the forums. Our installer doesn't check the specs of your system first, it would be best to confirm these first. On Windows if you right click the Start/Windows button and select System, this will display most of your system spec. You can install the app on multiple systems that you own/control. The apps mostly use the CPU for the bulk of out processing requiems. We have free 10 day trials available from our site that you can download and test before deciding to purchase.
  6. Hi FintanMcTiernan, Welcome to the forums. If you purchased from the Windows store, the apps are automatically updated. If purchased from the Mac App Store, you can set to have updates installed automatically or to be notified. If you've purchased direct from our Affinity store, the apps will notify you an update is available. The Affinity store process may change to automatic when we release our 1.7 updates.
  7. Hi bermie photos, Welcome to the forums. Open Settings, scroll down the left hand menu and locate Photo, it should be in the list at the bottom. Select and on the right hand side check to see if Photos is set to Read and Write.
  8. Hi Kscott, Welcome to the forums, Check the Snapping options to see if Show snapping candidates is enabled.
  9. Lee D


    Hi John, You can add more dictionaries into the Affinity apps as we use Hunspell which you can download from here. They install into the following locations for macOS and Windows. Windows: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher Public Beta\Resources\Dictionaries macOS: ~user~/Library/Spelling - each language gets its own folder with a name like en_UK.
  10. Lee D

    Exporting JPG

    It sounds like the file association has been changed in the OS. On Windows, right click on any JPEG file and select Properties. Now choose Open with and select your preferred app or the default Windows Photo Viewer. On macOS, right click any JPEG and select Get Info. On the Open With section change the app in the dropdown menu and then click on Change All, this will apply the change to all the JPEG.
  11. The print dialogue in the macOS versions of Affinity are a combination of the OS, print driver and some our devs added. But it isn't like for like with the Windows version, I've logged an improvement with the developers to add more options to match the Windows versions.
  12. Dropbox is available for myself, the Dropbox app has recently received an update (116.2) this may of caused a small issue. Make sure the Files app and Designer aren't running just to be sure. Now open the Files app and click Edit and uncheck Dropbox then close and reopen, now repeat this time enabling. Now open Designer and Export a project Dropbox should be available.
  13. Hi gleyva33, Welcome to the forums. Does Designer stop working all together or does it take some time to respond after selecting rasterize. You can try resetting the app to see if this makes any difference by holding down the CTRL key and opening. When the window appears, release the CTRL key and press Clear.
  14. Hi Soper, Welcome to the forums. Our app uses the built in Files app in iOS to see the available locations to save to. Without opening Affinity, check to see if Dropbox is showing in the Files app as it needs to be setup for Affinity to see it.
  15. Which Affinity app are you using and which presets? If adjustment presets you would need to adjust and add/create a new preset and then delete the other if no longer needed.