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  1. I'm using 12.2.1 and here is the setup. It does occur seldomly and in a very inexplicable manner.
  2. I'm not sure if this is any related but by clicking on the lower frequency layer, a portion of it moves independently (it make my model's lips move). Untitled.mp4
  3. Hi. I'm having a major problem on my M1 MacBook Pro and Affinity Photo. Without really being able to schematise the problem, it occurs quite often, I think related to the app performance. Basically, I make a frequency separation and try to work on the lower frequency layer. And suddenly the their image goes berserk. Not only that, I can't even undo whatever action that provoked it as going through the history doesn't help at all. Basically few hours of my work is just gone down the drain. I really need to get this problem solved as it's critical to my work (and anyone's work if the person is a professional and has dealines). Screen Recording 2021-12-30 at 23.10.56.mov
  4. Hi. I really don't know what to think about Affinity Photo anymore with M1 MacBook Pro. It is really having some issues with extremely sluggish healing/inpaint tools, with some issues after using it with larger files for few hours and I'm also getting this memory full alert constantly, expecially when I use CaptureOne at the same time. Is there a way of fixing this?
  5. As for performance preference, I dispatched for RAM and 32768MB for disk usage.
  6. Hi. It's quite frequent. Basically I work on one for two files open and after few hours of work, it just slows down for no visible reason. I see that this happens quite often especially when I use heal tool on low frequency separation layer. Here is a typical file that I work with. My Mac is MacBook Pro M1 16GB and 1T HDD. 3.afphoto
  7. Hi. I'm having a huge performance issue with Photo on M1 MacBook Pro. After few hours working with the app, its ressource consumption goes berserk on a file that is suppose to be easily manageable for M1 MacBook Pro and for Photo. I need to rebook the app to get it to normal. I think it might be related to the higher resolution of my >100mpx images? Thank you in advance for your help.
  8. I will try that. Thank you. That have been said, it is suppose to be an acceleration option to give more performance, is it not? Is Affinity Photo hardware acceleration not compatible with M1 graphic?
  9. Hi. Since the update, the app is really zippy for the rest of the tasks but when using on my Fuji GFX 100s files imported from CaptureOne (102 mpx), Affinity Photo becomes painfully slow, especially when applied with few masks and frequency separation. May be there are some performance issues with high pixel density files? Is there some kind of optimal configuration that I'm missing? ps. I'm using it on a MacBook Pro M1 with 16GB RAM.
  10. Hi. Try important any image with uniform background like the image attached that I imported from Pexels. When you pull up the frequency separation to anything beyond 1.5px, and clearly when you go upto 3-4px, you see some waves (gradient?) of aberration showing up that is really hard to correct. Ps. After testing, I think this accentuates when I try more than once the frequency separation on the same image.
  11. Hi. When I just learned that when I apply frequency separation beyond 3px, I get this weird ripple halo on plane background. I think it's a bit worse on my Macbook Pro M1 than on my Windows 10. It's subtle but makes it kind of unusable to edit portraits with unified background color. Any recommendation to resolve this problem? Single layer photo before frequency separation Right after 3.5px frequency separation. You see that ripples (halo) appear on the green wall/background on the right.
  12. Thank you Walt for the tip. The result is really messed up but I see what they want to do. If they manage to get the feature optimized, I could be good, although I would prefer keyboard shortcut.
  13. Hi, I was wondering if Publisher has key shortcut to optimize text box size to text? Either I don't see it or the feature is not yet implemented. Thank you in advance.
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