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  1. @AndyDB Have you managed to test the latest 1.7 beta of Designer, just leave your existing version installed as the beta will install along side. Can you run dxdiag from the Windows Run dialogue (Windows key +R) and just screenshot the settings on the System and Display tabs.
  2. Hi Tamaleus, Welcome to the forum. Use Document > Resize Document, here you can specify the size and also choose to resample the image.
  3. Hi ernastm80, Once you've applied the style you can use a couple of tools, the Fill/Gradient Tool with the Type set to Bitmap, this allows to adjust the position and aspect. Another tool you can use is applying a Mesh filter, this allows you to warp the area.
  4. The first screenshot attached is the .PSD file opened up in PS and Affinity Photo (1.6.7) on a monitor with AdobeRGB set as its colour profile. The colour match is close when side by side. The second screenshot is the .ARW file opened in Lightroom, I then used Edit In Affinity Photo and PS with the below settings to the same monitor as above. Again the colour match is close. File Format: PSD Color Space: AdobeRGB Bit Depth: 16bits I also repeated the process but exporting to .TIFF, when compared the colours are almost identical. None of them have a noticeable difference like your first image, but we don't have Capture One or XnView to do more comparisons and we don't know how they are handling colour profiles. If they have any options to display the image settings could you check them to see what the colour profile is showing as.
  5. Hi socialmediated, When do you receive this using an Affinity app?
  6. Hi mfishpool, Welcome to the forum. Tool presets as well as sticky settings are on the development roadmap for Affinity Photo and will be added in a future update/version.
  7. Hi Meenie50, Welcome to the forum. The UI does only have the Light and Dark options and the UI Gamma adjusts this slightly. Background Grey Level only affects the area surrounding the canvas, this has a range from Black to White, the same applies to the Artboard Background Level. The left hand tool menu icons are displayed in colour once an image is opened or new document has been created. They can also be turned to monochromatic within Preferences > User Interface. Some icons on the Context Toolbar will only become available when certain tools or options are selected.
  8. Hi nomadicfreedom, Welcome to the forum. How does the image look if you open the RAW directly with Affinity Photo and also when Edit with selecting a different format such as TIFF? Can you provide a download link to the RAW or PM me.
  9. Hi John-B, We have some online videos on channels available, I've listed them below. Channels Channels for Alpha Masking Channels: Creating/Storing Selections Editing Single Channels Channels: Greyscale Blending Channel Packing
  10. Hi panaudre, Can you also take a screenshot of the Export window, showing the settings and where are you exporting to?
  11. Hi Pablo, Welcome to the forum. At the moment our plugin support is still being developed and our devs don't have any current plan to release a plugin API for third party creators. Some users have reported some font managers (Right Font and Font Explorer.) do auto activate the fonts with our apps. Visible bleeds are currently only available in our Affinity Publisher 1.7 beta, but they should be added to our others apps as well. On the Swatches panel when you switch a Pantone palette, there is a search field at the bottom for you to enter a Pantone colour code. You can also change the appearance to a list if you wanted to increase the size of the panel. You can create a Document palette, if you then switch to a Pantone palette and select a swatch, it will be added to the Document palette.
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    Hi kamr04506, Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately the issue is still with the developers to look into. I've bumped the report to see if anything can be done. In the meantime have you tried MEB suggestions to do the operations in phases.
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    Adobe RGB

    Can you check the following location to see if the AdobeRGB icc profile is listed as these are provided by the app, but aren't installed into the default Windows location for ICC profiles. C:\Program Files>Affinity>Affinity Designer>Resources>icc
  14. If you've created a brush based on an image, when painted it will be the colour the original image was. If you've created one from shapes for example, use the Intensity Brush option instead.
  15. If you login to your Affinity account and open the Download and Product Keys page using your iPad you can download the .afbrushes files instead of zip files. Another option would be to unzip them on a desktop and then transfer onto iCloud and then import into Affinity.
  16. Hi Andre Nohl Welcome to the forum. If you're using the New HDR Merge, after adding your images if you wish to remove just click to select and hit the Remove button. If you've merged your images, they are now a single Pixel layer.
  17. Do you have one of the files that you can PM me so I can do some testing?
  18. Both apps can be used to create similar effects, they have the same tools available.
  19. They look like an image with a gradient layer inserted over the top and then that layers blend mode changed or the opacity lowered.
  20. Hi cfcats, Welcome to the forum. If you open the help do you see the Table of Contents on the left, are you able to browse through these? Which version of macOS is your system running?
  21. This is by design. It is designed to stop you accidentally moving/resizing objects.You can delete the layer that is locked too or change an objects colour if selected on the Layers panel . It is designed to stop you accidentally moving/resizing objects. Improvements to this feature have been suggested in our Feature Requests section of the forum.
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    If you're using Affinity Designer for iPad, some of the brushes that you imported may of been raster based. Try switching to the Pixel persona and checking the brushes studio for the others.
  23. Hi SRW, Welcome to the forums. In Lightroom Preferences you can setup Affinity Photo as an additional external editor. So when you right click you have the option of Edit In > Affinity Photo.
  24. Install the profile within your OS, usually right clicking has an install option. Once installed in the OS you can access it within the app.
  25. Hi bigjohndf Have you installed them into the default location with the OS? Usually right clicking and selecting Install, should resolve the issue. Once installed they can then be used by apps installed in the OS.