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  1. @denon If you're using one of the betas and have any issues, please post in the relevant beta forum for the app/OS for assistance. The screenshots and .afphoto file are also missing from the post, you may want reload them again, especially if they help with outlining the issue.
  2. @cayenne Usually a Colour Matching option is available, see the attached screenshot from my system. I have a Canon IX6500 printer attached, the Print dialogue options/settings are provided by the printer driver/OS and not by our app. Check to see if you are using a Canon driver and not one provided by the OS, as it may have limited options available.
  3. The attached is your file open on my system and both the Curve and Pixel information seems to be detected and displayed on the Info panel. Check that when using that you don't have a single object selected on the Layers panel. 720.mov
  4. Welcome to the forums @Earthling It does seem to be user account specific in some way, as the other user account saves without issue. You can try repairing your disk permissions, which may resolve the issue, see this link for more information.
  5. @ralisdaum We've had a few other reports of flickering within the app, most of them resolved by disabling gsync within their Nvidia drivers or setting monitors refresh rate to 60hz. These may be worth checking on your system.
  6. Hi @Gede Sujendra welcome to the forums. Can you use this link to download the small utility by user v_kyr and see if it shows OpenCL being enabled/disabled on your system. For the moment you want it disabled as OpenCL may be causing the app not to load. It's also worth checking the following FAQ as well, just in case.
  7. Welcome to the forums @Vic T, Our apps doe have some gestures available, these are listed and demo'd within the Help under Touch Gestures. If you have the Navigator Studio open, double tapping within the studio windows will Zoom it Fit, if you double tap again this will revert to the original zoom level. Rotating the document can also be done when the Navigator studio is open using a two finger "Twist" gesture, but it doesn't have one for resetting. But you can tap the Rotation option and 0 it.
  8. Hi @csm digital welcome to the forums. Sorry for the delay, we've been very busy. Please make sure you've updated to version 1.9.3 for macOS but if you're still having issues. Can you expand on how PDF export has stopped working for you, do you receive any onscreen messages? Is this with any document, even new ones with just some sample text or shapes added?
  9. Can you check the short screen recording* I've attached to see if anything is different with regards to the Info panel or the workflow. I'm using Affinity Photo 1.9.2 on Windows 10 (OpenCL disabled), starting a new document with transparent background. Inserted a shape with a fill (R=255, G=0, B=0) and rotated 45 degrees and zoomed in *screen recording has some audio applied by capture app, may want to play without. I'm confirming if the behaviour of adding a node to the blend range is expected or not and will update. But not being able to use the cursor with the Info panel whil
  10. @tonywaghorn Is the crashing only happening with this table when you try adjusting the Insets? Have you tried copying it to an empty document to see if the crash still occurs? Another option would be to create a new document and insert a new table to see if a crash also occurs.
  11. @SarahC We're aware of some UI issues that are affecting previous/older versions of macOS. These are logged with our developers to investigate further, however we don't have a timeframe on them being resolved.
  12. @Rico21As long as both artboards have bleed areas setup and when exporting to PDF you make sure Include Bleed is enabled it should be on both. Can you see the bleed areas as you look at your document in Designer? If you can provide a copy of your document to be checked, as it may be something quick and easy to resolve.
  13. @Simons Astro This may be because it's in linear colour space and so the tones appear more bunched up. However with a non-linear space, everything is gamma corrected so the tones will occupy more of the histogram space.
  14. If you switch the Colour studio to use RGB sliders instead of the Colour Wheel you can then see the colour values of the current selected object/shape. Then if you insert a new shape and apply the colour of the colour picker you can then compare to see if the values are the same. Also which colour profile are you using when you create your document?
  15. @Quibbles Welcome to the forums. On the odd occasion when I'm doing something similar, I've always switched to the Pixel persona and painted in the colours on a layer placed underneath the outline. you can adjust the outline layers opacity so you can see how far you can go or quickly switch to the Erase Tool to get rid of little overlaps. It also seems to provide a better layer structure, more simplified as a new layer isn't created every time you paint.
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