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  1. Hi @myleshamlyn, Welcome to the forums. With the TOC frame selected is the Text Styles you wish to use showing on the Text Styles panel? You can always upload a copy of your document for checking, if not private.
  2. @AffinityType When an object is selected on the canvas you can press hold Space to hide the selection box.
  3. Hi @ceesaxp, Welcome to the forum. Loading files from a NAS or any networked drive/share isn't something we recommend. If for what ever reason it gets disconnected you can potentially lose all your work and cannot save back to the file. We recommend moving the file from the network to a local location and then load/save to that file. Once saved the file may be moved for storage back to a network location, this does add a few steps to your workflow but it reduces the risk of file corruption. There are also some none Affinity related known bugs/issues with SMB support on Mac which could relate/contribute to the issues you're experiencing.
  4. Hi @1wayofdoingit, Welcome to the forums. Apple ProRAW files can be opened in the current version (1.8.6) Affinity Photo for iPad as our app uses the RAW engine that Apple includes in iPadOS. I've seen a couple of posts that report that some of the files are opening over exposed but not all and as it's a RAW file it can be adjusted.
  5. Affinity Publisher for iPad is currently being developed (no ETA) and more options may be added to the apps Preferences as it will require more specific text options. Some of these may be ported over to Designer and Photo on iPad overtime but nothing is confirmed at this time. No rulers at this time but is a requested feature and something that may be added in a future update. If you just wish to adjust the units, tap on the Document menu and select Resize you have an option on the Context toolbar to change the Units and tap Apply. If the options in Preferences > Interface haven't been disabled these will still apply. Layer selection can be easier when using an Apple Pencil, the workflow may be improved as development continues. For the moment you may need to adjust your workflow to zoom out so more of the lower text is visible to edit. Or at your current zoom level select one of the text tools, then two finder swipe on the document to move up/down and then tap directly into the lower text to edit.
  6. Welcome @Tripower to the forums. Is Affinity Photo installed locally or on the home server? Have you recently opened/loaded any files into Affinity Photo that are stored on the server, if so try the following: Open System Preferences > General, change the Recent items to None or 0 If Affinity Photo opens, go into the apps Preferences > General and untick Reopen document(s) on startup. This will prevent trying to load any documents from the server when the app is opening.
  7. Hi @Kenjolio, Welcome to the forums. iPadOS usually determines the default app for opening files on its own, unlike desktops you don't have an option to set/change the default app for file types. Can you long hold on one of the PNGs and tap Info and take a screenshot just so I can see the data. Are the PNG files stored on your iPad or somewhere else (cloud storage perhaps) and which version of iPadOS are you running?
  8. I've not used Toon Boom but would expect the workflow to be similar for most exports. Check to see which file formats they support, compared to the ones Affinity Designer can export to and the decide which is better for your workflow.
  9. @Alishavdw Welcome to the forums. This message indicates the app isn't being given access to that location to load the image. Is the image stored locally or externally? Have you tried placing any other images into the document from another location such as the desktop to see if the same occurs.
  10. The workflow suggested by @Old Bruce above should be fine, I'd also recommend adding a new section so that your foreword isn't part of your other sections and can be excluded from page numbering, if you have this already setup. After inserting it's worth checking the existing pages, just in case and it may be worth creating a backup of the file beforehand, again just in case.
  11. As you've tried various formats and they appear the same I'd suggest recreating them in Affinity Designer. If you can provide a sample file I can take a look to see if the cause of the issue is something our developers may be able to sort for the future.
  12. @Bangla Affinity Photo can open those RAW files, if you move them to cloud storage you will be able to import them. Out of interest can you access the images using the default Files app in iPadOS as our app uses this to interface with the various storage locations.
  13. @Sherylfc From what I can see you purchased Affinity Photo for Windows and the Affinity Publisher Workbook yesterday. You can login to your Affinity Store account and download Affinity Photo and install onto your Windows system (Desktop/Laptop). The Publisher workbook is a physical book and will be sent out to you, it does come with a downloadable font which is available in your Affinity Store account as it's used in the workbook. Since you purchased the Publisher workbook, do you already own Affinity Publisher so you can follow along with the workbook chapters/projects? If you purchased this in error and perhaps wanted the Affinity Photo workbook, please send an email with your order information to affinityreturns@serif.com.
  14. I suspect it will be partially down to how the other apps opens/imports the SVG file to know how it will display the layer information. In Affinity Designers Export dialog/persona those are all of the available options that the apps have available. Have you tried copying and pasting from Designer into the other app as it may import the clipboard data differently.
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