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  1. Lee D

    Shortcut for selecting Paint Brush

    Hi Krishna, If you open the keyboard shortcuts section within Affinity Photos Preferences you can remove the other brush tools from using the letter B. Set the top option to Photo and the bottom one to Tools and then scroll down the list until you come across the ones that use B, then just click the X. If you don't want to keep using B, click the field and then press the letter or combination you would like to use.
  2. Lee D

    Engraving Elements

    Hi Cp3, Welcome to the forums. Once you have your text in place you could try applying a Bevel/Emboss from the Layer Effects panel, perhaps the Pillow type. Then adjust the settings and maybe the layers opacity to get the required effect.
  3. Hi Troy, Welcome to the forum. For the issue you have with the drop down menus appearing on the left, follow the steps in this link, set it to Left Handed. The load order i believe depends on which file loads first and is not based on the file name. I know this has been raised in the past and may change in the future.
  4. Lee D

    Stream line a brush?

    Hi 226ccm, Once drawn some smoothing automatically takes place and apart from the stabilisation options. If you're using the Pen tool you could then switch to the Node Tool to manually adjust the lines
  5. Lee D

    Lightroom CC & Affinity Photo (Saving)

    Hi theraven871, Welcome to the forums. You'll need to use the Share option on the Export menu, you should then have an option for Lightroom. If this option doesn't show, if may need to be setup in iOS Settings.
  6. Lee D

    Sony RAW Workflow on iPad Question

    Hi Simon, RAW files from a Sony A7R III are supported by the Apple Core Image engine built into iOS, so you would be able to import from SD card into Photos using an SD card reader. From here you could import them into Affinity Photo for adjustments or to apply crops. Unfortunately Affinity Photo doesn't have an option to export to DNG, it can export to PSD, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF and some others.
  7. Hi Miriness, Affinity doesn't have the same brush making features as Illustrator. You can use the Pencil Tool to draw a line and with it selected and apply a different brush. On the Context Toolbar you can access the Stroke Panel, here you can manually adjust the pressure of the line, so you end up with a thick to thin line. If you're using a stylus I would advise setting the Controller to None as if it's set to Pressure the line width may vary and it might not be a smooth transition.
  8. Lee D

    Save photo back to Photos

    Our app doesn't have the permissions to update the original image. You can use Export > Share this will create a new image that can be saved to the Photos app.
  9. Lee D

    NIK Colection greyed out

    The other Nik plugins will work with images in 8bit and 16bit modes but only the HDR plugin is available with a 32bit image.
  10. Hi Graphos, Grids can only be seen within the document and not on the background area.
  11. Lee D

    Paint in black

    Try unchecking Wet Edges on the Context Toolbar
  12. Lee D

    Panorama Crop

    That option is only available using the Crop Tool when using the New Panorama option, it's not available when using the normal Crop Tool in the Photo Persona. It has been requested and may be added into a future update/release.
  13. Hi jdphotopdx, Welcome to the forums. Affinity Photo will always open a RAW file in the Develop Persona first to be processed. In Lr mobile you'll need to use the Export Original option to Files or a cloud service, then import this into Photo instead of the Share option as this will transfer a JPEG.
  14. Lee D

    Unexpected png images

    Hi John, Welcome to the forums. It would seem this is how the Google Photos app is passing the selected image to Affinity Photo. To keep them as JPG you'll need to first export them to another location, such as a cloud service or save them to the Files app built into iOS and them import into Photo from there.
  15. Lee D

    Slow Tonemapping

    Hi thomasbrigantino, Welcome to the forums. As development and improvements to the code continue to occur via updates and versions, overall performance within the app should improve.