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  1. Thank you Walt for the tip. The result is really messed up but I see what they want to do. If they manage to get the feature optimized, I could be good, although I would prefer keyboard shortcut.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if Publisher has key shortcut to optimize text box size to text? Either I don't see it or the feature is not yet implemented. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi. Since the last update, apparently I am having an issue with guidelines. When I try to pull down a guide line from the ruler, it just won't show on the page where I wish to place the guide line but I actually find the line on the first page of the book. Otherwise, very promising software like the rest of your suite and I am intending to make our next catalogue and publishing projects on Publisher.
  4. I have Designer and Photo for Mac. If you add this feature, I am also getting copies for my work PCs on Windows.
  5. I know that there are other thread regarding this feature and I also wish that this feature will be added in future. The only reason why I can't completely abandon AI right now is DWG export feature on Designer.