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  1. @Mya Welcome to the forums. Not something I'm seeing on our iPad Pro 2021 11", when the language is set to Spanish. Do you have any options enabled in terms of larger text? Can you also confirm the iPad model in Settings. You can resetting the app, please backup/save your open documents before hand, just in case. Now force close the app, restart your iPad and then check again.
  2. Hi @ericeric The FujiFilm X-H2 isn't officially supported by our RAW engine, so this may explain the issues you're seeing. It's also worth noting that RAW engines can develop images differently to others, and some Fuji files can have colour profiles applied. I can't give an eta on when that model will be added as we do use a third party RAW engine and have to wait for this to be updated first. We can then pull the update and add to our app.
  3. @polymath Sorry for the delay, I can confirm this is part of how the brush engine works. You can post in the Feature Requests section as a future improvement but I suspect it would require a complete rewrite of the brush engine.
  4. @6074747386 We do have some issues with against OneDrive and our apps already logged with our developers. It's worth making sure that your OneDrive app is up to date and has been opened since updating. As this will also update the Files app which is built into iPadOS and is what our app uses to interface with local and cloud storage.
  5. The issue seems to be related to the brushes installed on your iPad. Can you confirm your workflow that leads up to a crash? Are the brushes you're using third party ones purchased from our Affinity Store or somewhere else? Can you confirm which brushes there are? Do the crashes occur if you use the default brushes? Do this happen when using just the Apple Pencil or when using your finger as well? Which model iPad do you have and which version of iPadOS is it running?
  6. @Paul010156Not something I can reproduce on one of our Windows 10 test systems with that update installed, see the attached screenshot. Can you provide more information on your workflow and perhaps a screen recording.
  7. @Allison K Lynoo So far with your file I haven't experienced an issues. I can open, edit, save back to that file or use Save As to create a new version and then do the same tests with that version and still nothing. Can you check to see what else is running on your system at the same time, such as backup software. Perhaps try stopping or disabling them to see if it makes any difference? If any of the files are listed as Linked, are these stored locally?
  8. Hi @Keely N Welcome to the forums. Have you recently added any fonts to your system, if so try removing them and trying Designer again. You can also try opening Preferences > Misc > Reset Fonts Another type of reset you can try if the above fails is to reset the app to default. Hold down CTRL and open the app, when the window appears release the key and click Clear.
  9. The devices listed in your Affinity account is just for reference, it doesn't actually effect anything. Our web team may add option to remove devices in the future just so it tidys the lists up.
  10. This thread is now locked. If you have a feature request please post in the dedicated Feature Request section. This allows other users to add their support to the request and should hopefully reduce the for/against as if you don't support the request there is no need to post.
  11. @Arne Drews Try renaming the 1.0 folder (C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0) to something else and restarting Windows. Once restarted open the app and check the autosave folder in the new 1.0 folder. Also do you have any backup software running, just in case?
  12. Hi @Hafizh K Welcome to the forums. Can you provide more information on the crash you experience, is this with just one document or any, even a new blank document with just some text and shapes? Which PDF preset are you selecting? Where are you exporting to, local storage or cloud/networked?
  13. Hi @Babellot Welcome to the forums. Can you expand some more on your workflow that seems to cause a crash? As so far I can open and edit the file without any issues. Can you also follow the steps in this FAQ to retrieve a crash report from when it occurred to upload for checking aa it may provide information on the crash.
  14. Hi @marta.wojtowicz.ack Welcome to the forums. Can you expand some more on the issue you're having, how many layers are you copying in one go, have you tried reducing the amount? What type of layers are they? Does this occur just with one document or any? Can you please confirm your OS version and system spec as well, just in case.
  15. At the moment some styles have yet to be added to Publishers IDML import. Hopefully they continue to be added as the development continues.
  16. You may need to also check the file associations within your OS as well, right click on a .NEF file and check it's properties to confirm.
  17. @LBD - Larissa Welcome to the forums. Have you tried unchecking Save History With Document as a possible workaround for the moment?
  18. Hi @wrandyr Welcome to the forums. Is it possible to provide me a copy of your document via DM as I would like to take a look at the layer structure. Have you tried moving them further up the layer stack?
  19. Not sure at the moment, when ever we encounter rendering issues, turning off Hardware/Metal Acceleration usually resolves the issue on the systems that experience it. Below is you file open in Photo on my system (Metal Compute enabled) showing the export settings and the exported file open in Apple Preview. You can try setting the renderer to Software to see the results. Alo make sure macOS is fully up to date as any graphics or any other drivers are part of the upgrade process.
  20. I've logged this with the developers to take a look, however I can't provide a timeframe as to when this will be.
  21. The way the Grid and Axis Manager works is that the Preset dropdown will only show the available options depending on which Mode and document unit is selected. As a test, please check to make sure your document is set to mm and pixels and then check the preset dropdown as you should be seeing some of the default presets.
  22. You can have multiple documents open within the app but the metadata would need to be edited manually for each and saved. You could potentially create a macro that could be run for each document, this may be a slightly quicker workflow.
  23. @SierbahnnIs it possible to upload a copy of the file here or if private send me a link in a DM. As I'd like to see how the document is setup as we do have a couple of issues logged with regards to autofit.
  24. @CrashXIf you're still having an issue perhaps upload a sample document, then visually show what's happening to it. This may give us a better idea as to what to advise.
  25. Hi @Chris_06 Welcome to the forums. Opening your file in Affinity Publisher (macOS) and printing to my Epson mirrors what's on screen, (apart from missing front) see attached screenshot. Both rectangles do seem to be setup the same, I also tested printing to a Samsung as that was the same. Have you tried exporting out as PDF? If this exports ok, then try printing from that. Another option would be on the Print windows under Rasterisation to rasterise the entire page before printing. Also try reinstalling your print drivers or check for any available updates.
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