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  1. Have you tried downloading the file from OneDrive to your iPad storage and then opening in our app?
  2. @GuyMiklosSorry for the delay. Can you do a screen recording of this workflow from the start as so far I can't replicate the issue. If I can I can the log it with the developers to investigate further.
  3. When we've had reports of this happening, turning off G-sync has resolved it for those users. It may be worth trying again perhaps also changing your refresh rate.
  4. @gerley On my system using control + ↓ doesn't show any recent docs below the app window. I believe this is because one of the first things I always do is to sent the recent items to 0 as I don't like any displayed. On another system running Ventura and our V2 apps they show as recent items is being used.
  5. It's sounds like a redraw issue, can you try changing the Retina Rendering and Renderer to something different within the apps Preferences > Performance to see if that has any effect.
  6. @JGD Thanks for your report, I've included it with an existing issue that relates to the Export Persona.
  7. We have some similar reports with regards some FX applied not printing or exporting to PDF correctly, I've added yours to them.
  8. It can be a little inconsistent so I've created a report and passed it over to the developers.
  9. Thanks for the report, we have some similar issues logged so I've added your report to those.
  10. The issue with font names showing chinese characters is one we have logged with our developers to investigate further. In relation to the issue of Adobe fonts sometimes working/not working. Are they being loaded via iPadOS (Settings > Fonts) or directly in our apps Preferences > Fonts?
  11. Can you access the My Account section of the app, if so try deactivating the app, restarting the iPad and trying again. Another possible workflow is to turn off the iPads wifi, try it and then turn wifi back on.
  12. @NSqs If you can recall any of the steps taken to get the files/document screen in that position please post here. If I can replicate it, I can pass it over to the developers to hopefully prevent it from getting in that state again.
  13. This is should be resolved in the next update release for our apps which is currently being tested.
  14. Hi @NM_ Sorry for the delay. I've added this report to another one already with the developers to look into further.
  15. HI @patrick_h_lauke Can you compare your workflow to that of mine in this video to see if I'm following your correctly. The basic workflow is the following: 1, Printscreen 2, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N (or File > New from Clipboard) 3, Ctrl+V (or Edit > Paste ) 2023-01-24 09-26-25.mkv
  16. Hi @Sunset Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the feedback, it's not something I can reproduce following the steps in the .docx file. After placing images I've been able to use the alignment options without issues. It may be use a system resources usage at the time that caused the issue. One thing to note is that in Photo the crop will applied to the entire document, in this case the originally placed/inserted image.
  17. Hi @Depa Sorry for the delay. We are aware of reports relating to this, however that part of the UI is at the moment designed to be scrolled. If you tap swipe up it will scroll to reveal the rest of the options.
  18. Thanks for the report, I've confirmed the issue and logged with our our developers to investigate further.
  19. Hi @jonnyblasticles Sorry for the delay. I've tested on a few of different iPad models (12.9 Pro, 10.9 Air and 8.3 Mini) but so far I'm not getting the issue shown. Can you get it to occur with any other workflow or just with the Pencil?
  20. @gencris Sorry for the delay. Are you still experiencing an issue with the symbol you referenced? If you remove the symbol or recreate in V2 do you still experience issues/crashes?
  21. @lacerto Can you compare my workflow to yours in the attached screen recording see if I'm missing any steps. I used your PDF file to place onto each Artboard, set the pages, saved and closed and reopened. I believe we already have the issue logged but wanted to confirm the workflow as well. Screen Recording 2023-01-17 at 11.13.06.mp4
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