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  1. Hi Pauluser, Affinity Designer doesn't have some of the tools and features that you have previously used in DrawPlus X8. You can post in the Feature Requests section of this forum for the developers to see, but It may be the case of waiting for these to be added in future updates before you can successfully reproduce your design in Designer.
  2. Hi ScottP, Welcome to the forums. Plugin development is always ongoing so hopefully more will be supported as updates continue to be released. Looking at the Mister Retro site, they don't list as being compatible with Affinity Photo and I can't recall this make being one that we know has been tested. Even though the plugins are detected, the issue may be the way Affinity passes the file to the plugin or the way the plugin applies effects. It may be worth trying different colour modes RGB 8Bit/16Bit as some plugins may only work with a particular colour mode.
  3. Each time a document is Placed it does result in another instance of the file, even if the same document is used. As you can edit each one independent of the other apart from if you use the duplicate function on one/more. Editing one will auto update the original/other duplicates of the same file. Photo doesn't have the option of changing these to a linked file/dynamic link. If you haven't already, it'll be worth posting this in the Feature Requests section for the develops to see, you never know, it may become a future feature.
  4. If your PDF has a transparent background but when viewed as white, this can be down to an option in the viewer to display transparency not being enabled. In Adobe Acrobat it's found under Preferences > Page Display > Show transparency grid.
  5. When you are ready to export to PDF you can set the Colour Space (CMYK, RGB) and Colour Profile by selecting the More option on the export window. During the export your colours will be converted into that colour space. It's best practice after exporting to open the PDF and check the colours, quality etc to ensure everything is correct. It's also worth getting into the habit of designing your document and it's elements in the colour space you want to export to, then everything will match. Take a look at this video tutorial we have on exporting to PDF for printing.
  6. When it doesn't open, do you receive any messages on screen? You could try checking the Windows Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application to see if any errors show for the times when Designer was attempting to open. For us to look into this we would need a workflow to follow that would allow us to reproduce the issue on our systems.
  7. Uninstall the existing version from Windows, then do a reboot of Windows. Once restarted right click the setup file for 1.7.2 and Run as Admin.
  8. I've just tested some sample RAW files from a Nikon Z6 and developing takes a couple of seconds. What is the spec of your Mac and which macOS are you using. If you open Affinity Photos Preferences > Performance is Metal compute enabled, if so try turning off and testing.
  9. Those files show the installation was successful, what point does the app get to when opening? Can you check the following. - Check anti-virus isn't blocking the app - Go to Task Manager and make sure the app isn't already running. End the task if it is and try again (run as administrator) - Try running the app from the install location as opposed to the desktop shortcut - Right-click the shortcut > Security - ensure you have the necessary permissions (everything should be checked in Allow) - Check the Event Viewer for any possible crashes (look for a red circle with a cross in it) in Windows Logs > Application
  10. It's not something with the update we've had reports on, has the app been recently reset and did you have any installation issues with the update? Depending on your OS you can check the size of the asset.propcol file for both macOS and Windows, the default size will be 18KB. Windows: %APPDATA%\Serif\Affinity Designer\1.0\user MacOS: Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Data/Library/Application Support/user/ If the file is larger, it may still contain your assets, send me a PM with link to download that file so I can take a look.
  11. If Affinity Photo detects an embedded colour profile in a document, it will open with that profile applied. I'd check when you're exporting your images from PhotoLab which colour profile is being included just to make sure it's the correct one. I haven't used PhotoLab but it sounds like that uses sRGB by default and if you tell it to export an image to another app it includes the sRGB profile.
  12. If the install is still failing then can you check this location for me: %temp%/AffinitySetup To get to that location, call up the Run box by holding down the Windows key and tapping the letter R. Copy and paste the above path into the run box and click okay. That should open a folder, which should contain at least 1 other folder. If there are more than one, find the latest one and open the folder, you should see 2 log files, setup.log and setui.log if you can email or PM both of those over to me, I'll be able to advise further. The other log file shows the install was successful so I would like the other to compare.
  13. Only when using certain filters do you get an option to change the view to split or mirror views so you get a before/after preview.
  14. Use this Microsoft app to make sure the app is fully uninstalled from your system, then do a reboot of Windows. Make sure Windows is fully upto date with available Windows updates, if any are downloaded and installed, do a reboot of Windows after Right click the .exe file and select ‘Run as Administrator’ If the app install completes but the app still doesn't open, try turning off AV/Firewall software. On occasion these can block an app opening, if they do check if they have an allow list.