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  1. Hi Jan1.0 Welcome to the forums. Make sure that the file has been fully uploaded from your desktop, it should show as a .afphoto file and have the Affinity Photo icon. On the iPad version use the Open from Cloud option, then select iCloud and browse to the location of the file. See this video for a demo of the process.
  2. Hi Pavel, Welcome to the forums. If you're running macOS Mojave, open the Develop Assistant and switch the RAW engine from SerifLABS to Apple Core. The built in RAW support in he OS can handle RAW files from a Nikon Z7.
  3. Hi Adam Meyer, Welcome to the forums. Are the RAW files stored locally on the iPad within Photos? Have you tried moving one to a cloud service such as iCloud or Dropbox and then importing to see if the previews appear. Which setting do you have selected in the iPad Settings app, Photos & Camera section: Optimise iPad Storage or Download and Keep Originals?
  4. Hi Barry 2, Welcome to the forums. Which Affinity app are you wanting to trial and can you confirm the spec of your system.
  5. Hi Tony Gray, Welcome to the forums. Custom created presets are stored in a file called file_export_options.dat, you can access the below location using the Windows Run command to backup the file. %AppData%\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\1.0\user
  6. Lee D

    Color picker issue

    Have you tried quitting the app, swipe up on your iPad and then swipe up on the app to close. Check Preferences > Tools and see if Touch for gestures only is checked, if so try unchecking. This has been logged with the developers to look into further.
  7. Hi YYZ, Welcome to the forums. The above method isn't possible using Affinity Designer as it would require something like a nest option on the Layers panel after the compound has been made. It's been passed over to the developers to look into further.
  8. Lee D

    Grammarly Keyboard

    Hi Oracletoronto, Welcome to the forums. I've done some testing with the Grammarly keyboard installed but it shows up in Designer and can be used. Even after doing some restarts of the iPad it's still working, not sure what else we can do.
  9. Hi CarrotMan, This is more beneficial if you work with RAW files in 32bit you can switch back to the Develop persona to still make adjustments, even though the adjustment sliders will have reset. One feature that is on the development roadmap is the have the Develop persona non destructive and the adjustment sliders retained. See this video for more information.
  10. Using Symbols you can have multiple objects that update automatically when one is adjusted, see this video for more info on Symbols. However Masks don't work this way, copies of a mask would need to be manually adjusted or copied again.
  11. If you're using Designer, you can create a similar design using the various shape tools such as the Donut and Ellipse. You can also use the geometry tools such as Combine to create the other elements by combine one or more shapes into one.
  12. Hi Sapphi, Perhaps try adding some shadowing to the cat down the right side and underneath and some colour adjustments may give a better result. However the file you provided just has a single pixel layer, it would be best to have the cat and chair on its own layer,. Having it setup this way allows you to apply effects/adjustments to them individually. Do you still have a version of the file that hasn't been flattened/rasterised. It may also be easier if you source a photo of a chair to use instead of a drawing as it will be harder to blend the two together to make it look more natural.
  13. Hi Chimes, Welcome to the forums. Can you confirm which version of the app you're using and on which OS? Can you also confirm the size of the .afphoto by right clicking and selecting Properties(Windows) or Get Info (macOS). Is the file being saved locally to your HDD?
  14. Lee D


    Hold down CTRL + ALT + Right Mouse button, now press and hold the Left Mouse button in. Moving the mouse up/down will adjust the hardness, left/right will adjust the size.
  15. It may help if you upload an example of the blown out area as other tools may be able to be used to reduce.
  16. As opacity is a constant thing and will remain constant. The Accumulation feature was added to the Brush Dynamics to allow for greater control, this is essentially the same as opacity jitter control.
  17. Lee D

    Merge lines

    Hi Seeoneart, Welcome to the forums. Do all of your layers show as Curves on the Layers panel and are they highlighted before using Add?
  18. Lee D

    Creating a Logo

    Which Affinity app are you using and which format are you exporting to before sending? Certain formats such as JPEG and PNG are raster based so even vectors are rasterised when exporting. Try exporting to PDF, this should retain the quality.
  19. Hi GPP45, Welcome to the forums. At the moment the current Affinity Photo 1.7 beta doesn't support Canon .CR3 files or the Canon EOS R, see the list here. This is something that may change during the beta phase but we don't have an eta.
  20. Using the Preference dropdown on the Brushes panel you can create new categories. To move a brush to a different category, right click the brush from the Brushes panel. Within the brush categories you can drag and drop the brushes to change the order. Having an option to sort the brushes in alphabetical order has been requested and may be a feature in a future update.
  21. Hi Puck, See this post from @toltec which hopefully helps.
  22. Hi Mags, Welcome to the forums. Affinity Photo will install on Windows 7 (64bit) with Service Pack 1 installed.
  23. You can subscribe/follow the particular apps beta forum to be notified of updates or follow the developer that releases the betas.
  24. Have you checked in the Resources section of the forum?